Lineup Changes

Rangers shake up lines with injuries and call ups

As expected, the Rangers have shaken up their lines and pairings following a few injuries and call ups.

The timetable on Ryan Lindgren is unknown, but it is expected that he would go back with Adam Fox when he returns. That would take Libor Hajek out of the lineup. If/when Jacob Trouba returns, he’d likely take Brendan Smith out of the lineup.

As for Chris Kreider’s injury, it’s assumed that Julien Gauthier, who finally got back into the lineup, would come out and the lines would shake up more. There’s not much to be upset about regarding these lines though.

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  • They’re saying day-to-day with Lindgren & Kreider, will be interesting to see what happens when the go back in the lineup.

  • Would drop Rooney, move Blackwell back, switch Barron to Center and keep Gauthier in … but that’s just me.

    • Sorry to say Peter aka tanto but Gauth is just to slow to be a regular. It’s no shame to him, there are plenty of career AHLer’s like him.

      • NotsoSavvy, you’re an imbecile Beavis. A twerp who doesn’t have the slightest clue how to behave among adults. A dullard who regularly pronounces his brilliance to howling laughter.

        Maybe if you somehow resisted lacing your comments with childishness you’d be able to discuss hockey on this blog. But instead you proclaim yourself the only person here who’s ever played the game (you’re not), I guess because you need to project a higher authority as cover for your insecurities, and for some reason need to insult instead of merely disagreeing. I don’t get it, are you that lonely that this is how you get attention?

    • I think you know that Rooney is not coming out of the lineup, nor should he, he’s one one of the few guys on the team that plays hard every shift, actually showed up to play against the Islanders and was probably the best forward on the ice for us.

      • Oh it has nothing to do with Rooney’s play … and he’s going to be here next year, but let’s find out about Barron, about Goat, etc. Drop Blackwell then as an alternative and use Rooney — just want to see Barron play Center for a few games.

        • I hear you and agree that Barron should get a shot at playing center, if not in his first game up at least the few to follow, I wouldn’t be opposed to sitting Blackwell a couple of games as he’s sought of hit a wall, I believe he may be nursing an injury.

          • Aye … I mean we know what we have in Blackwell and Rooney, no need to see more at this point if it interferes with evaluating the young kids. In fact I would let Kreider, Trouba and Lindgren rest as much as they need and a day more … I would try Kravs at Center while we’re at it. Put Chytil up on 2C as well. Not only do we get to “read” these guys better, we’ll be doing it against the teams we will need to beat out next season. Oh and let the kids start a few PPs off instead of getting the last 20 seconds.

          • All good points, no need to play anybody who is nursing an injury at this stage, but I would like to see Rooney and Smith stay in the lineup as they are while not ideal, really the only 2 players on the current roster who will stick up for their team mates, ie, the kids.

          • “no need to see more at this point if it interferes with evaluating the young kids.”

            It doesn’t of course, but I’m sure Seattle would like to see a little more of Gauthier.

            Incidentally it benefits Kravtsov and Kakko to actually play on a real team.

          • … and removing Blackwell or Rooney somehow makes them not real? I think you’re wrong Ray, these kids can take some heat … I say give it to them, let them rise up to the competition. It’s the kids who played best against the Islanders, not the vets.

          • I think they move Blackwell down when Kreider comes back. At that point you have
            Blackwell – Barron – Gautier as you had suggested. That’s a 4th line I could see doing some damage offensively. But can they do the physical 4th line role. Gaut hasn’t yet shown the disposition to play physical like a 4th liner needs to, but he has the size. Barron as well, and if he learns to us his size and play with an edge, it will serve him if he eventually makes it to 3C. I would love to see this line, maybe for a couple of games this year and to start next.

          • Just playing f–ing Lafreniere sort of makes it not a real team. And he spear-headed the loss.

            First rule of life should be “if something is going wrong, maybe it is your own fault”. It isn’t always your own fault of course, but if it isn’t you can’t fix it anyway. The vets are not performing. Well, DQ should be thinking what I am doing to cause this. and what he is doing to cause it is sacrificing the team to get playing time for children. Zibanejad and Buchnevich are transformed into babysitters.

            As to removing Blackwell and Rooney, there is such a thing as critical mass. The difference between a great team of 18 skaters and a positively awful one is precisely 18 skaters – and you get from one to the other by 18 discrete changes. The transformation of the team from good to not good comes at one of those 18 steps. So the idea that changing two skaters can’t matter is absurd.

          • What the hell is this antipathy you seem to harbor with the youngest prospects? Last year it was Kakko, now it’s Lafreniere (who is having a much better season this year than Kakko last year). Maybe we should start a pool on what rookie Ray will hate next season — what rookie on the Rangers is the worst player in the League and belongs in the AHL, or what rookie caused the Rangers to not make the playoffs.

          • Let’s not forget—according to Ray, Lafreniére has cost this version of the NY Rangers the Stanley Cup itself.

            Marc Staal? Any rational person knows he’s been a shadow of his early career for 5+ seasons now. But Ray wanted to spend assets to—wait for it—REACQUIRE STAAL AS A RENTAL.

            Igor Shesterkin hasn’t started 40 NHL games? No problem for Ray—he wants to sign him for $12 million annually because Shesty is—wait for it again—the best goalie of all-time already.

            1000+ words per post, and all dripping with psychosis.

          • In terms of value to the 2020-2021 Rangers, Lafreniere falls behind Howden. That is not an opinion – that is fact. The expectation is that lafreniere has the brighter future and frankly that is my expectation as well. One can argue that Laf actually played better than Howden if one wishes, but one cannot legitimately argue that he was more effective.

            What people here do is grade rookies on a curve. I want players to play according to merit and that is an unpopular viewpoint here.

          • Lafreniére—10 goals/8 assists/18 pts; 46.2 Corsi, -2 relative Corsi
            plus/minus: -5

            Howden—1 goal/5 assists/6 pts; 45.7 Corsi/-2.2 relative Corsi
            plus/minus: -2

            Look, Ray! You’re wrong once again! What a surprise. Anyone who thinks that Brett Howden is an effective player is probably watching basketball when hockey is on.

            I guess the game on the ice will never be as interesting as the one in your head.

          • #1 – Corsi is totally meaningless when it comes to helping the team. Arguably Corsi is a better predictor of the future than +/-, but it is an inferior assessor of the present. Here is reality.

            Howden was a reasonable PK player; Laf did not PK. Advantage Howden. Howden did not play on the PP; remarkably the Rangers were outscored on theor own PP during the hour Laf was on the ice. Advantage Howden. ES +/- was pretty close to the same. More points were scored when Laf was on the ice for both sides so we can discard the scoring numbers. Of course, one must weight plus minus by usage, but I think on average Howden faced tougher opposition and had weaker teammates. I don’t see how one can give Laf anything better than a draw at even strength.

  • 5 games left plus 6 preseason games in Sept. to see what the new guys bring to the table. CK JT & RL should be shut down for the rest of the season. No need for JT to play coming off the concussion. CK is invisible most nights so wont miss him. Ryan plays hard every night . He’s bang up. He has already proven himself the last two years. Let’s see what you got in the new guys. FO and coaching staff will mess this up too. Miss management on this wont surprise me.

  • I would love to see Gauthier on the power play with that big body in front of the net to replace Kreider. It would give him a good look and maybe give him some confidence. Not sure why they are keeping Blackwell on the 3rd line.

  • I am a little rain man-ish and talk about the same thing over and over. With that said, I’d like to see a few games of Barron centering Gettinger and The Goat. I think TG’s chances of being an NHLer are slime–especially with the Rangers, but he’s had a great season in Hartford, scoring and not taking dumb penalties. At this point it can’t hurt to see him in a few games.

    • In the cap friendly exdraft I grabbed Gettinger because he has the size, the skating and the skill to play up and down the lineup for an expansion team.

      My problem is that on 1st pass I’m basically $9mm off the floor; really a fixable issue. Easiest way to fix that is take lousy contracts for long dated (5 years out) draft picks.

    • The Rangers will protect exactly one player from the list: Howden, Gauthier, Blackwell, Rooney, Gettinger, Ronning, DeAngelo and Seattle will choose from the remaining six (the other 11 choices are clear mistakes).

      Like it or not, i suspect the Rangers protect Howden and Seattle avoids DeAngelo. How much information do we want to give them? The less the kids play, the more likely they will grab Blackwell or Rooney.

      I agree that Gettinger made great strides this year (as did Ronning). Unfortunately, it may be key that half their games were against a very bad team.

  • OMG. An actual fourth line that might be good. And Kravtsov on the second line. Only took injuries and 50 plus games for Quinn to figure this out. Better late than never.

  • Enough already! Just play the kids and lets see what we have! Barren as a center should have been up a lot sooner after exceling all year with the Wolfpack. I hope he tears it up in the few games remaining!

  • Rangers has issue on center position at 3, 4 line. Gorton recalled Barron from Ahl and collage coach put this kid on wing. Yeah it’s obvious!

  • No matter how the Rangers shake up the lines the soft mix is still the same. With few players that can play with a hard physical edge they will get smothered by the Islanders and pushed around the ice tonight. Trotz has players that are hard on the scorers and it works.

  • The rangers usually get out hit and manhandled by bigger and more physical teams. This has been their demise for the past couple of decades. To many finesse players that lack size and grit. Even some of their bigger players play small)The bigger more physical and talented teams, (Islanders, Bruins, Capitals, Tampa Bay, ETC) go on in the play-offs. I think management is beginning to realize there must be more of a balance of speed, skill, grit and attitude.
    RANGERS ARE TO SOFT OVERALL, get outhit, shutdown and sometimes injured. Also allow to much physical abuse with little or no retaliation.
    Excluding skill,
    1-10 rate for grit, toughness, and attitude(a little bit of a mean streak)

    Morgan Barron 6′ 4″ 220 lbs– UNPROVEN
    Colin Blackwell 5′ 9″ 190 lbs – 5
    Filip Chytil 6’2″ 206 lbs – 3
    Brett Howden 6′ 3″ 197 lbs – 5
    Kevin Rooney 6′ 2″ 190 lbs – 7
    Ryan Strome 6′ 1″ 193 lbs- 6
    Mika Zibanejad 6′ 2″ 208 lbs – 3
    Phillip Di Giuseppe 6′ 0″193 lbs – 6
    Chris Kreider 6′ 3″ 217 lbs – 7
    Alexis Lafrenière 6′ 2″ 193 lbs- UNPROVEN
    Artemi Panarin 5′ 11″170 lbs – 3
    Pavel Buchnevich 6′ 3″ 197 lbs- 6
    Julien Gauthier 6′ 4″ 227 lbs – 5
    Kaapo Kakko24 20 6′ 3″ 199 lbs – 5
    Vitali Kravtsov74 21 6′ 4″ 183 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Anthony Bitetto 6′ 1″ 210 lbs – 7
    Adam Fox 5′ 11″ 181 lbs – 5
    Libor Hajek 6′ 2″ 203 lbs – 4
    Jack Johnson 6′ 1″ 227 lbs- 7
    Zachary Jones 5′ 11″ 185 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Ryan Lindgren 6′ 0″ 191 lbs – 8
    K’Andre Miller 6′ 5″ 210 lbs- 4
    Tarmo Reunanen 6′ 0″ 185 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Braden Schneider 6′ 2″ 202 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Brendan Smith 6 ” 2″ 200 lbs – 9
    Jacob Trouba 6′ 3″ 209 lbs- 8
    You will never win a cup with just a skilled soft unbalanced team that lacks toughness, grit and attitude!

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