NY Rangers select Braden Schneider with 19th pick

The NY Rangers have selected Braden Schneider with the 19th overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. Given who was available, grabbing Schneider was surprising. Sounds like the Devils wanted him, so the Rangers swooped in.

Schneider is an interesting pick, in the sense that it’s odd the Rangers traded up for him. Noel Gunler, Connor Zary, Noel Gunler, and a few others we profiled here were still available.

Quick review: Strong, big, definitely a blue collar hitter. Not much offense, needs to work on his skating. The Rangers were thin on RD in the system, and Braden Schneider certainly addresses that. He’s not a Dylan McIlrath clone, which is important to note here. Much better and more developed, and nowhere near as much as a project.

Here’s some more on him. If he becomes 75% of Colton Parayko, that’s a win. The more I read up on him, the more I like it.

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    • Not sure I agree with the connection there. Don’t think this has anything to do with DeAngelo’s long-term future. Rangers were thin on RD aside from Lundkvist.

      Schneider is probably 2-3 years away at least. Don’t think his timeline impacts DeAngelo.

      That said, there are a ton of hockey reasons to dangle DeAngelo.

  • A Jeff Beukeboom type of defenseman? Nice! Unfortunately, looks like TDA’s days in blue are numbered and Trouba’s being put on notice…

  • Well someone in the organization must think really really really highly about Schneider. Last thing we needed was a right shot d’man. I get it, he’s tough, big and an impressive competitive banger …. but where does that leave us a couple of years down the line with Lundkvist, Fox and Trouba (assuming we move ADA)?

  • Yeah I don’t get it. I don’t see how this makes us better next year which is what I thought the second pick would be used for. Unless Lundkvist is part of a trade for something else. Very confused.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking/hoping this means another trade coming. As Tanto said above, we’re loaded on right d, though I hope we dont move Lundkvist. Still believe Strome will be moved.

      • Clerks37. NYR have 3 RD as of 1/1/21. Lundqvist not yet signed and neither is Schneider so don’t think they count yet. Tony D will get a 1/2 yr offer if at arbitration NYR can match. JG has done well so far and there is a lot of hockey to be played before 21/22 season. Any number of pieces can be gone by then. And free agency is coming. Patience

  • The buffoons over on the other BSB hate this pick which of course means it’s a good one. I for one am happy with this pick. The kid is a great skater , takes the body and can score too. Probably a #3 that will score 30+points for the next 10 years

    • I agree, didn’t expect the pick because I thought they would go with a Center or LD, but stylistically this kid fits our needs like a glove. That said it makes me wonder about the “plan” given we’re 4RD deep (figuring Lundkvist will be ready either this season or next).

    • is the charge led by Mr. Know it all Adam Herman? Czech- Gorton and JD have a plan, They have been speaking to MTL….They will get a center man. I was surprised by the pick and figured they would stay at 22 and select Zary or maybe Gunler, but they more I read up on this prospect, he could fill a very big down the line. Rangers have to be a harder team to play against, too many games, teams had no problem just skating into the zone without any physical opposition when entering.

  • ANOTHER BONEHEAD MOVE AT THE DRAFT AGAIN. This makes no sense at all. How could we not take a center or left defenseman and give a pick away to trade up for a guy who isn’t even a 1st rounder. This is a JOKE!

    • Clearly you have no faith in JG and JD. I don’t know what the plan is, but I’m sure they have one. The kid is good, it isn’t like they reached and grabbed some questionable kid.

    • I looked at the wrong player so I was wrong that he wasn’t ranked in the 1st round. However, this was still a mistake! 1st J.D. said they would take the best player available and there is no way he is better than the centers we passed on. Also we needed a center or left D.man more than a right shot one. In a few years we will regret this pick and many people are already saying this was a mistake by the Rangers.

      • Considering he’s an RD, in the scouting staffs mind he was the best player. Picking a center would have been easy, same for an LD. Clearly they didn’t pick for position or NEED.

  • It will be a while before we see Schneider as a regular in the Ranger lineup. It takes defencemen longer to develop. I like this pick though, Schneider has some size and not afraid to step into players. Not a offensive dynamo but he has a really good skill set and hockey sense. A solid pick by Mr. Gorton.

  • An interesting pick, but I don’t know much about him. They can use a big guy, no doubt. But, he is young and defensemen take a while to get ready for the NHL. We might not see him with the big club for a couple of years.

    • Yeah, most of us dont really know much about him, Peter. Gotta think management wasn’t sold on any of the available centers being good enough any time soon, so the plan is to trade for someone who is nhl ready at that position. And who knows, maybe down the road it’ll turn out we landed a shut-down d-man in Schneider, can never hurt to have some depth on d.

  • An exceptiomal pick…you take the best available and he was best of what was left.

    Right handed dmen hold some of the best value as players.

    You don’t draft for need…you take best available

  • Looking forward to Robertson and Schneider smashing guys into the boards for years to come in ranger blue.

    • DM was hot garbage who couldn’t skate. This kid can move and his offensive game is coming along nicely. Will never reach 40 points but should be an 8-10 goal 20-25 assist guy. Probably a really good second pair dman.

  • I am ecstatic in the Rangers picking Schneider. He is a Barry Beck/ Jeff Beukeboom type defensemen. Will clear the crease and punish opposing players coming into the zone. He can fight when need be. To be a good contender you need big defensemen that can be physical. Look at Tampa Bay’s defense. Rangers are still a few years away from being a serious contender. JD and JG know what is needed and lets have confidence in them. I think we should give Filip Chytil a change to be the second line center, centering for Kakko and Lafreniere. We need to allow these kids play and get better. In addition, we recently signed Morgan Barron, a center. If he is ready, he can be the third line center. Brett Howden will be our fourth line center. T.D. is a liability on the defensive side of his game. Fox and Trouba can provide the offensive as the point man on the power play.

    • I thought so to, but I read his D strength is more stopping the rush, but he has the size and loves to hit so hopefully clearing the net will develop.

  • On MSG’s draft special, they said LaFreniere maybe tried at center since he is always there during the game anyway and is good at face offs

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