NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: November 11, 2019

Checking in on the NY Rangers' performance from the past week

Admin Note: If you were a fan of River Ave Blues, you definitely saw this come up a lot. I miss that site, and the Fan Confidence Poll was their idea. It’s not stealing, it’s an homage to one of the best fan run sites there was.

I’m going to try something new here, which is a theme that you’re going to see around these parts going forward. As mentioned in the admin note, I like the idea of a poll that checks the pulse of the fan base, seeing how everyone feels about the team on a weekly basis. This is the second poll.

Record Last Week (Sunday to Sunday): 2-1-1 (16 GF, 14 GA) 
Season Record: 7-6-2 (51 GF, 51 GA)
Schedule This Week: vs. PIT, @ TBL, @ FLA

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

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  • This team, while winning some games, gives up way too many shots on goal. Need to address that in short order.
    Team also needs to figure out if Lias is worth keeping. DQ obviously does not trust him, so it might be time to move on from the 7th pick mistake.

  • Watching some very exciting hockey. Mika must be having concussion-like symptoms.
    Defense still playing too much offense and offense is playing way too little defense.
    Goalie play has been outstanding. Who is part of our first defensive pair anyway?
    Need to figure out a way to keep Strome, trade Krieder and get Mika back in the lineup.
    Howden and Andersson providing little value in the botom 6. Move them both when Mika returns and let Boo be the 4th line center.

  • Panarin – I honestly didn’t think he was this good, he is a machine, any time a player makes a play and gets his puck, he becomes a crazy man and most times just gets it back. I just had no idea he was this good. I think he is making others better just by watching him, trying to do what he does, obviously he makes anyone who shares the ice better.

    15 games into the season.

    Yeah Baby!

    Dave, thanks for all the hard work!

    • “Panarin – I honestly didn’t think he was this good”

      That’s why I kept saying that signing him was the top priority in the offseason.

    • I’m surprised that they don’t use him on the PK, as well as 5 on 5 and PP. He’s relentless at hounding the puck, and is quick enough to make it work. Combine that with his speed and his shot, and I’d expect some short handed goals. OTOH, the guy does need an occasional rest, I guess.

  • Don Cherry FIRED from HNIC

    Don Cherry has been fired by Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada after his divisive rant against immigrants wearing poppies aired on his latest segment of “Coach’s Corner,” according to multiple reports. The 85 year old is fired on remembrance Day/Veterans Day. Yesterday Don Mclean Quickly just need some self from Don Cherry by issuing a public apology and publicly stating that Don Cherry was completely wrong in his statement

  • This is s rebuild. It takes time. The players now will change quite dramatically over the next two years. Just wait. I’m an optimist.

  • Optimist is what I am, but could be an excited one when Ruff takes a hike!
    I can see both Miller, and Barron in the line up next year, and many of our problems will be gone. Both are doing a great job at their respective schools!!!!!!!

    • Barron is getting better and better. I saw him the last 2yrs.Big strong in corners and in front of net .His skating has improved .A diamond in the rough.

  • I went from a 7 to a 3.

    I mean even if you hated Lias’ guts, wouldn’t you play him to try and justify his draft spot? Makes no sense.

    I read somewhere that Trouba was asked about his play lately and he mentioned that he never played in a defensive system like this. Enough said.

    • Hang tough Tony, it isn’t as bad as that my friend! I have faith that they will get better and better. That goes for the coaching too.

      • Hey bro.

        I STILL believe that the Rangers can make the playoffs THIS YEAR, BUT that would require proper game management on a daily basis. This is where I get scared, lol.

  • this week, i am somewhat less confident given the mysterious “neck injury” to our #1C and will continue to be so until his successful return and rumors of his concussion are put to rest.

  • Hank played 2 fantastic games in a row. Quinne should have rested him against Florida and started Georgiev. The Rangers may have won that game with a little better goaltending even though the defense stunk. Hank wasn’t bad against the Panthers, but wasn’t that great either. When Hank is rested. he plays much better. I was surprised Quinne started him again. In my opinion, bad decision by the coach.

  • The young Ranger squad is performing pretty much as one would expect. Great one night and not so good the next. IMHO it is waaaaay to early to give up on Howden, Lias or any other of the baby Rangers. Take DeAngelo for example he is now in his 4th Pro season and only now starting to hit his stride. Yet he gets no respect, because he rubs people the wrong way. Frankly, I like players who are a bit cocky and play with some swagger so long as they can bring it when the puck drops.

    Again I really don’t know what folks were expecting out of Trouba. He is a soild dman but not one to knock your socks off with electricfying play making. That’s the job of the Breadman, long may he run.

    • Actually, the play maker on defense is turning out to be Adam Fox. He’s taken over as #1 PP QB. He may not have a shot like Trouba’s, but it gets through for deflections, he controls the blue line better and he makes better passes. He doesn’t have great speed, but he thinks fast, and makes the quick, efficient, plays that keep play moving in the right direction.

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