NY Rangers 2020 draft recap

After the longest draft ever conceived by man, the 2020 NHL Draft is finally over. The Rangers went into the draft with eleven picks in the draft. They would trade up twice, using three picks in the process. All in all, the Blueshirts made nine selections. Here’s a recap of the NY Rangers picks in the 2020 draft:

First Round

  • #1 overall: The Rangers selected Alexis Lafreniere. Duh.
  • #19 overall: The Rangers traded the #22 and the #72 picks to move up to #19. They selected defenseman Braden Schneider with the pick.

Second Round

Third Round

  • #92 overall: The Rangers originally had two picks in this round, but used one to move up in the first round. With this pick, the Rangers took forward Oliver Tarnstrom.

Fourth Round

Fifth Round

Sixth Round

Seventh Round

  • #197 overall: In what can only be viewed as poetic, the Rangers selected a Swedish goalie (Hugo Ollas) in the 7th round in the same year Henrik Lundqvist parted ways with the Blueshirts.

Over the next week or so, we will be breaking down each pick, giving full scouting reports. Usually we’d do this immediately, but we are getting right into free agency. It’s a busy time, but we will have those for you soon enough.

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  • Matt Rempe is a center, not a defenseman.

    I like Laf (duh) and the 5th rounders, but the rest of the draft is very meh. Very disappointed they picked Tarnstrom over Nybeck in the 3rd, Nybeck’s profile gives me Fleury/DeBrinkat/Goudreau vibe.

    • Schneider and Cuylle will be NHL players — not spectacular but they’ll do all the dirty work necessary to contend for a SC … and with all the Top 6 talent we have, that’s exactly what we’re going to need.

      • Exactly tanto.

        And don’t sleep on Vierling and Berard, 2 very good value picks in the 5th round.

      • Everywhere I read (other than here, Cuylle is a massive reach for a second rounder, and not at all a sure NHL player. ‘Ryan Gropp with worse skating’ – pretty damning. Schneider could have been the BPA on their board, and he will be an NHLer, even if for a few games. I am just afraid that Scheider over Lapierre is McIlrath over Tarasenko 2.0.

  • Still desperately need a 2C and top LD for the new season.
    Lundqvist for Turcotte would work. May have to add a sweetener but top RD’s are hard to come by. LA has a glut of Center prospects and have a need on the right side.

  • Best draft I can recall in my lifetime and I am 53.

    We got our future captain and cornerstone player.

    We picked the type of dman that helps win cups.

    We added a kid that will go through a wall for his teammates and score goals.

    Got two steals in the 5th round. Both will be good players.

    And even got a goalie who has nice upside.

    All in all, great draft and kudos to JG and JD.

  • Mostly North American players, no coincidence.

    While skill ultimately is needed, in the playoffs, it’s the rest of the cast that determines playoff success. It appears like the Rangers did take notice at the demolition that they experienced at the hands of the Canes.

    And if you look at the Isles, while they did not make the SCF, they went far, playing an “in your face” type of game, hounding their opponents all over the ice.

    Pretty goals win regular season games, but gritty, hard fought goals win playoff games. Aho, a spectacular player, talent wise, was always around the net, making an impact and paying dividends for his team. That’s playoff hockey. Same with Svetch, who has become one of the best players in the league.

  • From my vantage point, this was a very successful draft, especially the top three players. There was a common thread with the players drafted, they all seemed to be big, and have a mean ways about them. As far as a grade, overall A. Good job by management for getting the players they did, and keeping their word, we will be harder to play against soon.

    Now if only we can trade for Lundell, LOL, had to throw that in there!!!!!!!!!

    Getting a #2 pick from LA was terrific, almost highway robbery……….

  • The proof will be further down the road, but the draft choices by the Rangers look to be solid. With the kids they already have, and the terrific veterans they signed, their future is a bright one.

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