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The Rangers played very poorly last night. To put it bluntly, they stunk up the joint so bad, I’m smelling it across the Hudson. Let’s check in on how the team is doing right now:

The game was, as usual, a total cluster and yet in some ways, totally predictable. The Rangers played roughly 1/3 of this game, perhaps thinking this is still practice? But maybe this is just how they’re coached at this point, since they had a habit of doing this last year as well, except they managed to win these games that they’re losing in 2017. Read More→

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Who me, worry? Never…

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We miss you Marty

The season is one week old, yet it already feels like we’re back in the full swing of things. This mindset can be very comforting, like an old blanket on a chilly day. It’s familiar, it’s fun, and it’s always home at the Garden. However, some pieces of hockey season need to be analyzed with the part of the season we’re in — in this case, the early season.

Although it’s a hard truth that every game matters, it’s important to allow your team to ease in to the swing of things. Here at Blue Seat Blogs, a lot of people have issue with the coaching tactics of Alain Vigneault; that will be discussed below, but even he deserves the benefit of the early season doubt.

That being said, of course we’re still allowed to have our concerns. There are a few reasons to legitimately be worried with the state of our Rangers. Let’s dive deeper into why we should relax vs why we should panic.

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Rangers drop a doozy to the Leafs

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Different players, same idea.

Folks, I’m gonna be honest here: last night’s game was not an easy one to watch. In fact, I would even bet that the 13 combined points between the two teams will outscore quite a few NFL teams today (looking at you, my beloved Jets).

Since the game was, frankly, a tire fire, let’s go over some points and then jump to the most relevant and entertaining points that Twitter had for us in our time of need.

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Spoiler Alert: Not from this game

There isn’t much to say about last night’s preseason game. Maybe the Rangers wanted to temper everyone’s excitement so they could gradually build it up, or maybe it was just a preseason game. But Neal Pionk had something to say about that shortly into the 0-0 overtime.


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The many faces of Kevin Shattenkirk

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Friends, we are a short two days away from bliss in the form of a talented defenseman wearing #22 for our beloved New York Rangers. That means tomorrow, instead of the “Sunday Scaries,” we’ll be having the “Holy Crap Live Rangers Hockey is on Tomorrow!” which, frankly, is way better.

Yes, sure, it’s preseason hockey which counts way less. But now is as good a time as any to take a look at the vast difference between our newest Ranger, Kevin Shattenkirk, and how his life has markedly improved since he signed his contract with Jeff Gorton.

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Keeping up with the Rangers

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That’s not a Rangers jersey

August is just the most boring month for a hockey fan. Each day is yet another day without hockey. Our agonies of the end of the season have passed, and we’re looking forward to a new year filled with new promise.

The only thing is…. we all need something to write about. And with the lack of players on the ice (save for Junior Rangers activities and some light skating), we all turn into Larry Brooks bickering over whatever nonsense pops in to anyone’s left brain. It’s not a great existence.

So let’s take a look at what our beloved Rangers have been up to this summer in anticipation for the preseason. Read More→

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Conference Finals Predictions

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Battle of the Superstars

Although we’re all still questioning and dealing with the grief of the Stanley Cup being out of reach in New York, the show must go on. It’s moving on without our Rangers, and quite quickly at that. Tonight starts the Western Conference Final, and the battle for the East begins tomorrow night.

Many of the staff here at BSB are dealing with the undeniable sadness of seeing a defeated Henrik Lundqvist, and simply cannot think about the future of this playoffs at present time. Three of us were able to pull together the courage to get our predictions out there. As always, leave yours in the comments.

Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

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Don’t tell Kevin how good Marc Methot was in Game 1

Folks, I’m going to be honest with you. There is no reason to hit the panic button quite yet. I know this is very alarming for several people, because people are so romantic when the team wins and so mentally unhinged when the team loses, but I promise you don’t need to freak out.

As a team ventures deeper into the murky waters of the playoffs, they’re destined to meet teams that also deserve to be there. Though people may have dismissed the Senators as a hard hitting, slow team (ahh, the good old Chris Neil days), the team now is far from that. Their defense is not well established, but they make plenty of adjustments and play Erik Karlsson —who, if he is injured, as a robot is not affected — damn near 30 minutes a night.

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BSB Playoff Predictions: Round Two

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Image

We’ve made it to Round Two of the playoffs, Rangers unscathed and surprisingly a lot of statistically advanced teams going home. The playoffs, as we know, are a whole different animal, and we’re already deeper here in the New York Metro area (or wherever it is you cheer from!) than we were last time. May hockey is a wonderful, heart attack inducing, fun thing to experience.

Of course, here at BSB this means a fresh crop of predictions. Let’s see how the BSB staff have done through one round:

Beatin the Boys

The second round of predictions includes Justin, so let’s all go blank slate and see how we can fare from here on out. As always, please share your predictions for the four upcoming series in the comments.

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Midseason report cards: Alain Vigneault

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It seems like ages ago that New York and Vancouver took part in a Coach Swap, something each team needed. Long tenures are tricky because coaching flaws can begin to show. If the coach isn’t willing to adapt, their future with that team looks murky.

It’s how they create reputations and the reason that so many get hired, as is evidenced by that Rangers wife-swapped squad; tired of the aggression and hard-nose, “gritty” hockey, the Rangers opted to hire the offense-minded Vigneault who had come very close to Stanley Cup glory in the Northwest.

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