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Around the League: the Burner that keeps giving

This season, Sundays at noon are meant to be a look around the league to see who’s hot, who’s not, and what big things are happening. Obviously this week was fire, what with the Capitals losing 4 star players to breaking COVID protocol, and that small Pierre-Luc Dubois trade. But… we’ve discussed it all ad nauseam and frankly, there’s something way more entertaining to discuss. Tony DeAngelo and his burner account.

What is the one thing that can bring together fans from all fanbases?

Making fun of Tony DeAngelo.

And what do we do when Tony DeAngelo deletes his Twitter, taking away all that good content?

Tony DeAngelo makes a burner account.

Who says the holidays are over???

So let’s take a look at the best that Twitter has to offer, laugh a little this afternoon, and prepare for a night of Rangers hockey.

Happy game day folks, and let’s go Rangies!

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  • When suspicion rises to the level of assumed fact. Isn’t cyberbullying wrong, regardless of who is doing it and why they’re doing it?

    • why waste time talking about ice hockey when we can cyber bully others to? make our self feel better? sad…

  • ADA is such a clown. Maybe he should go play in the KHL. He loves intolerant autocrats. Only problem–as awful as Putin is–he’s not dumb. I wonder if that is a deal breaker for Tony?

  • Social media is evil. I have never wanted any part of it.

    I used to get beat up as a kid and it was over. Now, it’s 24/7 nonsense.

    Even the people that invented this stuff has said that it’s gotten out of hand.

    Thoughts and prayers to the parents who have lost their children because they could not take the cyber bullying anymore.

  • A couple of weeks ago a reporter asked Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi what piece of advice they’d give to a young player coming in his rookie season. Both said “stay away from social media as much as possible and just focus on hockey”. Maybe Tony D could learn a thing or 2 from them….

  • Never had a facebook or twitter account. I think Social Media is responsible for a large part of the division in this country today. Especially when the main media outlets lean heavily toward one ideology as being 100% right and another 100% wrong. (smart people on both sides see this for the lie it is) Cyber Bullying makes the old days of school yard bullying look tame in comparison. The latter never incited mass, hysteria, rioting, racism, etc…

    That all said I wish ADA was smart enough to realize that when you ascend to a level in society (Sports, Hollywood, etc.) where you are on a big stage you need to be responsible for what you say and do. That goes without saying. Its not about whether he is right or wrong, simply about the fact that people don’t root for individual athletes or their beliefs, they root for the teams the play for and those teams should be politically neutral. Its tough enough dealing with all the bias in the media already.

  • Is there a Rangers blog left that doesn’t celebrate intolerance? Done with the views of this blog.

  • I guess cyber bullying is hilarious if it’s directed at the proper target…but we already knew that. Thanks for the glimpse of your true, smug, hypocrisy. Also, easy to say “everybody” loves bullying TDA when you only listen to people you already agree with.

  • We’re all better than this.

    The sad part for me is Tony D is demolishing his trade value with this stuff, and that’s all I care about as a Rangers fan. No team is going to trade anything of value for this headache.

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