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Rangers outplayed again, don’t score on each shot in ugly loss to Penguins

Tonight marked periods 7, 8, and 9 in a row where the Rangers got smoked. That’s three straight games where the Rangers looked flat and uninspired. Yet they won two of them? Maybe this one was rock bottom though, as it had shades of Alain Vigneault’s Rangers. The Penguins completely outplayed the Rangers tonight and two nights ago. The fact the Rangers came away with a win the other night, let alone eight goals, is a borderline miracle.

We all know this game was a train wreck. So let’s focus on the positives:

  • Igor Shesterkin was very good again. This kid is going to be special. How spoiled are we with goaltending?
  • Adam Fox is going to win a Norris, or multiple Norris’. He’s the best defenseman we’ve seen here since Brian Leetch and Sergei Zubov.
  • I love Colin Blackwell. He’s polarizing only because of where the coach plays him. Dude plays his butt off every night and he’s getting rewarded. Love it.
  • Adam Fox is an elite defenseman.
  • Most of what has gone wrong the past three games is fixable with a simple refocus on the system that worked the last two months.
  • Adam Fox is very good.

Penguins 1, Rangers 0 – Bad angle

There’s not much else to say here other than what a bad angle by Libor Hajek here. Just terrible.

Rangers 1, Pens 1 – Powerplay triangles

Triangles triangles triangles. That was a powerplay triangle with Kaapo Kakko, Pavel Buchnevich, and Colin Blackwell. Notice that Blackwell took three steps in as soon as Kakko hit Buchnevich. That created a tighter triangle while getting to more open space, and Blackwell finished.

Pens 2, Rangers 1 – Failed clear, lucky bounce

This is what happens when you can’t clear the zone and get pinned. This time, Kris Letang’s pass went off Chris Kreider’s stick and past a moving Igor Shesterkin.

Pens 3, Rangers 1 – Triangles work against you too

A quick powerplay goal for the Penguins here. This time, they used their own powerplay triangle, isolating Ryan Lindgren on a give-and-go. The pass down low to Radim Zohorna forced Lindgren lower, opening up the pass back to Evan Rodrigues for the goal.

Pens 4, Rangers 1 – Horrible all around

Chris Kreider turnover at the offensive blue line. K’Andre Miller bad angle on the pass up the ice. Jacob Trouba backing into Shesterkin on the pass to Jason Zucker. This was horrible.

Pens 4, Rangers 2 – Adam Fox

Pavel Buchnevich with the great carry-in zone entry with speed, which forced the Penguins back. Then Adam Fox kept the streak alive by waiting out Tristan Jarry, then sliding a pass under him to the empty net. Kevin Rooney hit the empty net, unlike both Filip Chytil and Mika Zibanejad earlier.

Pens 5, Rangers 2 – Empty netter

Jankowski empty netter. Not much else here.

Shot Heatmap – U-G-L-Y

What the eff is this? And this is *better* than what it looked like after two periods.

Skater Results – How bad can it get?

This is AV type stuff.

This was by far the worst effort since the season opener. Just bad all around. The Rangers were outplayed by the Penguins from start to finish, much like last game. The difference was they didn’t score on every shot they took. No time to think it over, as they have the Isles tomorrow.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey and Natural Stat Trick.

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  • Question: What is a highly skilled team that doesn’t show up on a regular basis and has no structure?
    Answer: A team DQ’d from winning because of a college coach in over his head. I hope JD gets this right in the off-season.

    • Absolutely
      with this kind of talent and consistent inconsistancy of play
      you must look at the coach and his system

      • Sullivan outcoached Quinn with a system and a structure that shut down the Rangers offense most of the game. Quinn had no game plan, nor deployed a system strategy based to counter the other teams strength and weaknesses. Pittsburgh did.

        • Quinn never counters anything the other coaches do…his solution for everything is “we need to skate harder”.

  • Guy the team just got covid shots yesterday they shouldn’t even have played after getting it. This was very much expected. This game aside they did look better when Quinn wasn’t behind the bench. This team is still figuring out who they are young kids need to play and those are the growing pains. I can’t believe they let you write this trash

  • I am sure it will be blamed on vaccine shots. Did Schesterkin miss his shots?

    Have to credit DQ for moving Kravs to second line. He was the best forward in first. Did not watch the second and in third he barely played.

    Question for the experts here. When did the Rangers have the center last who won more than 50% faceoffs? Nobody comes to mind

  • Good summary don’t have much to add except I think it’s time Coach Quinn starts holding the veterans accountable for their lackluster and poor defensive play. Sometime in the pressbox perhaps so they can sort out their shit. This team is made up of players more concerned about padding their stats then they are in winning hockey games.

  • Either the Pens are the fastest team in the league, with the fastest sticks, or the Rangers were skating in mud. I never saw a team consistently enter the offensive zone at top speed, beating every Ranger dman to the outside or inside at will. Also Zib had his head up his a.. all game. Couldn’t win a face off,couldn’t put a puck into an empty net, couldn’t make a pass and was lazy on his clearing attempts. He should have been benched. Very disappointing.

    • reality is covid or not , it would have been really hard for him to repeat his 41 goal, 74 point season.

      • Mika in 2018-19
        30 goals 44 assists for 74 points
        Mika in 2019-20
        41 goals 34 assists for 75 points

        Yeah, your point about Zibby not repeating his success makes a lot of sense.

  • What you talking? Rangers lost two of their last three. You must be repressing the embarrassing performance vs buffalo last Saturday?

    anyway, into garbage time of the season, bring on the kids. And maybe give poor foxy a night or two off where he only plays like 20 minutes.

  • I watched Zac Jones … and it was an absolute pleasure. The kid definitely has an Adam Fox vibe to him, he was pretty great in UMass’ OT win in the semifinals. We’ll definitely have a problem on the Left side as well as the Right with Jones, Robertson, Miller and Lindgren.

    • Agree!! He is going to be special. Reminds me of Fox for sure with maybe a better stick even! Hockey sense off the scale–Rangers D corp in 2 years has foundation for best in business run for next 10 years.

  • We’re not making the play offs so give the youngsters as much ice time as possible so they’ll be more prepared for next season. If this team is coached properly it will be a real force in two years time. Unfortunately DQ is not the man.

    • Teams win Stanley Cups, not talent. If playing time is not decided on merit (and it is not on this team with a 19 yr old who belongs in hartford getting major minutes), you destroy morale. The veterans play for themselves of course. What else is there to play for? Some like Brendan Lemieux check out entirely and ask to be traded. Others just try part of the time.

      Last year the Ranger players had to babysit Kakko. He has evolved nicely, but seriously, do you think anyone could have screwed him up. This year it’s Lafreniere. He will also be good eventually, as he would have been if he had spent the year in hartford.

      Quinn is a bad coach, not because he won’t play the kids enough, but because he puts the kids before team morale.

  • Just a brutal game….so many Rangers were sleep-walking through this game, and how about Zibs??? Did Mika bet the Penguins last night? Several cross ice passes in Pitt zone that could have let to odd man rushes…failed to clear puck several times, one leading to a back- breaking goal…..Mika was putrid at best..on the other hand, the Rangers failed to score on virtually three open nets and hit a few posts….It was that kind of game, and as for DQ…..he cannot return next season….

  • This game makes the win on Tuesday meaningless. Inconsistency is the mantra for this team. Blame the vaccine if you want, but I blame the guy who is standing behind the bench.

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