NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: April 12, 2021

Last Week’s Results: W 8-4 vs PIT, L 5-2 vs PIT, W 4-1 @ NYI, OTL 3-2 @ NYI
Season Record: 19-16-6 (5th in East Division)
Schedule This Week: 4/13 @ NJD, 4/15 vs NJD, 4/17 vs NJD, 4/18 @ NJD
Last Poll’s Results: 7.0  (136 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • somebody tell Quinn to do the right thing and play the kids more….

    barron-blackwell-ronning whatevs

    we already know the D…. ha

  • It’s tempting after last night’s performance by the kids (all of them, except Howden of course) to bump up the grade one notch.

  • Unclear why we approach the deadline and are not willing to add another player, namely a center. Looks like we are 4 points out of a playoff spot. The front office has already given up this season. Move some of your golden draft picks and get some needed help.

    DQ is now doing a very good job getting the kids time.

  • I gave my answer. But I guess that could change if something weird (or great) happens today.

    Just get us a center and don’t destroy the youth movement. I would be very happy if not much happens with the NYR today.

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