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As sports fans, sometimes we can find it hard to remember that the players are actual human beings. We remember this at times with heartwarming stories, like the Sochi dogs rescued by then-Blues David Backes, TJ Oshie, and our very own Kevin Shattenkirk. Sometimes, it’s seeing all the great work and unbelievable funding that PK Subban devotes to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, despite not living there anymore.

Unfortunately, recently the news has focused on a case of domestic abuse, a topic that is no stranger to professional sports. Austin Watson, a 26-year-old forward on the Predators (no pun intended?), was arrested last month for battering his girlfriend and mother of his child. He pleaded out yesterday to receive probation and completion of an anger management-adjacent course. Read More→

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in simpler times… photo c/o Sporting News

The past five days have shown signs of life around the NHL, first with the Arizona – Montreal trade, and then with the Barry Trotz contract blunder which leaves him a ‘free agent’ of sorts. A straight trade and a forgetful front office should be enough to keep us busy as fans, but neither of these are as interesting as the trade that occurred yesterday.

If you’ve taken the summer off from hockey (except for your beloved Blue Seat Blogs, of course), you might have missed the trade between the Ottawa Senators and the San Jose Sharks today:

To the average hockey fan, this trade looks awfully one sided in favor of the Sharks (who flipped Mike Hoffman to Florida for trade picks shortly after the acquisition). To the gossip monger, or anyone who follows Canadian media, you know that this trade was a requirement for the sake of the locker room, and that Hoffman had to go. Why? Glad you asked!

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We’re finally here: the Final series of the 2017-18 NHL season, one that few people believed would end up with the newcomer Golden Knights facing the oft-choking Capitals. As a gloating point, I’m the only one here who predicted the Capitals would beat the Lightning, but it’s okay I forgive you all for not believing.

As always, share your predictions for the newest members of Lord Stanley’s Cup in the comments.  Read More→

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Game Seven: a Retrospective

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There’s a Game Seven tonight, something Rangers fans are very accustomed to and adept at surviving. One of the teams playing tonight for the chance at Lord Stanley’s Cup was in the same exact Game Seven scenario at Madison Square Garden just three years ago; the other team has never made it this far.

Regardless of who you are cheering for (or cheering less against, or rooting against, etc.), a no-stakes, series-deciding game is always exciting. Given the amount of raw talent in this game (hello Alexander Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos, Nicklas Backstrom, Victor Hedman, just to name a few), as a fan of the game, you certainly should find some joy in watching.

Now since this is a Rangers blog, and the Rangers are the Kings of Game Seven (patent pending), let’s take a look back at some of the best Game Seven moments in recent history. Read More→

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Conference Finals: BSB Staff Picks

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We’ve made it to the conference finals and, as it turns out, only one team has even made it here. How fun! We’ve already been treated to Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, a 4-2 victory by the Caps over the Bolts, and anxiously await the West to start tonight at 7pm Eastern.

While we may all be awkwardly cheering for different teams, or uninterested altogether, it’s our duty at BSB to provide you with our completely unbiased opinions on who will take each series. Be sure to share your picks in the comments!

Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning (currently, 1-0 Caps lead) Read More→

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Mats is still trying to understand golf

This might come as a surprise to you, but the New York Rangers did not make the playoffs this year. Though a rare, initially horrible shock to us fans, we can look at the silver lining. When you’re constantly in it, you don’t see certain things that you might from the outside.

It’s important to note the few positives right off the bat – for starters, this is an opportunity to get some rest for our oft-injured, overworked players. Think about Kevin Shattenkirk coming back refreshed, or how great Henrik Lundqvist’s tan will look. Also, a positive according to me, missing the playoffs essentially sealed Alain Vigneault’s fate.

There are a lot of things, though, that we couldn’t think about while constantly battling the Capitals and crushing their dreams of making it past the second round. Let’s look at some lessons learned thus far.

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Stress-Free Playoffs: Round 2 Predictions

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It me, Round Two

After a wild Boston-Toronto Game 7 last night (words that will no doubt trigger Toronto fans for the rest of eternity), we’re ready for Round 2 of the 2018 NHL Playoffs to begin tonight. Once again, we’ve made some predictions that are blissfully stress-free.

Please share in the comments what you think will happen this round.

Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Dave: Caps in 7. These two meeting in the playoffs is getting old. We all know what both teams have and don’t have. In the end, I think the Caps finally break through though. Read More→

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Folks, it’s the first time ever here at Blue Seat Blogs that we’re doing a playoff preview without our beloved Rangers. Sure, we can be sad and lament a lost season, but instead, let’s look at the bright side. For starters, no home bias! Woo!

Let’s take a look at the bracket:

And now, for our (non-)expert takes on the series….

New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning — the blowout

Rob: TBL in 4. Sweeps are extremely rare in the NHL playoffs, but I’m going to be bold here.  Tampa Bay is firmly a contender, while the Devils are more of a “nice story” on their way back to relevance.  In many ways, they’re similar to the 05-06 Rangers, who we all remember fondly but were crushed by a more talented and experienced Devils team in that year’s playoffs.   Read More→

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The Rangers Won! A Twitter Recap

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Neal ‘Norris’ Pionk

Folks, I’ve got to be honest with you: I’m fully in baseball mode. It’s been a hell of a season and I really think we just need some time to digest it. How many nights can you look forward to your team bleeding 21 shots in the first period? TWENTY. ONE. SHOTS. That’s two periods of an *average* game!

Anyway, I missed the first ten minutes of this game and the first fifteen (I’m not kidding) Buffalo shots. But we were all rewarded last night with an offensive onslaught full of gorgeous goals and assists.

As always, please check Shayna’s twitter for some beautiful goal gifs.

Let’s take a look at our favorite dumpster fire for a game recap:

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We miss you always, Derek

This past week has been a strange one in Rangerstown, a lot of which we’ve unpacked on the blog in recent days. We now know that our top signing over the summer was playing on a torn meniscus, we’ve seen games with five players out due to injury, and we’ve had some interesting broadcasting.

The issue of losing your new star defenseman to a meniscus tear is much like an onion: the more you peel back all the facts, the more you feel miserable and cry. For starters, the injury took place in training camp, four months ago. This is an 8-12 week recovery injury. This would be old news had it been handled at the time of injury. Read More→

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