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For the first time since Lockout II, we as Rangers’ fans embark on a season in which we have no realistic expectation of contention.  Last year, many of us could see leaks in the ship, but there was still talent in the lineup and a generational goaltender to keep our delusions intact.  Twelve months, an open letter to fans and a massive roster shake up later, we know that our beloved Blueshirts are rebuilding.

This is a transitional year in more ways than one.  While the team did a nice job in turning veterans into young assets and re-loading through the Draft, many of the organizations’ tippy top prospects aren’t ready for the bigs, just yet.  A couple are over in Russia and a few are in the NCAA/Junior ranks for the 2018-2019 season. As we wade into this unfamiliar territory where we know the team isn’t going to contend, but we aren’t really watching the full potential of the future either, I’ve been thinking about what are productive takeaways to be watching for next season. Read More→

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It’s Draft day!

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Happy Draft Day, BSB faithful! After a long and arduous run since the announcement of the re-build/tool/et al, all eyes are on the NHL Draft.  This is the first year in a long, long time that the decisions made by the organization will have such a profound effect on the future of the team.  Sure, we have all cared about the selections made in the past, but most of the focus was on trades and improving the team to contend for the Cup.  There are several layers that make this particular Draft one of the most intriguing events in recent years.  Let’s take a look at what is at stake this evening…

First, one of the deepest Drafts we have seen in a while happens to coincide with a surprisingly public declaration of rebuilding by the organization.  A frustrated fan base watched with baited breath as rental players and franchise cornerstones alike were sold off for futures in anticipation of this event.  The Rangers own three first round picks this year and five in the top 48.  They have fresh new assets from which to deal and a ton of cap space, to boot.  There are endless options and while the organization has made it clear a change was necessary, we don’t have a great idea of how that will manifest itself. Read More→

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With the dust settling on Saturday’s lottery, the long wait for the 2018 NHL Draft drags on. As Dave and Pat have noted, the ninth overall pick that the Rangers possess is by no means a death knell.  Trading up is a possibility, but conventional wisdom holds that unless Jeff Gorton can maneuver into the top three, it’s better to hang onto the pick and see if some classic #HockeyMan folly results in a very good player falling into the Rangers’ laps. Being an optimist, I’d be fine with this strategy.

However, there’s a counterargument, which in my mind starts starts here, with a tweet from noted smart Rangers fan and friend to the blog @HockeyStatMiner:

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Diamonds in the Rough

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The future is now, folks – Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil are both on-ice members of the New York Rangers and for the most part, the fanbase is pleased as punch. After a pretty disappointing year (nonsensical coaching, injuries to star players, general malaise) we finally have something genuine to be excited about, something not couched in caveats or qualifiers. I too, am excited, but unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news: although Andersson and Chytil have certainly shown great promise, they’re still diamonds in the rough.

Let’s start with the bad news: last night both Chytil and Andersson got caved in as far as shots go, with Chytil being on ice for 11 shots for and 16 shots against, while Andersson was on ice for 11 shots for and a whopping 21 shots against. Expected goals is a little bit better, with Chytil being on ice for 0.94 xGF and 1.00 xGA, with Andersson being on ice for 0.52 xGF and 1.80 xGA. Not exactly a great night, but Chytil did have his first NHL goal, and made some nice plays with Mats Zuccarello, and the Rangers broadly got hammered in terms of shots and expected goals, so there’s that.

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lias andersson

The Rangers officially recalled Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil yesterday, ending the speculation of when, not if, they would be called up. The 2017 first round picks will play for the rest of the season, something we’ve been waiting for since the rebuild was announced last month.

If the trade deadline was the setup for the new direction of the club, then the recalls –and hopefully legitimate playing time– of Andersson and Chytil represent the first step in the process. Chytil could turn into a legitimate top line talent, something the Rangers sorely need. Andersson will likely be a depth/middle-six guy. Something every team needs, but not something that gets them over the hump.

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lias andersson filip chytil

As expected, the Rangers have recalled both Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil. They will likely play in the remaining seven games of the season. Andersson, the Blueshirts’ 7th overall pick this past summer, has a line of 5-9-14 in 24 games with the Pack. He was loaned to the Pack by Frolunda in the SHL after the World Juniors. He has a line of 7-7-14 in 22 games in Sweden.

Chytil, the 21st overall pick in the same draft, comes with a little more fanfare, as he made the team outright after camp, only to play a pair of games before being sent to the AHL. He suffered an injury, but has been on fire since the World Juniors. He has a line of 11-20-31 in 45 games in the AHL.

Since both will be playing in under ten NHL games this season, their contracts will slide to next year, meaning they won’t burn a year of their ELCs. That’s critical, as this keeps their costs down and keeps them exempt from the looming expansion draft in 2020. The kids aren’t saviors, but they are the first of what should be a bunch of new first rounder picks to help rebuild this franchise.

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When will we see Chytil and Andersson?

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lias andersson filip chytil

With Game 70 under the belt, we are in the home stretch of games. The Blueshirts have 12 games remaining until the season ends, and eyes are more on the kids and less on wins and losses. It is a bit refreshing to watch stress free hockey, but also a little depressing when you realize there is probably at least another year of this.

The good news is that we are expected to see 2017 first rounders Lias Andersson (7th) and Filip Chytil (21st) for the tail end of the season. The organization has confirmed they will be up with the Blueshirts for an extended look, and the question is when.

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kevin shattenkirk

This morning sure was exciting, wasn’t it? There was a flurry of activity for the Rangers as they prepare for their west coast trip. The first, and the most troubling, is the news that Kevin Shattenkirk will have knee surgery for a torn meniscus, and will be out indefinitely. Justin noted the timetable for this is somewhere between 4-12 weeks.

In response, the Rangers recalled Tony DeAngelo from Hartford. They also recalled center Daniel Catenacci from Hartford. The last roster move was assigning Lias Andersson to Hartford, instead of returning him to Frolunda in the SHL. Lots of stuff, so let’s dive right into it.

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filip chytil

Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil are continuing to dominate on the world stage. I can go through everything they’ve done, but one tweet really sums it up:

For those keeping track, that’s Andersson who is tied for the lead in goals (4) and second in points (5). Chytil is actually one point behind (4) with two goals.

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lias andersson

The 2018 World Juniors are officially underway in Buffalo, and that means we get first hand looks at 2017 first rounders Lias Andersson (Sweden) and Filip Chytil (Czech Republic). Chytil contributed a goal and an assist in Czech’s surprising 5-4 win over Russia. Andersson notched two goals in Sweden’s 6-1 demolition of Belarus. He also had an assist, but it hasn’t hit the official game score. These tournaments are notoriously bad at keeping good stat sheets, so it’s unlikely he gets credit.

I didn’t watch the games in the middle of the day, the great Euro prospect extraordinaire Alex Nunn did, and he was kind enough to make some gifs. Here are some of the highlights.

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