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RIP 2021 New York Rangers

Another Rangers game, another Rangers one goal loss. Though, that is a bit misleading as they made it a one goal game late in the third. An effort that started all Rangers quickly became all Flyers halfway through the game. Penalties galore, complacent effort, and Igor doing all he could as he was peppered with shots just about sums up this 2021 Rangers season. With this loss, it is all but certain the Rangers will miss the playoffs. RIP to the New York Rangers. But that’s okay.

Though the Rangers absolutely could have been a playoff team this season had there been no COVID issues from Zibanejad, no Chytil injury, and some lineup tweaks made too little too late, I’m ultimately hopeful. This team, with all of it’s young talent that shows NHL promise, sets up this team for long term success the next decade. The Rangers are going to be a problem for the league, and it’s going to be sooner than later.

A few things need to be done as we approach the offseason sooner than later. I think it’s been made apparent in his 3 years here that David Quinn lacks the in-game management skill to be an NHL head coach. Quinn shifted Lafrenière to the top line with Zibanejad and Buchnevich whilst shifting Kreider down to the third line with Chytil and Kakko. Those 2 lines looked fantastic, but the rest of the lineup needed some tweaks as well. Kravstov we were told is not a 4th line player by the coach, and yet Kravtsov continues to play on the 4th line. Those little lineup decisions do affect what play is like on the ice. Sticking Kravtsov with Brett Howden and Kevin Rooney is not going to develop him.

So if you want Quinn fired, who do you want to replace him? While that is ultimately not the point as it’s apparent the Rangers are not a good product while being coached by Quinn, there are names that should definitely be on this front offices’ mind. For one, Gerard Gallant. Gallant got the shaft when he was in Florida, and managed to get canned while his team was just in a shooting slump in Vegas. But Gallant is a great coach. You cannot tell me what the Golden Knights did in their inaugural season was not due in part to Gallant. This roster would be one of the more powerhouse rosters he’s coached if he were to come here. The front office should also be on the lookout for a new power play coach, how about Bruce Boudreau?

You want the 2021-22 Rangers to make the playoffs? After you make those coaching personnel changes, you acquire Jack Eichel or Alexsander Barkov. You launch Libor Hajek and Brett Howden to Mars. Inject Barron, Lundkvist, and Jones/Reunanen into the lineup. Play Lafrenière and Kaapo Kakko in the top nine and power play at all costs. Say what you want about Lafrenière’s season, the guy was rarely on the power play. Lowest PP ice time per game for a 1st overall pick since Joe Thornton in 1997. That’s how rare it is to fumble the bag with a high draft pick like Quinn has done with Lafrenière this season. How Colin Blackwell would get preferential treatment made zero sense.

See you next season. Enjoy the last games. Hopefully the kids will get even more time to show what they can do to finish off the year. RIP to the 2021 New York Rangers.

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  • The team was playing well, missing at least 3 open nets, but then came the swarm of penalties….and unable to sustain anything positive……It’s time to plan for the off-season, and strengthen the squad. We have a very good goalie and a plenty prospects…..Now it’s up to leadership to tweak and round out this team….Enough of Howden…..Rooney…….Blackwell….Smith….Hajejk……..though Rooney and Blackwelll I will commend for showing up most nights…

  • Start with the coach’s dismissal, and go from there. And hire someone who’s gonna move some existing pieces around in the lineup, like dropping Kreider to the third line, or playing Zib with Panarin to maximize his goalscoring abilities.

    This season the 2 vets who have hurt their roles in the Rangers’ future the most are Zibby and Kreider. Too much feast/famine from them both this year. Zib has the advantage of being a desperately needed center, but I hope that Gorton really puts the screws to him come contract time for his performance this year. And I’ve always maintained that Kreider gets his numbers eventually despite his pattern of massive slumps—but he was bad in more games than he was good this season, and he should bear some consequences.

    They both need to bounce back next year with more consistent efforts. And at their age, it’s worth asking if it’s possible for them to do so.

    • Agreed. The good thing about Zibanajad’s contract is you have next season to find out if the he’s the player who’s put up 74 & 75 points the last 2 seasons. Krieder has always been inconsistent and as far as leadership goes the only reason he has an A on his jersey is because of tenure.

  • Too many penalties, too many breakdowns in front of Igor, an inexcusable lack of discipline last night. Yet there were points in the game where I was watching Igor’s determination and skill in making incredible saves, and I was convinced that this guy will lead us to a Cup. And I watched Lafreniere showing his skill, going hard to the net, strong on the puck, setting up his teammates, and was convinced this guy will be a star for us. And yet there he was, stapled to the bench for the last 2 minutes with Igor pulled, while the same tired guys, Quinn’s boys, took the entire two minutes. At the timeout, with Quinn’s boys gathered around the coach, one of the assistants, maybe Oliver, tapped Laf to show him something on the board. Laf looked, gave what seemed like a perfunctory nod, and quickly turned back around, as if thinking, yeah, like there’s a chance in hell I’ll see the ice here. And of course he didn’t. This team is poised to be special, and yet we’re left again to wonder how long management is going to jeopardize that by sticking with the current coach, sticking with this approach.

      • The organization’s approach has been a lie starting with the hiring of Quinn. They put out a mission statement that says they’re going to tear it down to build a team that can win multiple championships so the fan base needs to be patient. Last season rather than being sellers in a sellers market at the trade deadline they decided making the playoffs becomes the priority. It just seems this organization is always trying to shortcut its way to winning a Stanley Cup rather than going through the growing pains to build a team that can win multiple Cups and that’s why they only have 1 Stanley Cup in the last 81 seasons.

    • In my opinion LaFren was misused…He is a number one him with the better players.

  • the good, i love Igor
    the bad, Kravtsov the 4th line? are you freakin kidding?
    DQ has to go for this team to get better.

  • Now that the playoffs are clearly out of reach, how about really playing the kids. Laff, Kaako, Kravstov all top 3 lines no sheltered minutes.give all 3 significant PP time not just the last 15 seconds. Try them on the PK as well.This could do nothing but help their development, and possibly give us some real options going forward next year. Play Jones more than 9 mins. We have to see what he has. Besides Jones we have lundqvist, Schneider, robertson coming in the next couple of years. That’s for defenseman realistically only two available spots. So playingJones now helps in making decision if he will do you one of the ones who stays, or gets put in a trade for a center

  • While I completely agree on the fumbling of a 1st overall draft pick…I don’t believe all the blame should rest on Quinn’s shoulders. Front office should get a large piece of it also.

    And I agree Howden and Hajek are not the best players in the league, but I disagree with the ejection of Howden.

    Hajek has had ample time to prove himself. He should be traded for whatever they can get or just simply put in the minors. He is not NHL ready. But at his age he should be so….

    I truly believe Howden at his present salary is a good 4th line center. This sentiment that he is garbage is inaccurate. He has a value. He is a gamer. In the most important game of the year …he was the only center to actually show up. And while our expectations for him might have been high cause of the trade and the players that went the other way. That is on Gorton for getting absolutely fleeced in that deal. It is not Howden’s fault. Put it this way ….it is one less center position we need to fill. And if you get rid of him….. who you going to replace him with…Barron? That kid is playing left wing in the AHL right now and while he is dominating the only 2 teams Hartford is allowed to play this season that isn’t exactly inspiring confidence in me.

    I feel our present roster has just a 2c (Strome) and a 4c (Howden). Chytil is still learning. He has his moments but he is not strong on the puck all game. He has moments were he is, but gets defeated quickly and just gives up on a play to easy. It is worth giving him a few more years at a low cap hit to figure it out. So maybe a 3c for him. His next two years will define his career.

    In my opinion the move to make is to trade Mika. He is a soft, east to west player. Or a perimeter player. And that doesn’t win playoff hockey. And try to get a Jack Eichel. I am not a big fan of Eichel’s cause I think he has a long way to go in his defensive game, and his injury issues. But he is still young and there is room for growth. If that is the best option maybe go with the second option and just trade mika for picks and a prospect or 2. But draft centers with those picks. And hopefully you get lucky. Figure Mika is worth maybe 2 high end prospects and a couple 1st round picks. Or you package him with one our many D prospects and get that type of deal.

    We are going nowhere with him as our lead center. And while I understand the love for him. He will never win any awards in this league cause he is just to soft.

    I’ll put it this way….if Callahan had one tenth the skill level mika has… he would have won 5 cups with that heart of his. That guy was just unstoppable til his body finally failed him. Every year except one we made the playoffs while he was on our team. He was a leader and that is why both franchises made him their captain. Mika is no leader and never will be. Bottomline. Trade mika and get top dollar for him while we still can.

      • Yeah. And what is Gorton doing? Hmmm… we have no center deph let’s sign 5’10 guy from Sweden, we don’t know much about him but we don’t need big boy from AHL

      • Playing 2 teams total. Providence Bruins and Bridgeport Sound Tigers. I assuming you are watching the games in person since there is no way you could tell from post game stats he is centering a line and since the last post on him was they were starting him at left wing. Or you could just be pulling it out of your ass …either one is likely when you upvote yourself 13 times.

    • Agreed, scrapgoating Howden (who has a limited role on the team) as the reason why the Rangers missed the playoffs is really out there.

      Hajek the other BSB whipping boy has only 68 NHL games under his belt. Yes he makes the odd mistake, but if one is objective, you will see that Miller is also mistake prone.

      Even the first pairing of Lindgren, Fox who are good, they are not perfect. They are prone to give up odd man rushes when Fox gets caught deep in the opposition’s end.

      • Miller? mistake prone? I thought we just traded that one Mr. Poke check to Detroit? Why get a new one. On any given night Miller gets beaten like a rented mule some he can save with his long reach, and the aforementioned poke check, his specialty. Most he cannot/ Have Sam and Joe talk him up some more maybe we can throw him in the trade for the center we need.

  • DQ was coaching in-game purely to win, the irony being that we’d all feel better about him if he was coaching in-game to develop effectively. Yes, commitments to key veterans, etc., but those key vets know what’s going on, and I’m guessing Panarin and ZIb would’ve been fine with 20 and 18 minutes last night instead of 23 and 21, even as Laf played only 13-1/2.

    And Fox’s conditioning is impressive.

      • Captain Kreider to the 4th line…no way! He throws 2 hits a game and recovers the pick from the corner. The other 17 minutes on the ice he skates really, really fast around the rink.

        When can we trade him? Never.

  • Last two games illustrated how young kids hit that wall after 45-50 games in a season… Miller, Fox and Lindgren looked absolutely awful last two games after playing well all season… Teams collective inability to win a faceoff in the offensive or defensive zone is glaring… There has to be an honest assessment done after the season on the number of veteran players and two top pivots in particular Zibby and Strome simply do not play winning hockey as NHL is NOT a fantasy league… Signing Krieder was a huge mistake which I pointed out at that time – with NMC we are stuck with a 3-4 line winger who is making 6.5 AAV over the next 6 seasons. Rangers should seriously re-evaluate coaching staff as well – with Quinn insisting on playing tight Boston/Islander type hockey without having the necessary players on the roster to win those tight games… We have a lot of assets available to fix this – I would start this process by moving Strome and Buch for a solid veteran pivot (not Eichel) – Tomas Hertl would be my first preference…

  • First off, let’s all take a deep breath and recognize that the Rangers have had a pretty good season. In addition, we should all be quite happy with their prospects for the future. With the level of talent on hand and with possible trades, this team should start competing in the playoffs next season and every season thereafter for the rest of the decade.

    On the players, I don’t know about Howden. I am sure that they will bring Barron to camp. They can see if he looks like a better alternative to center the 4th line, then make a decision. Howden shows up all the time at least people have to give him that.

    I think that Chytil is about to bust out and be quite a player. Kakko too. Kravtsov looks like he can be a complete player and Lafreniere will be far better next season than he has been this year. So will K’Andre Miller, who surprised everyone this year and should continue to improve, which will in turn help Trouba too. It will be scary if Adam Fox gets even better! Panarin and Buchnevich and Zibanejad, Strome and Kreider will lead the team’s forwards unless some deal is made. I don’t know about Zac Jones, but perhaps Lundqvist and/or Schneider is added to the mix on defense. In other words, I expect them to be very competitive even if they don’t make any significant off season moves.

    While I am not a fan of Quinn, I am not so sure that his job is in jeopardy with the Rangers. We will see, but JD and Gorton might not see it the way fans do.

    It is great to be a Ranger fan. No doubt about that!

  • Forgot to mention Igor! That is unforgivable! He is going to give the Rangers a fighting chance every game and is a special player.

    Unless they need the cap space, I’d rather they keep Georgiev around as I think that if he is right he is starter on many teams and quite a backup. Also, by himself goalies don’t bring much in trades, but, he could sweeten a deal no doubt.

  • It is a game like this that really shows all the flaws a young team has. Also shows the inability to motivate. Moves to shake up the lines was out of desperation, not to grow the kids.

    Lots of changes necessary in the off-season. Need a center and need to move a top 6 wing so we can open a spot for Kravtsov. Also need a PP coach who can also make us dangerous 5v5.

    Howden, Rooney, Blackwell, Hajek all have to move on. Was an exciting year, but now it is time to raise the bar for next year.

  • The Rangers with all its talent, can not beat the better teams in their division. Is Quinn to blame? Only partly, but unfortunately like the old saying goes you can’t fire the team so you fire the coach.

    Gallant IMHO is the guy who can not only get more out of the vets, but also can coach the younger Rangers what it takes to win in the NHL. Anybody who remembers watching Gallant play hockey knows that he was a fierce competitor.

    The Rangers dismal season was not because of the performance of the 4th line. It was because their best players are not the best, they were mediocre. So absolutely, its time to give the younger players bigger roles.

  • Jack Lip get rid of all upper management what has Gorton, Davidson or the slug behind the bench.

    • Ryan Lindgren, Ryan Spooner Matt Beleskey for rental Rick Nash
      Ryan Strome for Ryan Spooner
      Adam Fox for two 2nd round picks
      Mika Zibanejad for Derick Brassard
      Signed Artemi Panarin
      Drafted K’Andre Miller
      Drafted Vitali Kravtsov
      Drafted Filip Chytil
      Drafted Nils Lunqvist
      Drafted Igor Shestyorkin
      Drafted Pavel Buchnevich

      • Traded Mac and Miller for nothing at this point,
        Traded Stephan and Raanta …for …. literally nothing at this point.
        Traded Grabner for again nothing
        Traded Hayes for exactly what again? Trouba who was going to be a free agent and sign here anyway.
        Added in Pionk for what reason again?
        Traded Zuccarello for what?
        Traded away Ryan Graves before ever letting him see a game for us. For a bag of pucks.
        Drafted a 5’8″ center named KArl Heriksson
        Drafted Lias Andersson

        Come on Peter, anyone can see Gorton should be fired on the Mac/Miller trade alone. If it wasn’t that Dolan leaves the Rangers alone he would have been long gone.

        Please don’t be another fanboy of that idiot.

        • For Stephan they got a first round pick and ADA. They got one good year out of ADA, which is more than Arizona has gotten out of Stepan. They misfired on Lias, but took Chytil in the same round.

          They made some poor trades, but they made several overwhelmingly good trades and excellent draft picks. Nobody was thinking of Miller or Kravtsov or Chytil when they grabbed them. Ryan Strome was a steal. Adam Fox too.

          That is how I see their work, it doesn’t involve being a ‘fan boy’, so you can lose that kind of remark.

          • Look I wish you were my boss. I wish my boss would just glance over my many deficiencies and focus only on the few good things I do.

            This isn’t your child we are talking about here. This a grown up business man who has failed on multiple occasions to see the value of his assets and gotten burned on them badly.

            Come on…How the franchise handled the ADA situation alone would have cost any other GM his job. Try to not be to biased please.

            Name a trade that has gone single handedly as bad as the Stephan/Raanta trade and show me where the GM is now who made that trade? Guaranteed his longer with that franchise.

            The first one that comes close is O’Reilly’s trade to St. Louis…and guess what…that GM no longer has his job. And really it wasn’t his was just that the guy they got in return would rather retire then play in Buffalo. That says way more about the franchise then the GM.

            The guy who traded strome for spooner lost his job that summer. Chiraelli lost his job because his mistakes kept stockpiling.

            Me calling you a fanboy for only looking at his positives and closing your eyes on his negatives is just. The guy doesn’t deserve the job. Lameriello comes in after isles lost their franchise player for nothing. And then within a year of that has them competing for the stanley cup. And last year got them to the conference finals. Are you just blind to the difference is skills?

          • Laffy, recent experience on the blog has made my patience rather thin for people who can’t resist calling others their pejoratives of choice when they disagree. It is a childish habit and weak argument. I think you need to re-evaluate your approach. Why try to psychoanalyze another in text on a blog of all places?

            First off, if you bother to look at the post I was replying to, it asked what had management done for the team (or at least tried to!) So, I wasn’t engaging in a complete analysis of the tenures of Gorton and company, just listing things they had done well. Get it?

            Stepan has just plain sucked in Arizona. Antti Raanta was a damn good goalie yes, but he hardly played for Arizona because the poor guy got injured repeatedly. So they haven’t lost much in the trade. ADA was quite talented. He gave the Rangers a good year and a half before blowing up again. They went for his skill and hoped they could straighten his head out, and for a first round pick. It wasn’t a bad trade on paper but it blew up big time when they misfired on Lias too. That stuff happens too in drafts. Now it looks bad but it wasn’t a foolish one when made.

            As far as the trade with Tampa is concerned, yeah that was awful. No defending it. It is one of the worst trades ever.

            You don’t like the Trouba signing. I think he is a bit over paid but not much and I think he is going to be a major piece of the team’s quest for a cup. So we will disagree there. I am not a fan of Pionk and they don’t need him they have Fox while Trouba plays the heavy game that Pionk never will play.

            I was a fan of ADA but obviously the team’s management feels that he cannot be trusted any longer and that he is a detriment. I don’t have enough real information to judge what they have done and neither do you.

            I listed a whole bunch of successes. They’ve made some great moves along with some mistakes. Altogether I think that the team is in a great place right now.

            Finally, by nature I am an optimist. I am a hopeful guy and I am not prone to be negative especially from a distance when judging teams, management and players. I don’t assume that I know better than people close to the situation. So, yeah I don’t criticize a whole lot. So sue me! 🙂

          • Just don’t try to sugarcoat the Front office by posting only the positives. I abominate that train of thought. If you can’t handle criticism maybe you shouldn’t be on a fan blog.

            Gorton should be fired. It is just that simple. No big adjectives needed. He has lucked into some great draft choices and made some excellent 1st round choices. But that doesn’t separate him from the pack. And doesn’t make him praise worthy.

            The average Gm has a shelf life of 4 to 5 years. And Gorton has outlasted that by sometime. It is time for a new direction cause we are stagnated at our present position in the so called bell curve(hahaha). There is no difference between last year’s team and this one.

            I would say a bold move would have been to select Byfield over Lafreniere since our LW was pretty much locked up for the foreseeable future, but he obviously didn’t have the gumption to pull off such a move.

            Just 1 last point….”You don’t like the Trouba signing. I think he is a bit over paid but not much and I think he is going to be a major piece of the team’s quest for a cup.”

            I never mentioned the signing of Trouba. I mentioned the fact Gorton traded Kevin Hayes and Neil Pionk and a 1st to essentially sign a guy who was going to sign here anyway. I think you need to look back at your facts. Cause if you look at them more closely you will feel the same level of disdain that I do for that move. Adding insult to injury is the signing Trouba got.

            There is a saying in life that ignorance is bliss. And while I may be a stupid person, I am also self aware and have accepted that reality. The fact you are defending a guy who has truly done nothing just shows your bliss. Lucking into a 1st and 2nd overall pick doesn’t make you Lou Lamoriello. It doesn’t even make you Jarmo Kekäläinen. It just makes you a guy who selected a few kids who everyone else said would succeed. What you do with them after is what makes you a successful GM.

            And based on that record ….Gorton deserves to be fired again. Kappo was arguably the worst player in the league last year and didn’t deserve to be up. And Lafreniere has looked abysmal at times this year and til today has been vastly underutilized. And while you can blame the coach all you want on this …who hired this coach? Who hasn’t fired the coach after one of the worst showings in a 1st overall pick in 20 years?

            Honestly if you took offense to what I said I am sorry. My issue wasn’t specifically with you. It was specifically with what you posted. Not attacking you. Just the post. I hate overly simplistic positive viewpoints. If you are going to post the positives ….please don’t forget the negatives. Cause people are the summarization of their total actions not just the good deeds they do in life. It is like focusing on OJ simpson’s football career and completely not looking at the fact he murdered his wife and her lover.

          • No problem Laffy. I try not to bear grudges on comment threads. It is a limited form of communication after all.

            Look, I never meant to convey that Rangers’ management has been without sin. My original post in response to Jack was meant as an answer to ‘what have they ever done’.

            Looking at the team that has been assembled overall, I think that the product they have put together argues for what they have accomplished. I might not be too fond of Quinn either, but, a few kids have actually developed while he has been coaching. Whether he should remain coach much longer is questionable, but we have seen progress in the team.

            I get it, fans are impatient. Being out of the playoffs does get old. But I think that they are positioned now to make quite a run, and that is why I have more faith in them.

        • Laffy’s got a point, but look at all the GOOD this GM is doing – especially the last 2 years. The good definitely outweighs the bad/mistakes…and this team will soon be the most exciting and promising team in the League.

      • Gorton was director of player personnel when Buchnevich and Igor were drafted. Gordie Clarke was of course there too. The OP was about “Ranger Management”.

          • Well Slats was around then and in charge, so that has to be factored in too. I have roundly criticized him in the past for those contracts. I have criticized some trades, some picks too. Again, the original poster had asked what had they ever done. I listed the positives as the good things they had done. I don’t understand why you cannot grasp that.

    • Brilliant analysis, Jack. Thanks for your input; your plan would absolutely solve all of the Rangers’ problems.

      Regards- orange

    • Unequivocally the most underrated comment all day! I read it 4 or 5 times throughout the day and still am laughing at it now.

  • Some thoughts now that the season is over

    1 -We are a last place team without Panarin. That’s because Mika ,Strome and CK are not winning hockey players. Particularly CK who is a 3rd liner at this point that gets deflections on the PP for a majority of his goals. Mika doesn’t battle hard enough for an elite or near elite player and Strome is like a vulture who picks at Panarin’s scraps.

    2- Players we should get rid of are CK, Strome, Howden,Hajek, Blackwell, Rooney, Bidetto, Chytil ( trade chip for elite C).

    3- Its time to end the David Quinn era in NY. Problem is who replaces him. Gallant goes with vets and doesnt like to play the kids. He is a very good coach though. The way to make sure he plays the kids is not to inject more 4th line vet scrubs like mentioned in point 2 above , into the roster.

    4- Have to call up Barron and Tarmo as well as Will Cuylie and Ronning get a nice long look at them over the next 9 games.

    5- Hopefully we get one more lucky roll of the lottery dice and finish in the top 3 so that we can draft one of Matt Veners, Matt Johnson or the Finnish center who’s name escapes me.

    Any way, these are some of my thoughts.

  • Hi all,

    It seems the last few GM’S Sather/Gorton love to get the big free agent. Jagr, Gaborik, Nash, Panarin. Here is the problem, Rangers never surround that player with support. We have too many players all the same role, nothing new.

    Cup winning teams have these key essentials: deep core of players all on the same page, solid defense, 3rd and 4th line grinders those players are quite important for any team that wants to win a cup. Goaltending is helping the team win a lot of games as well. The coach gets the best out of his players.

    Look at Sutter, Trotz, Quinnville: they all wanted so and so player, they communicate with the GM get the guys they want.

    Torts was a defense first coach, AV laid back playing the vets, hence why Graves was traded to colo, Quinn trying to win youth, notice no cup winning presence on this team. NYR are too soft, they need more muscle , a few big bodies that maybe won a cup could gear them in the right direction. Keenan wanted to win the cup that was his mission, he asked players to be traded, he is the only coach to win a cup with the Rangers for almost 60 yrs.

    So many point of all this conversation, why cant the coach speak to GM and tell them what they want and need? It seems Gorton loved to sign the free agent and put some pieces together, but cannot get over the next hurdle of putting a cup team together.

    Rangers are gambling $30 million with Trouba, Panarin and Kreider getting them the cup. If a team signs Panarin and only makes the playoffs 4/7 years he is there to win a cup is that worth it? Its took much of a risk, Rangers focus this summer trim the players that dont belong on this team, research a possible new head coach.

    Look at St Louis big ass team, look at the changes they won the cup, washington big ass team, essential trades happen won the cup. Also wtf is the whole idea of no C?

    Grit and hard nosed players get traded to contenders to cup contenders and they pay the dividends when the time comes. Yes we have speed before, but we need that size as well. Also, vet presence can help the youth, look at J Williams in Washington, a year later they win the cup. He made that impact on the team, Chicago when they won their cups, they kept their core together and then added to the pieces via free agency or trades but they remained the course.

    Of course the coach here makes the difference, he should tell the GM what he wants and needs. Why does Gorton/JD think Quinn is the coach to lead the youth? No a coach should come here wanting to the cup. Sorry to say this, Rangers are a p8ssy weak ass team. Rangers are not consistent and have not been in their wins/PP for the last 5 plus years. In 20 years if a team wins one cup they have somewhat a little success, but freaking 60 yrs one cup thats totally on the GM/Coach and their team mindset and what they want the team to be. Its a failure and will always be. Until they want to fix it.

  • Do I want Eichel? Yes. Mika is an outstanding center but better goal scorer than playmaker. Eichel will make Kakko, Laf and Krav better. If anyone doesn’t believe Eichel isn’t very close to a generational talent they’re so wrong. He was that good coming out of his draft year. Kakko and Laf have to go a long way to convince me they will be as good as Eichel. But I guess it’s possible.

    Buffalo was/is purgatory he’s been wanting out of there for a while. If I’m going to pay Mika $9 mil then I prefer Eichel. He’ll come at a steep price but we’ll get a nice return on Zib and all the young guys and future draft picks won’t play here anyway. Eichel = 1C and Chytil = 2C .

  • I keep seeing comments that the Rangers lack size. That is simply wrong. Most of the roster is a couple of inches over six feet. What they need is for their players, especially the youngsters, to play big, to use their size and strength.

    • It’s not the size we are concerned about it is general lack of toughness on the team… Ryan Callahan with his limited size managed to play bigger man’s game… This is serious concern that needs to be addressed ASAP…

  • Hey Al, I agree. They need their players, especially the youngsters, to start to assert themselves on the ice. Take the body, make strong moves to the net. They have the size to do it and need to play a stronger game. I was reacting to a few references to size that I have seen. But I do not disagree with you. That do need to be hard to play against and aggressive.

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