Mika Zibanejad is not a 1C

He's just not, even after a five-goal game

Mika Zibanejad is not a 1C. Think about it. What do you need in a 1C?

You need Zibanejad to be a team leader in scoring. Sure he has 38 goals, but only 71 points? A true 1C would be the leader in goals and assists. And without this five goal game? Without his recent run in February where he’s only had four games without a goal? Take away those 19 goals and he isn’t even a 20-goal guy yet.

A 1C needs to be among the league leaders in scoring. He’s only 7th among centers in scoring with those 71 points. Without that five-goal game he’s barely top-3 in goals. I mean, a defenseman has more points than him this season. Clearly he’s not a 1C if a defenseman outscores him.

A true 1C doesn’t have any other hobbies. He lives and breathes hockey. Clearly Mika’s DJ career is distracting him.

A true 1C is a force both offensively and defensively. He performs on the powerplay. He doesn’t just ride the goals. And he doesn’t just do it in one season. Clearly Zibanejad is lacking. Look at that blue – there should be more of it!

Most importantly, a 1C needs to be a leader and perform in the clutch.

Sure, Mika has the ‘A’, but he can’t even win an argument with Chris Kreider about who should be captain, and Kreider is injured! It’s also not like last night’s five-goal performance was in a must-win scenario anyway.

Yea, Mika put up 11 goals in February, but that run started when the Rangers were out of the playoff picture. Now that they are in the playoff picture? He only has 8 goals in 3 games, but the Rangers won just once in March. Clearly he’s not holding his own.

Clearly, Mika Zibanejad is not a 1C.

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  • Forgot to mention he missed 13 games this year, so clearly he’s not a 1C … a 1C doesn’t miss any games over the course of a season. ABP – always be playing.

  • This blog is TRASH. Since the start of 2018/19, Zibanajed is 11th in scoring among centers. Ahead of Crosby, Malkin, Backstrom, Kuznetov, Kopitar, Bergeron, Barzal, ROR, Seguin and Monahan, In term of points per game, he ranks 12th at 1.07. Imagine not taking this into consideration? Gotta be elite levels of stupid.

  • Well, since this isn’t April Fools day I suppose the writer of this post is actually serious!?!
    Apparently, someone didn’t take into account all of the games Mika has missed due to injury
    All you have to do is compare his point totals to other number one pivots in the league.

  • Let’s make “Dave” GM for a day!
    He can trade Mika straight up for Brassard
    Oh wait, that already happened

      • It’s hard to get past the first few sentences to get to the part where it’s supposed to be a joke though. You read them and assume the writer doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about and you stop there.

        • …. the type of “assumptions” that created the saying about people who “ASSume”. Come on, the hint of sarcasm from the start was smelly enough … and if people didn’t continue reading and just posted their “feelings”, what does that say about them? Are these the same type of people that watch 2 minutes of a movie and then deem it a 0 out of 10?

          • These are the people that are so fixated by their own opinions that they’re incapable of grasping anything that doesn’t fall completely within the boundaries that those opinions dictate.

  • Dave…my goodness you have zero common sense pal. First off, he missed 13 games in which he probably would have had 10 points minimum – 81 points would put him in top 5 for centers, and he would have had closer to 85. This is probably the dumbest article I’ve ever read and just shows you don’t follow hockey

  • LOL Guys… he’s being sarcastic CHILL – he clearly knows he’s a 1C which is why thee entire post was pure sarcasm

  • Perfect example, I mean perfect example of click bait…. he is fishing for reaction.
    Most likely tired of being ignored…. it’s very typical for children to act out for attention.

    Poor little fella….

    • My God, it was just a joke … anyone who has read Dave knows of the glowing respect he has for Mika, lot pretty much every fan of the rangers.

  • Dave,
    please explain in your post that you’re being sarcastic, since most of the commenters have zero I.Q.

  • Let me check this out!! So if he’s not a 1C then who is a 1C on this team?? Mika is definitely the leader on this team on and off the ice!! He teaches the kids where to be and what they should expect!! He’s by far been a blessing in disguise for us and a true leader as Messier was!!

  • To amplify my previous comment – the blogger is attempting irony/sarcasm/tongue-in-cheek argument. All of these fall flat – none is amusing or profound. I assume that blogging is not the writer’s main occupation; if it were, I’d consider making a donation to help him overcome poverty and deprivation.

  • Sorry but this is a terrible premise. He’s not a #1 because he’s not the top point getter on a team which has the #5 guy in the whole league? Has toews also never been a 1c?

    Take away his best games and he has nearly 20 goals, whole missing a bunch of those games? First, you never take away a player’s great run and analyze the rest, second, those other stats are still really good.

    Keep it simple. The guy is going to score >40 goals in a shortened year and get 40 assists with more than a PPG, whole playing with guys like Buch on RW. And he’s great defensively

  • Is this real?? Is this from The Onion??? Is this weed purchased on the street or from a dispensary, because I need some of this!

    Take away 80% of of McDavids points and he is not a 1C…..

  • Its called GOOGLE, everyone. Now….lets all enter the word SARCASM, and lets see what comes up! Okay…now reread the post! Get it now? Sure? If not repeat the above again!

  • I probably will be banned for this post, but i could not help myself: genetics73 and others who dont get sarcasm are freaking idiots

  • This article is garbage, pointless and idiotic. No one needs to hear an opinion from such a negative idiot. Even more stupid is the DJ comment. Great job nobody……. Way to rain on Mikas’ parade.

  • I’m fine with that, as long as Z is on the team, make him anything you want, call him anything you want.

    I’m fine as long as he is in Ranger Blue Baby!

  • That was a very well thought out article,after reading it,i have now become even more stupid then i was before!!! You must be one of those hockey know-it-all’s that spew shit after just learning about,look dude,im a huge ranger fan,i know and prob every ranger fan knows Mika is not a 1C in the league,but,he’s a 1C on the rangers,and thats all that matters,so,please,keep your stupid comments to yourself and stick to knitting and sewing,your obviously not a ranger fan so just shut up,thank you,best regards,real ranger fan!!!!!!

  • Dave, you forgot to mention how poorly Zibanejad behaved in collecting 8 points in the first two games of the season; a real 1C, as a leader of the team, would have not been so selfish, and would have allowed players from other lines to get some of those goals and assists.

    OMG Dave, this post has turned into a real sociological or psychological study; so many people wrote in their critical posts without ever reading what anybody else wrote first; if these people had done so, they would quickly realize they have been had, and could have saved themselves the embarrassment of scolding you for what was an ironic article.

    Perhaps everyone is on edge because of the coronavirus.

    • I had a lot of fun with these comments. I posted this as tongue-in-cheek at a bunch of people (including those who get paid to write about the sport) who said Mika isn’t a 1C.

  • This may be the stupidest article I have ever read. No consideration of number of games played i.e; points per game by a player who
    missed 15 games and still has 38 goals. Still in top 5 in scoring among centers this year. Also
    excellent defensively and plays in all situations. How is one of the 5 best or at a maximum 10 centers not a 1C. The author seems to have conflated a 1C and the #1 center in hockey.

  • I’m 56 years old and have never commented in any blog about anything. Ever. I read Dave’s blog all the time and he maybe as big a fan and smart as any Ranger fan who does this sort of writing. He’s poking fun at all the people who have criticized Zib in the past. You ding-a-lings

  • Hey guys… thanks for reading or not reading or partially reading or misconstruing or for having zero reading comprehension or for having no sense of humor or for being devoid of basic understanding of lampooning. I don’t know what was more fun … the article or the comments.

  • Dumbest article I’ve ever read. At least acknowledge he missed 13 games if you are going measure points. Praying this is pure sarcasm and the jokes on me.

  • The fact the article states that Mika is not a 1c is unreal. Like you said think about it. You note the hot streak but nothing about cold streaks. By the way he missed a few games. So you need to think about it!

  • To write this one day after he scores 5 goals is one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a long while. True or not writing it after last nights game is just your ego trying to show all of us how hockey smart you are. Just plan stupid stupid post.

  • I guess…if you want to just play devil’s advocate. He is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with and someone other teams always must account for…He also missed 16 games.

  • This is a joke, right? I’m doubled up in laughter. If it’s not then it should be the last commentary you ever print. Totally illogical, statistically inaccurate snd void of any true hockey knowledge. Other than that, pretty, pretty, pretty awful.

  • So, only six teams have a real 1C? And, did you figure points per game? Mika missed a bunch of games. Not my favorite article.

  • OMG! Dave, thank you. I was falling off my chair laughing after reading the first paragraph, and couldn’t stop chuckling when I finished it. Then, when I read all the comments this morning, I didn’t know whether to start laughing again, or just shake my head. Which is it, lack of imagination, or lack of a sense of humor, that makes it impossible for so many people to “get” sarcasm?

  • Dumbest article that I have ever read! Did you forget that those 71 points have come in only 54 games? He would be on point for a 100 point season! Last time I looked a 100 pt season meant you were a #1 center! Like I said, they should take your keyboard away because this article is just plain stupid!

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