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Game thoughts: Rangers lose a matinee to the Bruins

The Rangers had a chance to set a season high five game win streak

The Rangers squared up against the league leading Boston Bruins for a matinee today at the (real) Garden, in what was likely the most important game of the season. The Bruins are a shot blocking machine, so we all knew going in this would be a frustrating game. Some thoughts:

  • Skjei made a great defensive play on Pastrnak and again on Bergeron during the penalty kill. Overall, Brady had a fantastic game, one of his best in a long time.
  • Bruins first goal was a complete fluke, hitting two guys and floating in. Such is hockey.
  • It looked like the Rangers played four games in a row. Their legs just were nowhere to be found, especially beginning the second period. Not a good look at all.
  • The Rangers power play was abysmal today. No zone entries at all, no settling the puck, no setting up play. It was a throwback to the “can we decline the man advantage” days of yore….
  • …of course, that was until their first goal came on a power play. Zibanejad QBing the power play, which featured five forwards, let go of a beauty of a wrist shot. You don’t hate to see the innovation.
  • Trouba made a poor pass on the power play to give up the puck to Coyle for a short handed goal. At least that was a real goal by the Bruins?
  • Overall, if you’re gonna stay competitive with the best team in hockey, I’m okay with it. Of course I want playoffs but, repeat after me, this is a rebuild.
  • A little fun: Marchand is hit with instant karma (my favorite kind) c/o Pavel Buchnevich here:


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  • Boston is a tough team to play against, and that first goal I thought deflated the team. The shorty by Coyle was brutal, again a deflate type of play, but we didn’t give up. The four minute PP lloked terrible, and showed why this team needs to re-sign ADA, if only to QB the PP!!!!!!!!!

    • ADA is absolutely missed on the PP Walt.. He may have a snarky demeanor but the kid can play hockey!

      • Yes he can, and I love his grit as well. Had Marchant started crap with Tony, he would have wiped the ice with his sorry ass!!!!!!

        • Tony was rather obviously missed offensively today That being said they payed a good game against a tough team.

  • I thought the Rangers hung with them pretty well. A freak goal and a bad giveaway by Trouba gave the Bees the first 2 goals.

    • Didn’t finish my thought, lol.

      Lindgren was a beast today. Just outstanding.

      If the Bees get another scorer then they will be very tough to beat this year.

      • There’s 5 teams this year that can win I think, and Boston is one. Also St. Louis, Washington, Tampa, and Pittsburgh.

        Good game by the boys today, to hang tough with Boston isn’t easy.

  • Excellent analogy of today’s Bruins Rangers match, Dave. Skjei did play well I am glad you brought that up. Lindgren had a gutsy game.

    The Bruins played a tight road game and took advantage of a bobbled puck to score a shortie.
    George kept the Rangers in it, gave them a chance to win. The weird pinball shot that bounced off of Troubas chest kind of caught him off guard. That could of been argued as one that he could of had.

  • This team is out of the rebuild mode. They have developed game by game into a fairly solid team. By next year, with a few changes in talent(must keep Kreider) they will hang with anyone. Remember that they are the youngest team in the league starting 4 rookies. I thought that the Chytl,Kakko,De G line looked good. Another year experience will bring out their talent(ch and k). The future looks bright,especially with more talent in the pipeline.

  • Today was a good reason for why I don’t want to give up on Buch. That shot to Marchand’s back was twice as hard as Marchand’s to Lindgren. People forget, Buch is 24 … he’s getting better each year.

    Georgiev played a good game, but he should have snagged that Coyle shot on the PK … there’s was a good camera angle of G keeping his glove too low — not that I’m trying to excuse Trouba or anything.

    Poor Lindgren, he needs a day off from practice.

    Sign Kreider and Fast, don’t worry about Strome or ADA until after the season. I would keep this group and tweak from there, starting with Smith, Staal and yeah sorry Hank, but Hank as well. I think Shesty and Georgiev have this locked down, time to pass the torch.

    • I was thinking more along the line of moving Kreider, Smith and Fast. Buying out Henk and Staal in the offseason. That would give the org lots of capspace to sign Tony and maybe even land Taylor Hall to play along side Zib.

      • Wow … Taylor hall will not age well, Kreider will … plus Hall will be looking for more money than Kreider, a considerable amount more.

        • How do you know Kreider will age well? I don’t want to commit a big contract to Hall (Kreider either), but he’s a better player then Kreider.

      • Taylor Hall is the most overrated player in the NHL. One playoff season in 10 years in the league, no thanks. Lots of mileage on Hall already as well, his game will collapse halfway thru his next contract.

        • Is Hall even playing? (You can’t even tell if he is: there’s absolutely no highlights of him, nightly, on NHLN.)

  • Did any of you actually “watch” the game? Right from the onset the team looked intimidated and timid. They played sluggish, slow, soft on the puck and showed very little compete or sign that they wanted to win.

    oh btw, did anyone mention that Boston played last eve? So while the Rangers rested on their brains, boston played and with NOTHING to play for, and 1/2 day rest, they beat us badly ….truthfully guys, we were never in it (bad bounces or not).

    IF that was supposed to be the effort to make a drive for the playoffs, or even keep a streak alive, then we have real big probs

    This team keeps throwing away points (err remember Buffalo game, and before that earlier in the season against the kings and ducks)??

    Com’on man, we are SOFT.
    Buch, Strome, Henrik and Staal GOTTA GO !!!
    They are choking the blood out of us and we need replacements.

    And, gotta love Quinny….he wouldnt play the 4th line if his mother’s life depended on it.

    DQ, brother, if the top line isnt doing it, throw out the thugs — they either get scored on and you lose with dignity or they bruise the other team into a game.

    • Lou, relax man … reeeelaaaxxx. It’s called a rebuild for a reason and performing pretty much as expected, even a little better in some respects.

    • Who are the thugs? What sport are you even talking about, Lou? Boxing?

      Haley is the Rangers’ only thug, and he’s out for the season. Who’s gonna fight? Lindberg’s face was already bloody meat by the middle of the 2nd period.

      How would punching a Bruin restore pride? Are you posting from 1974?

    • They were pretty sloppy today –especially the first period…couldn’t get any flow to their game (give credit to Boston –the best D in the NHL). However, someone or something finally put a jolt into the Rangers, around the second half of the 3rd period –they were flying out there: energized by the PP goal!

  • Hate to say this but Marchand is the type of player you hope someone takes out before he hurts anymore players in the nhl. Just tweak his knee or back. Or give him one of those concussions. He’s a cheap shot artist that rarely stands up in a one on one. Someone should cheap shot him out of the nhl. Some might say hey don’t hope someone gets hurt. This guy doesnt deserve that.

    Take em out of the game for good.

    • The best highlight of that game was the Buch cross check of Marchand! Nice to see rangers finally standing up for there own teammates. I think something Quinn demands of his players. Nice!

  • Anyone else think DQ’s treatment of Buch has made him a more well rounded and effective player? He is fighting for space and pucks and throwing a few cross checks when needed. Marchand should tighten his helmet…

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