NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: March 10, 2020

Checking in on the NY Rangers' performance from the past week

Note: I had this scheduled for yesterday, but we had two great posts and two signings, so I moved this to today instead. 

Record Last Week (Monday to Sunday): 1-2-0 (10 GF, 14 GA)
Season Record: 36-28-4 (215 GF, 201 GA)
Schedule This Week: @ DAL, @ COL, @ ARI
Last Week’s Results: Average Score: 8.05 (237 votes)

Top stories from the last two weeks:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • I come in at 9, up from 8 because with the trade of Brady Skjei the Rangers have created some cap space. That will be very important in the off season. Capturing the NCAA center could be a nice addition to the team too.

    The pieces are falling into place if they can sign guys like Tony D and improve their bottom 6, and if kids like Chytil, Kakko and Kravstov advance into bigger roles.

    • I won’t be a 10, that level of confidence is reserved for myself. 😉

      In all seriousness though I’ve been a 9 all along. My confidence was a bit shaken after 20-30 games or so … and the Kravtsov/Anderson debacle didn’t help. Hockey is as much art as it is science (well we can all the debate the ratio tbh), so plenty of mistakes will be made. In the end it’s all about making many more good educated guesses than not.

      • We have too many kids who need more time to develop. Kakko, Howden, Lemieux and even Gautier, DiGiuseppe, Lias and Vitali have not taken a step up to play consistent middle 6 type minutes. In fact, Lias & Vitali may not even be ready next year, so what are we to do?

        We have 4 top 6 players (ZBK + Panarin). We need 2 more players who are deserving of top 6 minutes, and those guys may not even be on the team right now.

        The “kids” outlined above should (emphasis on SHOULD) be able to play 3rd line minutes and actually produce some offense. I am not concerned with our 4th line.

        We should have 4 defensemen next year (Trouba, Fox, Lindgren and Tony D). The last 2 need to be kids and cannot include Marc Staal.

        I give the team a 7

        • Why do you insist on kids on the third defensive pair? The Rangers do seem to have some promising young defensemen in the pipeline – Miller, Lundqvist, Robertson, hopefully Rykov, Reuanen and some others – but there is no guarantee that any of them will ready to play in the NHL next year. And no guarantee that it will even be good for their development to be thrown into the depth end of the pool.

          I absolutely agree that the kids should have a path to the NHL and they should not be blocked by veterans. However, if the Rangers are going to be competitive, they need a back up plan if the kids are not ready – veterans who can step in if need be, guys like Freddy Claussen a few years back, cheap and passable.

          • Why do you insist that old, washed-up, 3rd pairing bums hold the secret to NHL defensive success, Ray?

  • Some seem to think our trek to the playoffs is unattainable. I am not so sure.

    We need more offense out of the bottom 6 and to tighten up the D. I have some faith that the “D” can play better, not so sure about the “O” from the bottom 6.

  • I like the path, but there is one troubling downside. If we look at the quintet of Andersson, Chityl, Howden, Kravtsov and Kakko, it is almost hard to imagine things going any worse than they have so far. Only Chityl has looked good and even he has not yet achieved stardom (but to be fair he has not had good line mates).

    Obviously, these guys are young and we expect further advancement. However, Kakko is likely the worst player on the current team and I never dreamed he would not be ready for the NHL in his first year. I expected Kravtsov to be a January call-up and he is not close. I still expect great things from this duo, but it does not seem so obvious anymore.

    Meanwhile, Howden is IMO, the second worst player and not likely to improve. I don’t see either him or Andersson in the Ranger future.

    OTOH, Shesterkin, Fox, DeAngelo, Lindgren, Gauthier are reasons to drool.

  • I love how we have a poll, which encourages an individual to rate the team, but seems to encourage some to “rate” peoples opinions with thumbs up or down

    • The poll is supposed to indicate your level of confidence in the team and its direction. It’s not supposed to be a review of the team. That’s why it’s called a “fan confidence poll”. Try reading the article before commenting, or try understanding its overall point.

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