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BSB realistic trade deadline proposals

With the trade deadline tomorrow, Brandon Cohen thought it would be fun for the group to throw out some realistic trade deadline propsals that we can see happening. Here’s a few that were suggested (that haven’t happened yet) be sure to comment with some that you see happening!

Dave – The Rangers trade Brendan Smith (50% of retained) to Arizona for a 2022 4th round pick.

Tyler – The Red wings trade Marc Staal (50% of retained) to the flyers for a 2021 4th.  Our old friends Marc Staal and Alain Vigenault get reunited.

The Suit – Less of a prognostication, but Jake Debrusk is an interesting one. He’s an underperforming 24 year old who was drafted 14th overall by the Bruins. If he’s moved, it could be an interesting benchmark for the Rangers if some of their young players end up getting traded down the road.

Conall – The Rangers trade Brandon Smith (50% retained) to Winnipeg for a 2021 4th and a conditional 2022 6th (if Winnipeg makes conference final).  Also I would be shocked if Taylor hall doesn’t end up in Florida.

*Side Note Brandon went full Jonah Hill in moneyball here. I asked for 1-2 he gave me 10.

  • Brett Howden to the Red Wings for a 2022 4th round pick
  • Brendan Smith at 50% retained to the Penguins for a 2021 4th round pick
  • Taylor Hall (loser) to FLA for 2 2nd round picks and a prospect (who isn’t actually good)
  • Miles Wood to BOS for Jake DeBrusk and a 2nd round pick
  • Marc Staal to PHI 50% retained for a 4th round pick
  • Luke Glendening to EDM for a 2nd round pick
  • Mikael Granlund to TOR for a 2nd and Kerfoot
  • Chris Tierney to VGK for a 2nd
  • Bernier to TBL for a 3rd and a 4th
  • Rittich to COL for a 3rd and a 4th

So what are yours guys thoughts? Who do you have being moved? What are your trade deadline proposals?

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  • Howden needs to go elsewhere. Why Quinn keeps such an unproductive player in the lineup is a great mystery.
    Right now I would guess Julien Gauthier is unfortunately the odd man out. Whether he was given a fair shot here is an unanswered question. As for Smith, I say he stays. He is the only one that stands tall when the going gets rough.

      • I EVEN THE GAMES and I can see Howden is terrible. No fancy stats needed to see he’s not good.

        • YOU EVEN THE GAMES too? I thought I was the only one.

          And Brett Howden is terrible. Eye test, fancy stats test, regular production numbers = AHL player. I’ve never seen a player with his good size and above-average skating ability be so weak on their skates. He’s weak on the puck too.

          • Your favorite GM does not agree with you. He loved him to trade for him. Continue to support 5e coach with his decisions. But look at the bright side he traded Miller in that trade

          • Coach didn’t trade anybody. Adding Miller was all Gorton. He tried to trade Zucc in this trade but Tampa insisted on Miller and trade was made with about 5 minutes to go in the trade deadline.

  • I’d maybe like to see the Rangers involved in a 3 team deal similar to what Detroit did. Trade Smith at 50% retained which opens up cap space for another team to pay dearly for just like Tampa did with Yzerman.

    But nothing will happen tomorrow since this organization is still delusional about the playoffs.

    • I hope none of them are delusional about the play offs, not happening. I see no need to trade anyone. I believe Smith’s salary is gone end of season anyway. He’s not That bad. And as long as DQ is coach Howden is going nowhere and will continue to take ice time from the youngsters who need it more.

    • When it comes to guys like Smith and PDG I don’t think it’s delusion as much as it is the market right now.

  • Stupid get rid of maybe the only player on the team that can handle and give out punishing hits.makes no sense

  • FYI you can’t make a trade anymore which has a condition to it. IE: you get a 4th pick if we get to the semi finals. That ended 2 years ago.

    • I don’t know where you got that info from JR, but that is definitely not the case, there have been a couple of trades in the past few days that contained just such conditions, the Kyle Palmieri trade being one and the Riley Nash trade being the other.

  • The problem is that the Rangers would have to retain more cap in trading ADA than just dumping him during the offseason.

    Unless some team is desperate for a deal. But without playing for so long, the trade time has probably passed.

      • it shouldn’t. They should not be buyers, not right now, IMO.

        Pick up Vatanen for nothing. And trade Howden for a bag of pucks.

        • No question that Quinn wants to win and I believe that he wants this team to win as many games as possible, and I don’t agree with that however, we should be playing for next season

        • Howden is actually a fairly reasonable fifteenth forward – and with injuries that is something you need. The problem is the idea that he needs to play when three guys are not down.

          • Howden sucks, should not be on the Rangers and probably in the NHL.

            Any doubts, just watch Kakko, Lafren, andf Krav, vs Howden. Howden had a golden opportunity in the first period with the usual result for him. And Beauvillier made him look like a fool at the other end.

            He doesn’t belong on the team. Period. And yet, he plays and Gaut does not. Idiot coach.

  • I think Brandon has the most interesting trade proposals, but I’m not seeing Howden going to Detroit …

    Dave, AZ shouldn’t bother … they are so thin with draft choices I just don’t see it, unless it involves a youngish prospect like Gauthier, or even Howden — both projects but at least able to play in the NHL (although some will debate whether Howden can actually play in the NHL lol).

    It’s interesting to see that no one took a crack at suggesting Blackwell would be traded … or Gauthier.

    • I think that Gaut will go.

      Blackwell SHOULD be a sell high guy, but the Rangers want to make the playoffs, at the expense of the kids’ playing time.

      • I think it comes down to whether they plan on exposing Gauthier or not. If they do then they may try to recoup something. But Quinn demolished his value by sitting him over people who shouldn’t have played.

        • Agreed. They took a young player with some talent and destroyed him. I’m not saying Gaut would have been a star, but they never gave him a chance.

          A recurring theme for a team that supposedly emphasizes young player development. From what I can see, they suck at it.

          • To be fair, Gauthier played 2+ seasons in the AHL when he was in the Carolina organization and never got a sniff in the NHL. They then traded him for a defenseman drafted in round 3 who is probably less than an even shot to make it and they were already well stocked at defense. IOW, Carolina didn’t see anything there. This is hardly a Ranger failure.

            sure, he’s better than Howden or Lafreniere and may develop into a Rooney-level player, but he is not a big story.

      • This is the moment I wish I was a fly on the wall in JG’s office, just to see what the REAL options are. It’s tough to judge a GM without knowing what the lay of the land really is, so we’re forced to make a whole lot of assumptions that may or may not be true.

        • They’re not going to shake it up for this trade deadline. They will shop Gaut, ADA, and bit pieces, just to get rid of dead weight.

          But the offseason? Buckle up.

          • Again, we have no clue as to what the trade market really is for some of these players … and who they plan on protecting, Gauthier or Blackwell … we do know DQ would prefer they protect Howden though. lol

  • Who would want Howden? Seattle maybe….Seattle will need to fill up the team, and Howden at lest is a relatively healthy player.

  • Smith traded for a 4th round pick. Rangers retaining 50% of contract.

    Gauthier traded for a 3rd and 5th round picks. He will haunt the Rangers for 15 years. And if he turns out better than Kravtsov, oh boy does Gorton need to answer to it. 😉

    PDG trade for a 4th or 5th round pick.

    DeAngelo traded for a 7th round pick and a conditional 3rd round pick. Rangers retaining 50% of contract.

  • DiAngelo or Smith -1/2 salary to
    Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Winnipeg, for a 2021 #3 or #4.

  • I forgot to add DeAngelo straight up for DeBrusk. (And Smith gets traded, too) Boston and their fans want him out. They’re in contention and want the talent. DeBrusk makes $4.8M and DeAngelo makes $5.8M, but the difference is not $1M since part of the season is over. But it opens a little space for the Rangers. DeBrusk’s father was a fighting machine ex-Ranger.

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