Injury Update: Jacob Trouba day-to-day

It looks like the Rangers may have dodged another bullet. Jacob Trouba is day-to-day with a lower body injury, with an update that he will not play tomorrow.

With so few games left in the season, day-to-day could also mean the rest of the year, but it’s unlikely. My guess is he will miss the back-to-back against the Flyers, and then be back for Sunday’s game.

While it is suggested that Zac Jones will get into the lineup, that would require someone moving from LD to RD. Given where the Rangers stand right now, letting the kids play would be the best bet. But don’t tell that to the powerplay combos.

This one I still don’t get. At least the Trouba injury update was good.

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    • It was a clean hit … a hit quite like those Trouba has been delivering all year long … and yet no one ever went after him. The only difference here is that it caught him in a bad spot and he’s hurting. I’m not sure this merited a response — otherwise players would be “responding” all game long, game after game.

      I’m all for responding after a teammate gets hit, but the hit should at least be “questionable”, even if the hit only appears to be questionable at first blush.

      • So was it clean or not? You seem to say both. I thought it was a clean hit

        “I’m not sure this merited a response” Just because the hit was clean does not mean it did not require a response. Standing up for your teammate is never wrong

        Trouba plays defense, Martin plays offense. There is no way Trouba delivered hits like that all season. I am sure you understand the difference

        • Oh Lord, c’mon. I clearly stated “It was a clean hit”.

          I said I wasn’t sure it merited a response because clean hits are delivered all the time. Shall we ALWAYS respond to every clean hit? Or shall we always respond to every clean hit that may have caused an injury? Standing up for a teammate is never wrong? No, it can be wrong — if it’s a clean hit and you respond by getting a penalty and giving the other team a PP, it may very well be wrong.

          One guy plays offense, the other defense … so what? Hard clean hits are delivered by both — if you’re going to nitpick the statement and say the “like this” isn’t the same because he was a defenseman by the boards and the forward came in and checked him against the backboard, well yeah … Trouba will always be a defenseman and not a forward. lol You watch the games, right?

          • you might want ro reread your second part of your post where you were debating clean and questionable. To me that was clear how you expressed it

            Now to the second part the difference between hits defense versus offense. You might have noticed that Martin had few seconds and about 30 feeet to accelerate before hitting Trouba, that almost ever happens with defensman hits. The hit was legal by the rules. But when you have 220 lbs with acceleration hitting you to the boards the impact could be devastating. I do not care if this hit was legal or not. The intent was to injure the player. When the teammates do not retaliate shows not only weakness but lock of comradely. With all criticism I have had for Trouba and your praise had for him I would doubt he would not retaliate for his teammate.

            Never seen such a poor response. They should have just thrown a white towel. Would have been better than what they did.

            You might see it differently but that how the game should be played.

          • I said “I’m all for responding after a teammate gets hit, but the hit should at least be “questionable”, even if the hit only appears to be questionable at first blush.”

            This is a general statement of principle, it wasn’t specific at all — I don’t know how it could be clear to you that it was referencing the hit on Trouba.

      • Lets turn the other cheek Rangers…is that you AV?

        Isn’t it ironic that all the good teams in the NHL will punch you in the face for clean hits…because sometimes clean hits need to be address…when a 4th line player takes out your top d man and everyone skates away…the other team knows they can do whatever they want whenever they want.

    • And who was that sacrificial lamb going to be we don’t have anyone with a game like that unfortunately but I would love to have seen someone knock the shit out of Martin

  • Great to hear Jones was on PP — he was great in that role at the World Juniors. But don’t understand him switching with Laffy. What would Laffy be doing on the point????

  • Regardless of Trouba back or not, Jones in or out, one thing’s for sure. Bitetto should not dress for even one more game this season.

  • I am just glad Trobs didn’t suffered a concussion. Jacob has played good hockey here down the stretch. Also he has shown some leadership.Trouba should be the captain of this Ranger club.

  • Rangers need an enforcer/body guard to fend off and protect stars and rookies. Right now they really don’t have that rugged player who can step in when necessary. The Rangers are exposed right now.

  • Did you guys even watch the game?
    Earlier in the game Trouba threw 2 big hits, it’s called HOCKEY…Were any of you around in the 70’s, 80’s..big difference between a Cheap Shot or a clean check, just because Trouba got a stinger dont mean it was a dirty hit, unlike when you hit a guy in the corner and step on his ankle and break it ON PURPOSE…let’s see how many puck up on the reference

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