Rangers loan Lias Andersson to HV71 of SHL

The Rangers have loaned forward Lias Andersson to HV71 of the SHL. This is a good first step in the Andersson/Rangers relationship, which hasn’t exactly been great since Lias left Hartford earlier this season.

John Davidson has been chatting with Lias and there was a reported thawing in the relationship. With Lias starting to play hockey again, it helps improve his trade value, which helps the Blueshirts out in their quest to find a suitor.

All in all, this is good news, even if relatively minor.

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    • Or perhaps another shot … there’s a lot I liked about Andersson, but let’s be honest, he wasn’t given a chance to prove much. Our 4th line sucked with him and it sucks without him. 9+ minutes of ice time a night with Michael Haley, Brendan Smith or McKegg isn’t positioning your prospect to succeed, in fact you’re doing the opposite. I still believe he could be an effective 3rd line center, but I’ve given up on the idea that he can be more (I guess anything is possible).

      This isn’t a good time to trade him, you need him to do well either in Hartford or at least decently in the NHL in order to get some value. I mean has Puljujärvi increased his trade value playing overseas? Not really.

      • There are no comparables for Lias. In a shade over 120 minutes ice time each at 5 on 5, Haley has been on the ice for 8 goals against and Lias 11. Sadly, Lias was a drag on Haley and Smith, hard as that is to believe. Among all players with 60+ career games, Lias is a good bet for worst Ranger hockey player of all time.

        If you can find a GM dumb enough to give you a 7th rounder for Lias, you take it.

        • Ray

          I tend to agree with Tanto, he was never given a legitimate shot to play with any decent guys on his wing, while Howden played the third line with considerably better players. The fact that he walked away was a terrible scene, but I still considered him a better player than DQ’s boy Howden!!!!!!!

          • Faint praise as I don’t really see Howden as an NHL player. I would rather see the Rangers work on diGuiseppi as a reclamation project. He looks like a dud, but he did start out more talented than Andersson and Howden and I think the latter two are just a waste of time.

            As for Andersson, I think he is being compared to the wrong people. I honestly don’t think he is as good as Gropp or Fontaine, two RFAs that the Rangers will (correctly) let walk in June. It wasn’t Haley and Smith that made Andersson a liability in Hartford this year and last.

  • A few weeks ago I mused that Lias might end up back in Sweden. I think that it will do him some good. Hopefully he will continue to train and work on his skating back home. The flaw seems to be in his ability to accelerate quickly which doesn’t seem to have been an issue in Europe, but revealed itself in the smaller North American rinks. I’d like to think that people were pulling for the kid to make it back to the NHL.

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