Brett Howden out for rest of season with broken foot

Brett Howden will be out for the rest of the season with a broken foot. The injury opens up a spot for Morgan Barron, who was just recalled this morning.

Howden joins Chris Kreider, Jacob Trouba, and Ryan Lindgren on the walking wounded squad. We do know Howden will be out for the rest of the season. It is unknown whether the other trio will be as well.

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  • Ouch. I hope that it is a simple fracture with minimal treatment and that he heals quickly. At his age he should.

  • Might be the only way that PDG, Julien or now Barron possibly break into the lineup. Hope he recovers without any problem.

    On the defensive side, I do not want to see Bitetto again.

  • I wish Howden a speedy recovery and then good luck as he will leave to join his new team during the off-season.

  • Now you know why Barron was called up. DQ’s forgotten son fractured his foot.
    I do hope he heals fast,don’t like anyone hurt.
    But goodbye Rangers! Hello Kraken!

  • The only way to get him out of the lineup, aside from Covid. Wish him a speedy recovery, he did NOT play badly last night. My biggest problem with Howden is that he isn’t the right player for where he plays in the lineup. He wasn’t brought in via trade to be a somewhat pesky 4th line Center who can’t produce offensively, he was brought in to be a 2/3C with a little pop to his game — clearly that hasn’t materialized. So yeah, when it comes time this offseason to make some changes I would want to see him upgraded, more from a stylistic point of view than anything else.

    If the rest of the way is really about development, then we’ll see Kakko or Kravs at 2RW/3LW … or maybe even flip one of them with Buch; we’ll also see Gauthier playing and playing a lot (at least 13 minutes).

    I know most everyone here has given up on this team as constituted, but I’m still going to be looking for how hard and well they play these last 5 games against quality opponents. A few fans here will dismiss some gutsy and hardnosed play because they’re out of it, but I still think it can indicate whether we can move forward with most of this team intact. We have the size to play that game, now the question is whether they have the willingness to do so.

    • Team might now be a little bigger however they still play soft. Miller is big but plays small. Doesn’t play with snarl . No grit Rangers. Will never beat Caps , Cains , Isles etc if they don’t hit anyone . Not a heavy team. That’s what wins in the playoffs. Tampa had to figure that out and made changes that’s why they won. Rangers are not tough to play against. The Rangers are a easy game for bigger heavier teams. That’s the truth.

      • I’ve seen Miller play with some snarl, I’ve seen him play like a pussy cat waving his stick … the issue isn’t whether they can play with some snarl, it’s whether they can do it consistently and on command — and clearly that hasn’t been the case.

        We can’t change the whole team, we need small tweaks … we could change the coach, a bigger tweak.

      • You don’t need a lot of sharp, just enough. A couple of guys ti lead the way and take the heavy pounding. Then the size you have can work, if everyone else hits SOME. I’m thinking that’s what Schneider and Cuylle are for, but they’re probably a year or 2 away at best. I think Laffy will join the fray once he grows and gets another year or 2 under his belt.

  • 49 points in 178 nhl games, minus 29.

    I have seen enough of him to know he should never play another game for the Rangers.

    With all the talent and limited space…this guy has no business ever dressing again.

    • Those numbers are inflated somewhat because of the good start he had first year … that said he played a lot of those games when he should have been developing and honing his skills in the AHL. They really did the kid a disservice by not sending him down when he was still waiver exempt.

  • B Howden should crack Kraken! Let him shine over there, tears coming down…. oh gush, this is harsh

  • No Eichel. I wonder if they could get Barkov from Florida? I hear his name a lot but would guess it is click bait and imagination. If I were FL, no way I trade him. I’d offer a trade package centered around Mika for him in a heartbeat. I love Mika but Barkov is younger and his numbers at 24 are better than Mika’s were. Mika, Jones, Chytil (I hate to trade Phil!) and one or two throw ins such as ADA, Holden, Skinner or the 4th from LA for Barkov, Bennett’s RFA rights and Marchment? Or something similar?

    • We need a Center so every name gets tossed around. I still haven’t heard anyone give me a good reason why Florida would want to trade Barkov … or a reason why Barkov would want to leave now that they have a coach that has them playing well.

      I would move Strome, promote Chytil, try Barron and go out and get a good 2/3C that can win faceoffs. In the alternative, go after a young prospect Center, a good one, we have prospects to spare … like Jones.

      • Reason I’ve been seeing for trading barkov is money. They don’t think they can afford him when his contract is up.

    • Why do people keep suggesting Bennet?

      He doesn’t put up points. Not good defensively. Only of modest size at 6’1 195, under 48% career on. Fsceoffs and doesn’t take many. He’s barely an upgrade on howden

      • Agreed, Bennett mostly sucks. Has been an NHL disappointment overall despite some good play in the playoffs.

      • Just saw that Bennett’s going nuts in Florida right now, if he has a good playoff on top of this recent activity, I would think Florida is gonna re-sign him. He’s got 5 goals/6 assists in 8 games so far with the Panthers.

      • say what you want about Bennett, but he can throw with both hands, check YT for his fight vs. Trouba from a few years back, i think both of them were bloodied up.

  • Disappointed for him for sure. It isn’t his problem that Quinn keeps him the lineup, so no feelings of joy over this. I hope he heals quickly. Young players, who are not a top-6 fwd, can have their careers derailed by small injuries like this.

    But the silver lining is we get to see Barron. My guess is Quinn tries him at wing because… you know … trying him at center would be an obvious thing to do. Quinn likes to think outside the box when it comes to doing basic things with his players and lineups. Like moving the lefty Buch to PP1 last night and then NOT having him on the right side hash mark for one-timers opposite Panarin and Zib. Brilliant idea that no one saw coming because it’s an obviously STUPID thing to do.

  • I cannot be happy that any player is hurt but Howdens injury will open the door to allow some call ups to show their stuff. I hope that Howden recovers fully, wish him well, but hope that he is chosen by Seattle. His stats are absolutely miserable.

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