tony deangelo

This season, Sundays at noon are meant to be a look around the league to see who’s hot, who’s not, and what big things are happening. Obviously this week was fire, what with the Capitals losing 4 star players to breaking COVID protocol, and that small Pierre-Luc Dubois trade. But… we’ve discussed it all ad nauseam and frankly, there’s something way more entertaining to discuss. Tony DeAngelo and his burner account.

What is the one thing that can bring together fans from all fanbases?

Making fun of Tony DeAngelo.

And what do we do when Tony DeAngelo deletes his Twitter, taking away all that good content?

Tony DeAngelo makes a burner account.

Who says the holidays are over???

So let’s take a look at the best that Twitter has to offer, laugh a little this afternoon, and prepare for a night of Rangers hockey.

Happy game day folks, and let’s go Rangies!


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