Lias Andersson to remain in Sweden for 2020-2021 season

This news broke late Friday night, and my plan was to write about it Saturday morning, and then I forgot…oops. Lias Andersson has decided he will remain in Sweden with HV-71.

The Rangers will have him on loan, so they can still recall him throughout next season. The Andersson drama continues, and it’s fun to pin the blame either solely on the play or solely on the team, but at this point the only right answer is there is blame on both sides.

The decision makes sense for Andersson, who will be the 1C with HV-71 and get big minutes. He simply would not have gotten those minutes at the NHL level. It’s also clear that Andersson prefers Sweden over the AHL. Quite honesly, the SHL has a comparable, if not better, NHL-equivalent to the AHL. So that’s fine. The downside is that Andersson doesn’t get adjusted to North American ice. We saw how Kaapo Kakko struggled with that.

From a development standpoint, this decision doesn’t move the needle much. It is seen as bad because he won’t be with the AHL, but it’s just optics. It’s clear Andersson was struggling with his mental health last year, and giving him time to get right is fine.

That said, all signs point to a trade at some point, perhaps before the draft. This relationship has soured greatly and no matter what the reports say, ending this relationship is in the best interest of both parties. The talk is an Andersson/Jesse Puljujarvi swap, but that has yet to come to fruition. Lias Andersson’s decision to remain in Sweden may actually help his trade value to get that deal done.

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  • That puts a slight damper on his trade value as a Ranger, no?

    Just like Georgie, the Rangers hold onto some guys way too long.

    • I see no evidence that the Rangers have held on to Georgie too long — in fact it may just be a case where they want to keep the tandem of Georgie and Shesty for a few years instead of trading him, unless of course the offer blows them away.

      I think the Rangers should target a player like Jordan Greenway … and if Lias Andersson can contribute to that happening, then great. That said I have no problem holding Andersson another year and letting him build up his trade value — a good showing as the #1C for HV-71 will only help.

      • One of his linemates signed with Philly a month or so ago. I found out through the fans over there that this kid was a stud. He was also the main reason why Lias was able to produce the way he did.

        Rangers should have tried to scoop him up last year or this year.

        • So when he does well it’s because a stud was on his line, when he did poorly here it was because he sucks — and had nothing to do with limited ice time and 2 anchors on his wings. Got it.

          • Do you watch his Euro team play? I’m going to believe the fan base over there that watched him play. And they say he was never a stud on any of his lines.

            I’m also going to believe the folks who watched him in Hartford. You don’t have to go to far to hear about the same kind of holes he had in his game.

            As for when he was in NYC… He was terrible at the fundamentals of hockey at this stage. He couldn’t gain the red or blue line which is a huge warning sign for a center.

            Sorry Tanto.

          • Btw no getting Greenway unless you’re including Lias as a 5th or 6th round pick. They already have a 3 zone center project to deal with in Joel Eriksson.

          • Bullshit. I live for my home team HV71 and Lias was part of a trio in 2017 that brought us the cup, and he was not helped by anyone. So whoever is yelling you that is lying to your face.

            And you are also lying about his fundamentals, he is not a speedy skater, a much tougher player than his peers at his age, so he plays a more physical game. NYR line that he was on however was infamous even in Sweden we were looking at like “why is he playing with those losers as if his job is to back check?”

          • Man.. I am like one of the worst American’s to lie too about this lol.

            I was playing hockey well into the spring months vs these guys. I also had hockey camp with Canadian and Euros who decided to stay back in the summer.
            Your alias for a “Swede” is on par to a Chinese kid who’s claiming that he is American and his name is “Matthew Ryan” lol.

            Nice try but I’ll believe the locals before a fake. You thinking that fundamentals meant speed tells me that you aren’t from there or ever played the sport. The Swede’s and Swiss that I knew took pride in fundamental type work outs. You clearly are not worth explaining what those involve in. I’ll give you a hint: Wrist and necks

      • So, in other words, hold on to Georgie as a back up goalie, as opposed to trading him as a potential #1 elsewhere.

        That’s not how I would have handled it. Back ups are a dime a dozen. The Rangers could have picked up valuable assets.

        • If you’re trading him as a #1 and getting #1 value for him, fine … but we won’t, not at this time which is probably why they didn’t move him (and I concur). Besides, he’s going to be a cheap cap hit next year, we can easily protect him in the draft and we need to rid ourselves of $8.5M on the cap.

          • “If you’re trading him as a #1 and getting #1 value for him, fine … but we won’t, not at this time”

            Thank you for proving my point. That’s why they should have traded him as a #1, when they could.

          • … and you know this how? You were a fly on the wall listening to all the trade offers coming in? There weren’t a lot of playoff contending teams looking for a potential #1, Georgiev’s trade value will be better before the draft or after the better UFA goalies get snatched up this “fall”.

            Still though, we need to shed the $8.5M albatross hanging around the neck of this organization — and it pains me to say that about as great a Ranger as Hank.

    • Wow, so basically the consensus is to hold onto players until their trade value is low.

      And keeping Georgie, to play 25 games a year is a better way to go than trading him for possible improvement of the team.

      Ok, lol.

      • His trade value will probably go up and you need to trade a goalie when the market dictates it. There will be a lot of good UFA goalies this summer.

  • Hopefully the young man gets things sorted out and finds himself happy in the future. He is young and has a long time remaining in life. There are things more important than the NHL.

    • I am speculating here, but I suspect that there were issues between Lias and the coach.

      Howden and Lias will be compared as similar players and you see how one gets the constant benefit of the doubt while the other did not.

      Howden takes ridiculous offensive zone penalties and yet is right back out there on his regular shifts. And yet players like Buch get benched for long minutes at a time for doing similar mistakes.

  • We should have seen this coming.. There is footage of Quinn talking about how Lias basically doesn’t fit his system.

    He doesn’t have the speed to play zone D. He also doesn’t have the awareness or hands to develop a neutral zone game at this stage. Someone like Howden can at least do those things, but guys who never played will say otherwise lol.

  • I’d do Lias and our lower first rounder for Puljujarvi and Tyler Benson. Benson has some promise as a decent LW. He was productive in the AHL and was a high second round pick in 2016. The Oilers like him but he might be available. I’d throw in Howden if they want him.

  • COOL …..Starting to see pictures on twitter of NY Rangers arriving at the “Bubble” …..And Rangers fans responding to to pictures really sound like they are getting pumped ……..Lets Go Rangers !!!!!

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