NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: Officially eliminated-5/3/21

Last Week’s Results: W 3-1 vs BUF, L 4-0 vs NYI, L 3-0 @ NYI
Season Record: 26-20-6 (5th in East Division)
Schedule This Week: 5/3 vs WSH, 5/5 vs WSH, 5/6 @ BOS, 5/8 @ BOS
Last Poll’s Results: 7.86  (172 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • Not feeling overly optimistic today. Playoff elimination does that to you. Thinking we have a core of solid forwards, but only 2 or 3 “wow” players. We need to add another in the off-season. Our defense looks good, but once again, fails in key games. This needs to be addressed.

    I feel the big issue with this team is in-game strategy. DQ constantly loses when the opposition does not play “his” game plan. Many good coaches in this league seem to “out-coach” DQ on the ice. Only one solution to that problem.

    • Top 9 are Zib, Strome, Chytil, Panarin, Kreider, Laf, Buch, Kakko, Kravstov. How do they add another wow player? Who comes out of the listed top 9?

        • I think you’re selling the 18-21 year olds incredibly short. Laf and Kakko are going to be elite players. Buch is a 60 point 200 foot player. Kravstov’s floor IMO is Buchnevich’s point production.

          • No he isn’t. Laf, Kakko, Kravtsov, Chityl all look quite promising, but it seems almost certain that at least one of the quartet won’t emerge as the player we want him to be. And this isn’t about a specific player, it is simply probability, all promising players do not become stars.

            Yes, there is a reasonable chance that one or two will reach Zib’s level – but not all of them.

          • Agreed that all probably won’t reach where we think they will but if you’re a betting man I don’t think you bet against Kakko and Laffy getting there.

            Chytil looked great until he broke his hand. Before he was injured he was easily the best Ranger. Don’t discount the effect of that injury especially during a shortened season. He’s scoring at a pace of 43 points in an 82 game season. That’s not too bad for a 3rd line center who averages 30 seconds on the PP who battled a broken hand.

      • Strome comes out. Draft some players from the WHL that have some bite to their game. I’ve been following this team since 1960 and this teams non response to that elbow thrown by Martin to Mika was disappointing. This team needs a few nasty players who won’t let the top players get pushed around

    • I think we have more “wow” players than you realize. They just have to… you know… get into their 20’s first. Even Chytil, who feels like he’s been here a while already. The kid could just start going to a bar a getting a drink THIS SEASON. Lafraniere probably can’t even DRIVE yet…lol.

      The last core we had that took us to the finals was less talented and pretty much all of them played Jr’s or college hockey first. We’re just getting to see them all develop first hand. When Kappo and Laf are 22-23 yrs old, they’ll have about 5 NHL seasons under their belt already.

  • Many things to be excited about yet there is a dark cloud above my feelings overall.

    Staying positive but the defense and grit haven’t been addressed for a while now.

    Enjoy the spring and summer…

    Until then… Be well all

    • They have addressed it, just not in the short term. Drafting guys like Schneider, Cuylle, Edstrom, etc. will pay dividends down the road.

      • If all 3 of your “names”(because right now,thats all they are) make it..we’re talking at least another 3 Seasons, at best, before they really hit their stride. And what to do in the meantime, namely next Season, when they’re supposed to start challenging?
        No, this has to be addressed over the summer– or next year will be another wasted Season.

        • Um, doh. That’s what I said, they addressed the issue long term and haven’t addressed it short term.

          • Um, doh…they have prospects like Kakko, Laf, Fox and Kravtsov who need to have teammates who have their backs now; so they can get them to “down the road”in one piece! That’s all I’m saying. Only problem is its gonna cost them.

          • But again, I never suggested otherwise. You created an issue where none exists. Of course if they want to compete next year they need to introduce harder players in the mix now.

          • No…I didn’t create an issue. You just seem to have a problem when somebody questions your posts. You dismiss the issue of getting tougher as something that will come in the future…as if any of their draft choices are sure things. Outside of Ranger-land, believe me, NOBODY thinks they are!
            They need more than just a ‘tweaking of the 4th line,’ or “perhaps upgrading one of the top vets.” They need an infusion of a Graves-like or a Larmer-lesque type(preferably—both!) on those top lines. And its going to cost them. I really believe that they would be willing to move on from Chityl and Buch if the right deal comes along. And, IMO, they need to make that decision this summer; or we will watch people like Mika, Panarin and Fox…let alone Laff and Kakko toil away, being overpowered night after night…with nobody to do the REAL dirty work that’s needed.
            My only point is, that the issue can’t be so cavalierly dismissed as if it will all work out in the end, because right now, they don’t seem to have the answer. This team is one of the easiest teams to play against. No where near Playoff ready. Changes are needed …and they’re needed now, to get us closer to that “future” everyone is always dreaming about. And again, its going to cost them to make those changes. And I haven’t even mentioned the coach! (;

  • It’s about tweaking the roster now, especially the 4th line to be “heavy” … and perhaps upgrading one of the top 6 vets (Strome, move Chytil up, find another 2/3C on the market). A “good” veteran d’man could also help — I said good, not a JJ or anything even slightly resembling a JJ. Having an open slot for a defenseman in the expansion draft, we should take advantage of some other team.

    • agree 1000%…the only thing you neglected is we need a different coach to take us to the next level. i don’t think quinn has the skills to take what he has developed (and i give him some leeway here) and mold it into a championship caliber team.

      • That would be nice, but I won’t go there because I don’t think it’s a realistic expectation.

        • i’d like to understand why you think it’s unrealistic. giving him the benefit of the doubt, he’s developed the first wave of kids, and now, even with a second wave of kids coming (schneider, cullye, lundqvist etc), its time to move from “development” to “contender”…and i just don’t see quinn fitting that role.

          • I only think it isn’t realistic because I don’t think JG and JD are ready to give him the axe. I hope I’m wrong and they have the stones to make the change over the summer (but keep Martin).

  • My confidence in this Ranger team moving forward is based upon what moves are made in the off season. Yes there is certainly talent there but the team as its presently constructed is not a playoff team, but one that will feed on the bottom half of the league.

  • It sucks to be eliminated!

    Overall it wasn’t a bad year, today were 6 games over 500 in the toughest division.
    However it still left a lot to be desired with these results.

    If DQ is staying, he needs better assistants to help him in his in game management,(please) he’s always out coached.
    We need a good 2C and 1 experienced D.

    I’ve been saying this all year long,please get bigger nastier players who can play. Just look at the last 2 games, Martin concussed Trouba and elbowed Zib into next Tuesday without any response,unacceptable for me..
    Hopefully JD/JG see this and rectify it.

  • Wait so this team isn’t skipping 5-6 points to catch the Isle anymore?

    That narrative of jumping over both Boston and NYI was a real thing…. I knew this team wasn’t going to qualify in time after it took an extra month to finally pass Philly.

  • All it takes is 4 1st rd picks for Eichel? I would do that and Add Chytil if that’s what it took to eventually have Zib/Eichel…. Which could always turn into just Eichel…

    How isn’t any team willing to bid on this? 24 yr old elite 1c who has a strong resume on a terrible team. He also has a background in always being in shape. Some rival is going to snatch him up if JG doesn’t.

    • What do you see in Eichel from his history to justify not only such a huge price in assets but also $10 mil for years to come?

      He is certainly a good center but I do not see him anywhere as elite which his price tag would dictate.

      Honestly since you are a former hockey player ypu can explain what you see that I don’t?

      • The last 2 seasons he scored at a 1.15 and 1.06 points per game. That would be good enough for 12th and 15th overall this season. Sounds like elite scoring at 24 years old to me.

        Do you realize that’s the cost of a young 1C these days? Zib is going to command 9-10 million for 7 years at the age of 29. Give me Eichel at the same price at 24 years old over that all day.

        Now yes you can argue that his cap hit along with the assets it will take to acquire him may be too much but you have no argument about his performance vs contract. He’s being paid fair market value.

        • And for the record he has the 12th highest cap hit in the NHL which coincides nicely with his points/game production mentioned above. He’s also younger than 8 of those 12 with higher cap hits. So once again, he is far from overpaid.

          • What is his face off winning or losing percentage? What is his plus minus stats?

            Where do you see him playing for Rangers? How do you see he improves us?

            It is fair to compare this trade with Nash. I know Nash was not a center and he was older then. Check the price we paid for him and see how significantly higher price could justify this acquisition. At very least we knew what we were going to get from Nash even though he did not live up to our expectations especially in the playoffs. But fair to compare since Eichel has not played in many pressure games either

          • He’s 29 year old Zibanejad’s replacement. Plain and simple. He scores at a higher rate than Zib and will be 5 years younger at the same price that Zibs next contract will be. That’s how he makes the rangers better. Why is this so hard to comprehend?

            Now I will concede the argument is what is the cost of assets to get him. Does Buch, Lindkvist, 1st make it worth it? Does Buffalo even answer the phone with that offer? All fair questions but I don’t understand how you can argue my first paragraph.

          • Every time I hear the question ” Why is this so hard to comprehend?” I am thinking – “how dumb am I? Why couldn’t I agree the obvious?” But then I come back to reality and see that I did not get a single response to my arguments.

            I know you are passionately feel that Eichel is the answer and thought about my questions as irrational to your point of your conviction that Eichel is so great that we should get him at all cost. I am sure I am exaggerating but let me try to add to the questions you have failed to answer to defend your argument

            First of all I do not know who those 12 players in your cost analysis were, you did not disclose them. But since you did not respond about Nash trade comparison, let me try centers. How about Seguin? He was drafted also second overall. What did Bruins get for him from Dallas? And what is his latest contract? Very close to Eichel. Take Duchene, very similar. So both of these guys got paid the market value contracts. They both had excellent stats. What have they achieved? You compare Eichel to such players and make your favorable points that “Why is this so hard to comprehend?” I make a counter point that we do not need him as we do not need Seguin or Duchene or any other inflated valued player.

            On the other hand, you give me O’Reily, Kuznetzov, Backstorm, I am all in for starting price to see what it will cost us. Proven centers at reasonable price. I guess that is why they are not on the market. Guess Sabres were not smart then when they traded O’Reily
            I really do not understand why so many people have conviction that Eichel provides any answers to us? How does he improve us and forget even the cost of acquiring him which nobody knows what it will be and the same you do not know what the cost of keeping Mika would be (isn’t he playing at a very friendly home discount contract now?). Eichel has not won anything and any claim that he is “elite” player is only based on his contract numbers that are comparable with other players who have not won anything and it is called “market value”.

            I am sorry I am not willing to comprehend that. That makes me sane even if I can’t comprehend your points

          • I would also another argument. Hall was MVP 2 years ago, bet on himself and took below market contract. He played all season with Eichel before Eichel got injured. How were his numbers? Now he got traded to Bruins and playing with less non elite centters he is scoring again

            People here paying to much attention with to some stats and ignoring others. This is not video games.

          • I honestly don’t even understand your point. You just name a bunch of players that sign a contract for x amount of dollars and since some have won cups and some don’t then making x amount of money doesn’t matter? Fine you don’t think Eichel makes this team better. Ok that’s your opinion.

            So what do the rangers do in a year when Zib and Stromes contracts are up? Zib is going to get 9-10 million a year in his next contract. Strome 6-7ish.

            My argument is Eichel is better and younger than both. So Zib comes out and Eichel goes in. The 1C just got better. That’s my argument. That all.

            As I’ve said in plenty of these posts the cost for acquiring him is the big question mark here.

    • I was very interested in Eichel until he got the neck/spinal injury. The cost is now too risky to obtain him with that kind of long term contract.

    • So basically you’re saying you would give them 5 total 1st rounders, thank God you’re not the GM. You would decimate the team for one player … a player not even named McDavid. This is crazy talk.

      Here are the 5 1st rounders I would give up. Strome, Hajek, Howden, ADA and Gauthier. Think Buffalo goes for that? lol

  • “but they are, for all intents and purposes, officially eliminated.”

    This is not a thing. Officially eliminated is a term with no wiggle room.

  • I don’t feel that more “wow” players is the solution. We seem to be totally inept against heavy motivated teams. Seeing Mika take a vicious elbow from martin that went totally unanswered was horrible. How can our young players develop fully when they have zero protection? We need to get a few character guys and stop worrying about over priced centers. DQ may be the problem, or possibly JG.

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