Live From The Blue Seats: Chris Kreider’s last week as a New York Ranger?

Ep. 3 of Live from the Blue Seats

The NHL has fully entered silly season, with the trade deadline less than a week away. The Rangers have some big decisions to make, particularly in regards to Chris Kreider. Rob, Becky and Dave sort through it all, including the Henrik Lundqvist soap opera, Tuesday’s trade for Julien Gauthier, and thoughts on which other players might be on the move, and where they might be headed on this week’s episode of Live From The Blue Seats. One thing is for sure, the next few days are extremely important to the future of the Blueshirts. Don’t panic, we’re here for you.

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We’ll be back next Tuesday with a special episode recapping the trade deadline.

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  • Yesterday’s trade for Julien Gauthier was a win-win for both teams involved. We get a big kid who could potentially replace Kreider should the team trade him, on an entry level contract. In so doing, we now have some additional flexibility in dealing with ADA, who in my opinion should be resigned. Gauthier also brings some of the qualities of Chris, size, speed, very good hockey IQ, and is a more of an all around player. He kills penalties, and plays in all situations.

    Both teams dealt from positions of strength, and addressing their needs. We get cap relief, and a younger forward with size. They get a defense man who meets their need for a mobile guy, who can defend. Bottom line, I suspect we will get bigger on the third, and fourth lines, with skilled players. Next season should be a play off season for the Rangers, especially with moves like this one. As for Chris Kreider, I hope we can retain him, but if we can’t, it will be due to his demands that may not be attainable from the view point of the Rangers!!!!!!

    • Agreed Walt. I too would prefer to keep Kreider if possible. Bringing in another player that is similar to him is the way to go instead of replacing him.

      They need to get bigger and heavier up front and the trade does that if they keep Kreider. Otherwise it is less than a wash because Kreider’s offense is proven whereas Gauthier is a prospect at this juncture.

  • Hello Julien, goodbye Chris. We definitely need to sign DeAngelo, one of the top priorities! Also, keep Georgiev goodbye Hank!

  • Jesper Fast for Yakov Trenin, would be a great trade for both teams…we get bigger and tougher and the Preds get a steady player for their playoff push. Anyone who can almost bring Chara to his knees is a guy who i wouldn’t mind adding.

  • Fast & Strome need to go for not only draft picks, but for young skilled players that can fill in the top 6. There may be young players that are available that we are not aware of. CK is a tough call, but not if he wants $7M for 5 years, then you have no choice.

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