Hockey Strategy and Systems

Dave and The Suit have posted several descriptions and explanations of specific hockey strategies and systems utilized by NHL teams. These posts range from even strength forechecking to powerplay formations to penalty kill formations and philosophies. They have been very popular posts, extremely informative and educational for both the new and experienced fan. Here are the ever growing collection of posts:

Hockey Strategies and Systems:

Offensive Zone

Forechecking Systems
Olympic Forechecking Systems
Properly executing 2-on-1s
Zone Entries

Defensive Zone

Breakouts: Four plays every fan should know
Defensive Zone Coverage Basics
Defensive Zone Systems
Defending Odd Man Rushes: The Go Zone
Defending the Crease: Fronting vs. Net-side positioning

Neutral Zone

Backchecking Systems
Hybrid Trapping Formations
Neutral Zone Counters
Tactics to win faceoffs
Why coaches juggle line combos

Special Teams

Power Play Strategies
Penalty Kill Strategies

NY Rangers Applications

Peter Laviolette’s Systems & Strategies

Laviolette will bring aggressive system and roles to Rangers

David Quinn’s Systems & Strategies

DQ’s system gives up blue line and neutral zone by design
Defensive zone system for the Rangers
DQ’s aggressive/passive hybrid forecheck
New/improved forechecking and gap control fueling recent Ranger success
DQ no longer has defensemen “fronting” for Henrik Lundqvist

Alain Vigneault’s Systems & Strategies

Alain Vigneault’s even strength system for the Rangers
AV’s power play¬†system for the Rangers
Adjusting neutral zone strategy a necessity to improve team’s consistency
AV’s rush-based strategy working for the Rangers¬†offense
Aggressive penalty kill a double-edged sword
New passing options on the powerplay

John Tortorella’s Systems & Strategies

John Tortorella’s even strength system for the Rangers
Adjustment in breakouts creating more scoring chances
John Tortorella’s power play system for the Rangers
Juggling of line matchups pays off
New T-forecheck helping to create offense on the kill