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Rangers tighten up, Georgiev shuts down Isles

The bar was on the floor for the Rangers to play better, and they at least cleared that. The Rangers tightened up  defensively, and while they weren’t given much offensively, still managed to eke out that win. Alex Georgiev was solid in this one, righting the ship after a rough stretch for the young goalie as he shut down the Isles. This was a big win for the Rangers in their quest to stay in the playoff hunt.

The kid line came through tonight, with a big first goal to get things rolling. K’Andre Miller added the big insurance tally, and Georgiev was steady throughout. The big thing for Georgiev was he made the big saves when he needed to, something he wasn’t doing in the games leading up to his three week absence.

A few good things:

  • The kids. Play the kids.
  • Georgiev looked revitalized.
  • Defensively better – although neutral zone play still needs some work.
  • Dominated the third with a lead. Didn’t turtle.

Rangers 1, Isles 0 – Play the kids

The kids forced the turnover and then crashed the net. They had three legit chances, with Alexis Lafreniere burying it. Once the Rangers forced the turnover, the Isles were scrambling. Jordan Eberle was the closest man to the initial two shots. That’s always a recipe for a disaster.

Rangers 2, Isles 0 – Colin Blackwell should be on a Wheaties box

This was solid passing by Artemi Panarin and Ryan Strome to set this up. There’s no real breakdown by the Isles here, it’s just a broken play where Colin Blackwell found the puck first down low. He created his own luck by crashing the net.

Rangers 2, Isles 1 – Turnover and deflection

Ryan Lindgren was forced into a turnover by Jordan Eberle and Mat Barzal, with the latter kicking the puck out to Andy Greene at the point. Lindgren didn’t have any puck support, which was a factor in the turnover. Greene’s shot hit Vitali Kravtsov’s stick and over Alex Georgiev.

Rangers 3, Isles 1 – It’s Miller Time

This was a great shift. A ton of pressure, puck possession, and puck support. It was about 45 seconds of straight zone time. When that happens, and the Rangers move the puck the way they did, goals happen. Again not a breakdown by the Isles, but a great shift by the Rangers. Good to see K’Andre Miller get back on the board.

Rangers 4, Isles 1 – Alley oop

A little flip by Mika Zibanejad after a great defensive shift, and it went all the way into the empty net.

Shot Heatmap – Much better

The Isles aren’t the best offensive team, so this was a good game for the Rangers to get their stuff in order. They did just that, owning the third and doing a great job defensively throughout.

Skater Results – Overall solid

Remember the last three games where the Rangers were atrocious? This is a big turnaround for them. Again not perfect, but a step in the right direction. The Rangers were tight defensively, which helped their overall numbers out. It’s amazing what playing defense does.

For the Rangers to stay relevant, they needed this win. Now they need about 12 more, give or take. A defensive effort like this goes a long way, but I’d like to see them generate more offensive chances too. But defense is more important for the longer term success. I’ll take it. Having Georgiev shut down the Isles when they had chances was nice too.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey and Natural Stat Trick.

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  • When the Rangers focus on playing team defence they are a very good hockey team. The young guns get better each game. Its fun to watch.

  • “A defensive effort like this goes a long way, but I’d like to see them generate more offensive chances too. But defense is more important for the longer term success. I’ll take it.”

    They were playing the Isles, not the Flyers and their porous defense.

    • The Rangers won because they played north south hockey. Two of three goals scored from in front after working down low. That is how you beat tight defensive teams.You can freewheel against Philly, but not teams like Boston and the Islanders.Hope they can repeat this on Sunday.

  • Georgiev looks like a good #2 goalie. He does not seem to do well when he works too much. I think the whole Shesterkin absence would have gone differently if Kinkaid had started the first Sunday Georgiev did his back to back and got yanked.

    • Not true about Georgiev’s workload. He’s had success with a lot of work in the past, as any check of stats on his hockey reference page will attest.

      For example, Georgiev started six games in November 2019 alone, going 4-2 in that stretch. He followed that up with 8 starts in December, going 4-4 over that period. 14 starts, an 8-6 record, and a pretty decent job in nets for a mediocre hockey club. After Shesty’s car crash Georgiev had to start six more times in a month, going 3-3. That’s good performance from a #2 goalie on a bad team.

      In Feb 2019 Georgiev went 4-2 in six starts as well. Clearly a little work helps his game. As I said, there’s plenty of statistical evidence.

      • Basically, Georgiev is a win/lose goalie. Would like a # 2 goalie to be somewhat better then win/lose. Maybe, he will find his game, he has had success with more work in past. But, that means Shesty would not be in goal for long stretches, do not want to see that.

  • Trade GeorgSIEVE now while a tad of value. Guys been an isle killer somehow his whole career
    …. and bring back tony d

  • This is what I said on the other BSB before the game:

    We sucked last night, so a 5-1 win against the division leading Isles seems like it’s in the cards.
    Posted by Long Live Henrik on Apr 9, 2021 | 6:48 PM

  • It was a strong effort by the Rangers but it looks like Gautier is the now the odd man out….. but Howden still plays. Blackwell is looking like the next Ryan Callahan. The “true first line” of Panarin, Strome and Blackwell was terrific. Georgiev looks like he’s regained his confidence. Perhaps Benoit Allaire’s influence is helping. He’s the best. Can this team beat the Islanders again?

  • G is no Igor and strictly a backup that should have been moved when he was hot last season.

    • I wonder what you would have said if he were moved last season we Igor went down with what, at first, looked like a serious issue. I’m sure you would have been screaming the Rangers let him go for nothing. Lol. Monday morning QBing is easy. If he’d gone on to show the promise he looked like he could with another team you be screaming for Gortons head. If you were GM this team would suck.

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