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Going into this off-season, the Rangers had 5 key RFA’s that needed new deals: Kevin Hayes, Brady Skjei, Ryan Spooner, Vlad Namestnikov and Jimmy Vesey.  There was an expectation that one or more of these guys would be traded, either at the Draft or after the free agency dust settled.  Turns out, that didn’t happen.  All have since re-signed with the Rangers.  As Dave pointed out yesterday, the Erik Karlsson trade (non-trade?) has held up a lot of market movement, but at this point, I think it’s relatively safe to say these guys will likely be in the starting lineup on October 4th.

While we obviously were not privy to how the contract negotiations played out, or what types of different deals were floated, the actual contracts can shed some light on the organization’s long-term vision and how these guys fit into the team’s plan.  Read More→

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In case you missed it, the Rangers re-signed center Kevin Hayes to a one-year deal at $5.125 million. The deal will bring him directly to his first UFA season at age 27. As per usual, there are some thoughts.

1. I am both surprised and not surprised that the Rangers couldn’t get a long term deal done with Hayes. I’m surprised because I thought that after the Brady Skjei deal, the Blueshirts would prefer to go to long-term deals. However I am not surprised because Larry Brooks not only mentioned it, but Hayes’ name was in trade talks all summer long. I think we can thank the John Tavares sweepstakes –and possibly the lack of an Erik Karlsson trade– for the Hayes situation right now.

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The Rangers and center Kevin Hayes have agreed on a one-year deal at $5.125 million, per Elliotte Friedman. Rumors broke yesterday that the Rangers were not going to get a long-term deal done with their 2C, and this shows just that. Hayes will continue to be the 2C, but now he is likely just a warm body until Filip Chytil or Lias Andersson are ready.

I’m not a big fan of the deal, mostly because I think Hayes is under appreciated and he is a solid 2C. However I do understand the need to create roster spots for more elite talent. At this rate, I expect Hayes to be a deadline rental somewhere.

Just my spitballing here, but I’m guessing the Rangers wanted to trade him, but couldn’t get to a deal.

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On Prudence and Patience

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Kevin Hayes, zen master.

New York City is about to combat its first heat wave of 2018 as NHL free agency begins this weekend.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Rangers will be involved, though perhaps not in the traditional sense of doling out multi-year contracts to players in their late-twenties.

Reports are beginning to surface that Jeff Gorton is active in the trade market and that nearly every current roster player is available.  Larry Brooks has reported on scenarios ranging from a Hayes-or-Zibanejad choice, to today’s mini bombshell that Gorton is exploring the possibility of taking on a bad contract to help anyone but the Islanders sign John Tavares. There are also rumblings that Justin Faulk and the remaining two years on his contract could be available in a trade from the Hurricanes. Read More→

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It’s Draft day!

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Happy Draft Day, BSB faithful! After a long and arduous run since the announcement of the re-build/tool/et al, all eyes are on the NHL Draft.  This is the first year in a long, long time that the decisions made by the organization will have such a profound effect on the future of the team.  Sure, we have all cared about the selections made in the past, but most of the focus was on trades and improving the team to contend for the Cup.  There are several layers that make this particular Draft one of the most intriguing events in recent years.  Let’s take a look at what is at stake this evening…

First, one of the deepest Drafts we have seen in a while happens to coincide with a surprisingly public declaration of rebuilding by the organization.  A frustrated fan base watched with baited breath as rental players and franchise cornerstones alike were sold off for futures in anticipation of this event.  The Rangers own three first round picks this year and five in the top 48.  They have fresh new assets from which to deal and a ton of cap space, to boot.  There are endless options and while the organization has made it clear a change was necessary, we don’t have a great idea of how that will manifest itself. Read More→

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The smoke surrounding Kevin Hayes

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As the Rangers retool continues, a name that has been brought up a lot recently is Kevin Hayes. Hayes was first mentioned by Larry Brooks mentioned him over the weekend, stating that Hayes would likely be involved in any big move the Rangers make heading into the draft. Then Josh Marshall noted that Hayes is on the Calgary Flames’ radar.

In terms of Hayes’ availability, it makes sense. He’s the most desirable of the three big RFA centers the Rangers have this summer. He’s also someone who could get a good haul. The kicker is that Jeff Gorton has said he’s not done making moves, hinting that moves involving players on the roster before the deadline will be made.

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Last night, Rangers fans were treated to the final “It’s a power play goal!” call by Sam Rosen of the season, as the MSG broadcast signed off for 2017-18.  Game 82 on Saturday in Philadelphia will be broadcast by NBC.  Even though this season’s fate was sealed long ago, and no one will miss this particular version of the Rangers, the end of a hockey season is always a tad upsetting.

The Rangers couldn’t muster much against the Islanders and were swept by their intra-city rivals this season (0-3-1, -10 GD).  The Rangers have now failed to win at Barclays Center since the Islanders moved there three seasons ago (0-5-1).

Kevin Hayes scored in the first period on the power play, but that was pretty much it.  Filip Chytil had some noticeable moments, in particular when he set up Paul Carey for a golden opportunity in the second period, but Carey’s shot was stopped by Jaroslav Halak.

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Projecting Kevin Hayes’ next contract

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The Blueshirts have a ton of questions to address this offseason. From the blue line to the coach to the forwards, not one stone will be left unturned in this process. It’s the first time in a long time that we will be glued to social media for most of the offseason.

One item of particular is the decision process around Ryan Spooner, Vlad Namestnikov, and Kevin Hayes. All three are comparable players, and all three are pending RFAs. While a trade is certainly possible, there is also room for all three next year. So let’s look at what Hayes, the longest tenured of the trio, might cost next season.

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The Rangers, who had no depth at center just two weeks ago, are now flush with center depth. After Mika Zibanejad, they have Kevin Hayes, Ryan Spooner, and Vladislav Namestnikov. Consider, for a moment, that Spooner and Namestnikov replace some combination of David Desharnais, Paul Carey, and Peter Holland, and you the realization of steps made during the trade deadline become apparent.

Hayes, Spooner, and Namestnikov are all RFAs at the end of this season. Spooner and Namestnikov are probably due big raises, but Hayes is likely due a modest raise due to his poor output this season. The cap space, at least in the short term, shouldn’t be an issue, but the club will need to make decisions on this trio pretty quickly.

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There is no way around it; Mika Zibanejad going down with a concussion is about the worst case scenario for the Rangers short of losing Henrik Lundqvist (especially on a senseless, late hit like that).  With already severely compromised center depth, both the short and potential long-term blow to the lineup is massive.  When the season started there were serious concerns about the lack of qualified replacements for Derek Stepan and Oscar Lindberg.  The Blueshirts were left with a ragtag group in the bottom six, and now their depth will be tested even further. Read More→