The Rangers squared up against the league leading Boston Bruins for a matinee today at the (real) Garden, in what was likely the most important game of the season. The Bruins are a shot blocking machine, so we all knew going in this would be a frustrating game. Some thoughts:

  • Skjei made a great defensive play on Pastrnak and again on Bergeron during the penalty kill. Overall, Brady had a fantastic game, one of his best in a long time.
  • Bruins first goal was a complete fluke, hitting two guys and floating in. Such is hockey.
  • It looked like the Rangers played four games in a row. Their legs just were nowhere to be found, especially beginning the second period. Not a good look at all.
  • The Rangers power play was abysmal today. No zone entries at all, no settling the puck, no setting up play. It was a throwback to the “can we decline the man advantage” days of yore….
  • …of course, that was until their first goal came on a power play. Zibanejad QBing the power play, which featured five forwards, let go of a beauty of a wrist shot. You don’t hate to see the innovation.
  • Trouba made a poor pass on the power play to give up the puck to Coyle for a short handed goal. At least that was a real goal by the Bruins?
  • Overall, if you’re gonna stay competitive with the best team in hockey, I’m okay with it. Of course I want playoffs but, repeat after me, this is a rebuild.
  • A little fun: Marchand is hit with instant karma (my favorite kind) c/o Pavel Buchnevich here:



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