BSB Round 2 NHL Playoff Predictions

Good morning Ranger fans! After a first round that consisted of ALL of the Game 7s, we’re ready to start the second round of fun tonight. 16 teams are down to 8, including our beloved Blueshirts, but we’ll have those predictions tomorrow. Check out the BSB staff Round 2 NHL playoff predictions of the other three series here, and sound off in the comments with your predictions!

Eastern Conference: Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers

Rob L.: FLA in 5

This will probably go six or seven games but I truly do believe that if Tampa does not get the benefit of penalty calls or some timely saves from Vasilevskiy the Maple Leafs would be heading to see the Panthers. Florida has been generating offense at a higher level at EV for most of the season compared to the Bolts so we’ll see if this ends up being a one-sided track meet.

Tyler: FLA in 7

Will be a tight series with Tampa having just played 7 with Toronto, and Florida with Washington. I do expect a few games to be high scoring though with the offensive fire power on both teams

Rob C.: FLA in 7

The Lightning dispatched the Maple Leafs with incredible defensive structure and execution, no small feat considering Toronto’s bevy of high-end offensive players. The only team in the East with a better offense? Florida. This will be a fascinating series, and I expect the games to be low scoring. While that favors the Lightning, I’m picking the Panthers to end Tampa’s two year run of success.

Russ: FLA in 6

The loss of Brayden Point hurts the Lightning and the defending Champs come up just short in a six game game series to the Panthers. Huberdeau and Barkov slay their dragon and move onto the Eastern Conference Final.

Becky: FLA in 6

The Panthers showed resilience in their series against the Caps, and won’t shy away from the defending back to back champs. I think this would look different with a healthy Brayden Point, but the playoffs are brutal and relentless. This series should be a super fun one to watch, especially if it’s even close to what it brought us last year.

Dave: FLA in6

Luckily for Tampa, Toronto did their best Toronto, but Florida is just too good. Where Toronto falters, the Panthers are too strong. Expect the Panthers to try to make this a track meet. Tampa will slow it down here and there, and that’s the only way they won’t look overwhelmed in this series. Expect the same result you got against Washington.

Conall: FLA in 6

Western Conference: St. Louis Blues vs Colorado Avalanche

Rob L.: COL in 6

While I can easily see Binnington and STL stealing one or two here, ultimately the Avs are doing their thing: constantly generating offense. Even with some average team defense in their last 10 & 25 games, the Blues are not one to generate much offense at 5v5 (sound familiar NYR fans?)

Tyler: COL in 6

They will finally exorcise their 2nd round demons. With all of the time off from the last series, guys should be rested. That Nathan MacKinnon contract is getting shorter by the day…

Rob C.: COL in 6

It’s tough to pick against Colorado, but the Blues know them well. They’re also recent Cup champions with enough experience to withstand adversity. Still, the Avs’ superior talent across the board wins out.

Russ: COL in 5

The Avalanche destroyed Predators in a brutal four game sweep. The Blues will put up more of the fight than the Preds but this one ends in 5. The Avs are too good.

Becky: STL in 7

I think this series will go seven, and honestly would likely go to the Avalanche, but I live to be a contrarian. Binnington will steal a game or two and I think that the sweep for the Avs may actually have made them a little rusty. This is my pick for an upset of all the series.

Dave: COL in 5

St. Louis is too good to get swept, but Colorado is too good to let this drag out. This will get ugly quickly, as Colorado is the team to beat in the West. No disrespect to St. Louis, but only Calgary can skate with Colorado this postseason.

Conall: COL in 6

Western Conference: Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames

Rob L.: CGY in 7

The Flames damn near got goalie’d by Dallas so I think this one will go longer than most think due to Mike Smith currently posting a 0.938. And while McDavid can certainly win a game on his own, unfortunately the rest of the Oilers lineup struggles to do that regularly, so Calgary it is but it’ll take 7.

Tyler: CGY in 7

This is going to be THE matchup of the 2nd round. For years, it’s been teased, and it’s finally here. I suspect no one on either side will disappoint either. Fully expect a line brawl at some point as well.

Rob C.: CGY in 6

The battle of Alberta! The Oilers are two teams: one when Connor McDavid is on the ice, and another when he is not. Calgary was forced to go 7 games mainly due to heroic goaltending from Jake Oettinger in Dallas, but they were far and away the better team in the series. Being that this is a rivalry, I expect lots of drama and physical play, which usually favors the underdog. Edmonton makes it tough, but the pick is Flames in 6.

Russ: EDM in 7

Connor McDavid won’t be denied this time as he and a not quite-100% Leon Draisaitl lead the Oilers to a thrilling seven game series win to claim the Battle of Alberta and move onto the Western Conference final.

Becky: CGY in 6

The Oilers have Mike Smith in net who is just waiting to have a complete meltdown, and Calgary just faced actual good goaltending against Dallas. I think the Flames are raring to go and the Oilers have the personality of a foot. I’d say Flames in 5 but, you know, Connor McDavid.

Dave: CGY in 6

My “Calgary sweeps Dallas” prediction went swimmingly. I still think we get a Calgary/Colorado Western Conference Final, but this time I’ll be a bit more conservative with my guesses. Edmonton is only going to win if they get goaltending, which we all know won’t happen. They will outscore Calgary twice though.

Conall: CGY in 7

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