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Rangers trade Kevin Hayes to Winnipeg

The Rangers have made their second big trade of this year’s deadline, sending center Kevin Hayes to Winnipeg. The return is a 2019 1st round pick, 22 year old winger Brendan Lemieux, and a conditional 4th round pick. Lemieux was Buffalo’s 2nd round pick (31st overall) in 2014, had a strong 2017-2018 in the AHL, but hasn’t made that full NHL transition just yet, with a line of 9-2-11 in 44 games. He’s just 22 years old though, and the skill level is there. He can certainly play, and his style will probably be loved by Rangers fans.

Hayes, signed by the Rangers as a free agent after he didn’t sign with Chicago, has spent 4+ seasons with the Rangers, putting up 87-129-216 in 387 games played. He’s seen his game grow from an offensively minded 3C to an all around 2C. He’s going to fit in well in Winnipeg.

The return for Hayes is basically as expected, a decent prospect, a 1st, and a 4th rounder if Winnipeg wins the Cup (nothing if they don’t). This is a decent trade. Nothing spectacular, fair value.

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    • Read where Winnipeg is taking on all of Hayes’ remaining salary for this year as well. Cash in the bank for the boys in Blue.

  • Any idea what the conditional pick is? This all right by me. If he’s anything like his dad we’ll love him…while the rest of the league hates him.

    • answer my own question..a 4th if The Jets win the cup…still have to route for Tampa for the first vs the second..

    • King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! says:

      4th rounder if they win the Cup

      • Bottom 6 forward. Scored 33 goals with 32 assists in 117 AHL games and 10 goals with 2 assists in 53 NHL games. He’s someone who could become a fan favorite at the Garden because he’s tough to play against.

  • Jets not trading their three d-men Prospects means kevin C. knows Trouba is on his way out along with Myers and big Buff, Watch out for Trouba coming to NYC next summer. Believe what you want from the so called experts on Twitter, Rocky and I are telling you gentleman, Trouba is the big Christmas gift on Gorton shopping wish list. If I am wrong, so be it, not the first time, I mentioned last week, moves going down starting on Sunday, Sharing very good bantering material, Trouba is the hot chick on the block right now for Gorton, Quinn is familiar with Trouba when he was in the USHL. keep an eye out for this come June and July 2019.

    • Trouba plus Panarin with the influx of offense from Kraftsov may make us a playoff team next year. Yes, this is wishful thinking, but it is all I have at the moment.

      Bring up a young solid defenseman and we immediately reshape the blueline.

      Vesey and Buch realize this is their team along with Zibby and Krieder and we have 2 solid lines. Chytil and Andersson grow up and play better (hopefully) and all we need is to get rid of Ruff and we have a good coaching staff too.

  • This one sounds like good work. A 22 year-old, 6ft 1, 200+ pound winger is exactly what the Rangers need. The kid is also an agitator and is called tough to play against. A first round pick too. This is a fair value trade.

    Hayes is going to have some talented players to dish the puck. Good luck to him.

    • Actually he was the 1st pick in the second round, #31 back in 2014 — since it was before Vegas it’s equivalent to the last pick in the 1st round today. 😉

    • Peter

      A first, and prospect, not near what the Hayes fans said we’d get. I said we weren’t getting what everyone hoped for, and guess what, we didn’t. I can hear Mint cry the blues, and maybe he’ll stop posting here, and start posting on a Jet site, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      I think it was a fair trade just the same………

  • Ok, this is more like it … now if TB wins the Cup we’ll have 3 1st rounders. Lemieux is a high energy agitator like his father, will fit well on the 3rd line. Personally I would have preferred a 1 for 1 deal where we get a better prospect out of the Jets (and forego the 1st), but this is fine — hopefully we draft a winner with that 1st rounder.

  • I am thinking that these trades are as much about filling the pipeline and the AHL roster with suitable candidates as it is for our beloved Rangers. With the kids playing hard and some help on the way, we buy a stud or two and make the Hartford team good again and in a couple of years we will have a decent pool or NHL ready prospects. A real ground up approach to restocking for the future.

    Panarin would be a good get as well as a real defenseman. Our Hartford team does not have anyone lighting it up on either side of the blueline. Future looking brighter, but not the near future yet.

    • it seems, at the moment, all these moves have been about the pipeline and the AHL team – but not the team as it stands now.
      I’m sure Lemieux will be serviceable. nothing more. A Krieder-lite type.

      I’d have to expect that more than McQuaid is on the move today. This defense needs more than a trade to fix it.

  • Love this trade, Lemieux will be just what Quinn wants out of a bottom-6 winger. Gorton now has a decent chance at pulling potentially 3 first-round picks this year, have to think maybe one more deal will occur today. Or on draft day, if Tampa wins the Cup.

    Now, where’s Mint? Because it looks like Gorton just did what Mint said would never happen.

    JG 2 KH—u go to WPG. How about that, sports fans?

    • But Gorton keeps getting hammered by the fans and the so-called media experts….. that want a cup now……have to give this a chance…We have a very good coach and I will support the cause… More picks please!!

    • The Winnipeg fan pages will now be getting a poster telling them how Hayes is the best center on the team and that Mark Scheifele can’t hold a candle to Hayes…

    • MC

      LMAO with your post about Mint. See my post above, we are on the same page!!!!!!!!

      Time is on our side, yes it is. Rolling Stones, and that is true for us as well. Two more years and we will be a very tough team to play against!!!!!!!!

  • First rounder is big, nice work there. And I like the Lemiuex addition .. teams aren’t giving up top prospects for a guy who can walk in 5 months. Lemiuex is a young, NHL player – 22 years old. And if he is as gritty and an agitator as they say he is, he’s the kind of guy you want in the bottom 6 playing that role. He can grow into it here in NY … I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by him. They need to go after the talent in the draft and free agency with Trouba and Panarin. At the deadline, young players who are cost controlled and actually play in the NHL are key.

    • Trouba would take care of the right side (we have to move Shattenkirk), but to be honest I think right now our bigger problem is the left side where we have way too much cap space taken up by 3rd pairing guys like Smith and Staal (ok, maybe Staal could play 2nd pairing when he’s on his game, unfortunately he isn’t on his game enough) … and McQuaid needs to go, almost $3m for a on again off again slow 3rd pairing d’man is too much.

  • Correct me if Im wrong but if things go our way we will have 4 1st round picks. TB win the cup and Dallas winning two play off rounds?

  • One of the best trades made this year is for Strome. I really like him on the bottom 6. Now with Hayes and Zucc gone I wonder if goes to the 2nd line.

    Horrible news that Zucc got injured. If anyone didn’t deserve a fate like that, it was him. Makes me wonder if the Stars resign him. They should, he seemed to fit right in with them. We all know he’ll become a fan favorite but sadly looks like the Stars fans won’t get to see it this year.

    We need to rent Kreider to Tampa for a 1st round pick (2020) then Tampa trades him right back for a 7th 2025 pick. Collusion lol. On all seriousness Tampa is by far the pick to win it all this year. Stars going 2 rounds deep to play in WCF is not out of the question. It is possible with slightly above average odds.

    Lemiuex is gonna be fun to watch this year. I think him and Lias will be good together along with Strome as a 3rd/4th line

    • I’m wondering if Howden gets the 2C when he gets healthy? But I’m thinking Strome as a place holder for Chytil until next season. Maybe Chytil – Strome – Buch on the second line.

      • Need to get some muscle on Lias. Some skating lessons during the offseason and he’s gonna make a better center.

      • Howden has a long way to go until DQ starts him at 2C I think? Right now looking down the middle at Zika and Names followed by two guys TBD at training camp!

  • And if Zucc signs on there’s another 1st rounder 2020. What will we be saying about the trade then?

    • Hayes will thrive in the Peg as will Zucc in Dallas. Hopefully the Ranger org. can draft well with the late 1st round and 2nd. round picks they recieved. If not fans will look back and say what the hell was Gorton thinking.

      • Well since we didn’t retain salary on Hayes there’s a possibility we sign him. I mean can you see a guy like Hayes playing in Winnipeg until his retirement?

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