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Heart inflammation ends Henrik Lundqvist’s comeback bid for this year

Henrik Lundqvist can’t catch a break, as inflammation in his heart has ended his comeback bid for this season.

Lundqvist, after being bought out by the Rangers, Lundqvist signed with the Caps, but never got to play due to a heart condition. He was on the ice as late as February, but obviously his health matters more.

Hopefully Lundqvist gets to 100% soon and is able to return to the ice. He has a lot of hockey left in him, and I think we’d all like to see him recovered and playing again.

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  • I know this may be an unpopular sentiment, but I really don’t want to see him play in any other NHL jersey … ever. Nothing but good wishes though for his health and a full recovery.

    • I agree, Tanto.
      At least he’s not playing for the Devils, Islanders or Flyers (which makes it a little more “bearable”).

  • Yep after a long and successfully hockey career Henrik Lundquist is going to hang up his skates. His heart isn’t in it anymore.

  • Really want to see Henrik healthy, come back, and retire on his own terms in a year or 2. After watching his interview with Weekes it’s clear he feels he has some unfinished business. Long live the King.

  • There may be doubts that Lundqvist with his heart issues can play NHL hockey again but you never know. In any case the Ranger team and the fans owe him much for the sizable contribution that he has made during his time in NY. We wish Hank the very best in his recovery. Whether he plays or coaches, he will stay close to the game that he loves.

    • Amen, dahlf.
      I think he’s been already offered a job in the Rangers’ organization (has he accepted it?) after he retires.

  • Leaving the NYR broke Henrik’s heart – I miss him & hope is recovery goes well – I certainly hope he will have a place in MSG and his flag will fly in the rafters

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