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Thoughts on Hayes/Winnipeg and William Nylander

As the season progresses, the Rangers are going to be involved in more and more trade rumors. Kevin Hayes seems to be leading the trade discussions at the moment, most likely because the one-year deal signed this summer signaled he was going to hit free agency, and thus be a valuable trade chip for the Rangers.

In Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts column, Friedman cited Nick Kypreos in stating that Winnipeg might be a fit for Hayes. Hayes would essentially replace Paul Stastny as the 2C in Winnipeg, an area of weakness for a team with Cup aspirations. With both Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor due for massive offseason raises, Winnipeg may go all-in on this season.

As for assets the Jets can give, they have their first and second rounders this year. They also have a trio of solid-to-very-good prospects in winger Kristian Vesalainen (1st, 2017), defenseman Dylan Samberg (2nd, 2017), winger Mason Appleton (6th, 2015), defenseman Sami Niku (7th, 2015), and center Michael Spacek (4th 2015). Vesalainen is the best of the bunch, but the other three are solid prospects too. The rest of Winnipeg’s prospect pool ranges from meh to ok.

There is clearly a deal to be made here, and one that doesn’t subtract from Winnipeg’s roster. Jeff Gorton has been targeting very specific types of players in his deals, and based on those deals, leads me to believe that he’d target Appleton –assuming Vesalainen is off the table– in a deal for Hayes. I can see a Hayes+ for Appleton/2nd rounder deal.

While the Rangers are going to be sellers, there is one opportunity out there where they might want to be buyers, and that is with William Nylander. Nylander is looking for $8.5 million a year, while the Leafs are looking at around $6 million per year, based on what’s been reported. That’s a significant gap, it’s already November, and the Leafs have until 12/1 to sign him, or else he can’t play this year.

Nylander is a fit for any team. He’s that good. There are two avenues for the Rangers and Nylander, if they choose to get involved:

  • Offer sheet Nylander, pay up the draft pick compensation
  • Trade for Nylander

Offer sheets are incredibly rare, and it’s likely Toronto matches regardless. The compensation range for Nylander in the $6 million to $8 million range is 2019’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, with anything over $8.1 million becoming a pair of 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd. On the surface, the compensation at $8 million is cheap for Nylander, although it does come with a slight over-payment of Nylander himself.

In a vacuum, it’s something the Rangers should do. However nothing is ever done in a vacuum. The Rangers would be giving Toronto a shot at Jack Hughes, and a more than likely top-three pick. The Rangers have a legitimate shot at getting the #1 overall and landing Hughes, and using that chance to get Nylander is a huge gamble.

As for trading for Nylander, let’s assume the cost is going to be astronomical. The kid is 22 years old and is an offensive force who isn’t just riding Auston Matthews’ coattails. The cost is going to be at least the 2020 1st, a 2019 2nd, and then a great prospect you don’t want to part with.

In theory, trading for or offer sheeting Nylander is a terrific idea. However the timing just doesn’t jive with the organization’s direction at the moment. That’s going to be the case with a lot of potential moves. Sometimes, timing matters.

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  • Hayes to the Jets makes a lot of sense. Hayes and Skjei for Trouba? Or Hayes for a 1st and a prospect?

    The Rangers have no trade fit with the Leafs unless they trade Skjei, and I would not do that for a winger. I love Nylander’s talent but there is significant data showing a major drop off with and without Matthews on his line. Last I saw there is no player on the Rangers even close to Matthews, so paying him $8M per for watered down production, in comparison to his stats with the Leafs, seems like a very bad move.

    The Leafs need a D man anyway. Trading Nylander for Trouba makes the most sense for them.

    • Kypreos and Friedman are about as accurate as Abbott and Costello..This is a pipedream…..Rangers are staying the course and will build this team around the “real deal Igor”…..I am telling u this…Igor has a chance to be as good or better than Hank….Hajek, Lindgren will be the crease clearers for Igor…….Still sticking with my sources out in Zona that Hayes will be headed West…

  • Just a shout out to our brother E3. We haven’t heard from him in a very long time and I just want to say that we always think of him and we pray that he and his family are ok.

    What I wouldn’t do right now than to have an argument over AV with him. Thoughts and prayers my friend.

  • Tony

    I echo your thoughts on E3, and have inquired about him myself a few times already. Hope all is well Eddy.

    Kristian Vesalainen, and a #1 for Hayes would be highway robbery, and I’d make that deal any day of the week. The kid is 19 years old, has size at 6’3″, and some 200 lbs.

    As for Kevin, I like the guy, but he is over paid for his production, and refuses to shoot the puck. He doesn’t make players around him better, and for him to be effective, he needs wingers that are fast to give him some room top operate in. Bottom line, he should be traded for the best possible return, but he also would be missed for his PK skills!!!!!

  • Moving Hayes for a great prospect and a pick? Sign me up. It also allows Chytil to center or a call up of Andersson. Both positives.

  • I would like to see the Rangers keep Hayes just not at 8 and 8. I am sure Toronto feels the same way about Nylander. While every team needs an exceptional player on their roster like a OV Crosby or Henk, the team also needs to fill the roster with other talent.
    When the team is up tight against the cap this is hard to do unless there is a stream of talent in the pipeline. The Rangers need to continue to draft and develop homegrown talent stay the course and not overreach for the Nylanders of the world.

    • If we’re going by JG than I think there’s a gentleman’s agreement in place. He expects Hayes to sign a 5.7-5.9 mill if he doesn’t explode with production. 8×8? Where did you get that figure from? People like Zib and Kreider won’t be touching that. All I read is that Hayes is worth around 5.7-6.2 so far.

      JG, Quinn and Sather all want to keep Hayes and I’m going to assume his old coach does as well. I just don’t see it unless he wants to chase more $$. JG paid him nicely on this one year deal to keep him grounded as a NYR.

  • Our 1st this year should be virtually untouchable. Now Hayes to Winnipeg for Vesalainen+, that could be interesting — we could use a legit top 6 winger that can score.

    Re: Toronto, I get the feeling that after signing Tavares they’re all in on this year so figure they’ll want a roster player in addition to draft choices.

  • I have not seen much of Nylander but I do now he is young and talented. But giving up two #1’s PLUS a 2nd AND a 3rd???

    That move alone would signal the immediate end of the Ranger rebuild, retool, re-energrize, era and would set the team back another five years.

    No thank you…..

    • The 4th for McQuaid was bad enough.

      Trading anything higher than that should result in a fan revolt. We should be receiving them, not sending them out.

  • You can count the players on 1 hand worth risking our number 1 this year for. Keep the pick if it turns out to be Hughes and we lose that pick man o man …..

  • And for those Ranger fans including myself that wonder what Hank could fetch us via trade…Fughedaboutit……Hank will die a Ranger…Hank will never leave NYC……Hank will be the backup goalie for Igor in a few years.

    • Not only thatt, but with him in net on most nights, the dream of getting Hughes is never going to happen. He keeps the team in every game.

  • Hayes is resigning here, Quinn has the intention of coaching him. They stayed in contact all last season. Do you think he talked about how it’s going to go if he’s on another team? If he doesn’t want the all-star contract than than expect a 5.8 mill with security. I’ll be here afterwards…

    I’m not shocked one bit that teams like Winniepeg still want him. I know that they wanted him when Statsny was still there and they still want him to center Laine. Dallas wants him under the Benn line and Edmonton wants him under McDavid.

    Calling a team to inquire someone is a big difference than being shopped around, so you won’t see that title on Hayes. JG actions speak loud and clear and he’s been telling everyone that he expects Hayes to resign here as well as Sather.

    • And Hayes has been absolutely consistent in saying that he WANTS to stay here. I think he stays unless JG gets a totally insane payback for him.

      • joe from newburgh Yep, I agree, it’s obvious that they have a deal set in place if this or that happens. I agree, it’s going to take a insane package for JG to trade him. I can’t imagine he would want to send Hayes off to play next to someone like Laine and score 55+ points.

        It’s been pretty clear that since last deadline that they planned to keep him. As reports showed, everyone is up for sale except the young core. The GM would have made it public by now if Hayes was for sure gone. Lol I don’t think that thee president of the team would be expressing how his employer will offer Hayes a bigger and better contract.

    • Mint, how many times did you stop to wipe tears out of your eyes while posting? Hayes is a goner, get used to it. Hayes will like the iced hash up in Winnipeg, he’s probably already packing his bags to get traded to legalized Canada.

    • my friend, you’re way off..Hayes is gone, I am a fan of Hayes but he will be gone sooner than later.

  • Assuming Our luck remains the same and we do not get Hughes in the draft, I look for the Rangers to draft this kid from Finland Kaapo Kakko. If you get a chance to see highlights of this winger do so the kid can control the puck in tight areas and can pass and score. We know he Rangers seem to look at Europe first so I’m thinking there is a real possibility they take this kid.

    I know it’s a little early to talk draft but it’s coming.

    • I have not seen a ton of footage of Kakko playing myself, but some people in the know are drawing Patrik Laine comparisons. I’d say that’s not too shabby.

  • Guessing Hayes, not unlike many Rangers are available for the right package. I can only assume that Gorton has a price and he will cut any deal if that price is met. As the production of our players rises and falls, there will be fluctuation in value. Either way, any deal we cut needs to be a positive for next year, and I would agree our #1 pick is untouchable.

  • William Nylander is a terrific young player but it seems that the timing is not right for the Ramgers to try to acquire him.

    • Agreed, unless TO is willing to take roster players older than 23-24 and they forget about our 1st rounders. Unfortunately though, they’re in the driver’s seat.

  • Don’t love Hayes game, but not a bad player…..With that being offer wins…

  • Hayes and Buchnevich together would make a good package. For who, I’m not sure though. Maybe WIN, maybe TOR, maybe someone else.

    But why settle for 2nd tier prospects again? If Vasaleinen is the best, then GO FOR HIM! JG always seems to sell himself short on deals. We’re trading away our whole team, and I feel we’ve been getting mediocre returns.

    • Well, there’s the rub. Gorton has been hit and miss on deals, and if Hayes and Buch are going in the same deal, that absolutely has to be a monster return. I don’t feel like Jeff’s tongue is silver enough to make me comfortable with that thought.

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