Lineup Changes

Lias Andersson, Ryan Lindgren to sit for Greg McKegg, Marc Staal

More lineup changes for the NY Rangers

After Monday night’s demoralizing loss to the Ottawa Senators, David Quinn is shuffling his lines again. While the exact lines aren’t known right now, we do know that Marc Staal and Greg McKegg will be back in the lineup, replacing Ryan Lindgren and Lias Andersson, respectively.

Staal back in the lineup was going to happen, and I guess the smart money should have been on Lindgren to sit. As for Lias, well who knows?

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  • Lias is a bust. Time for him to either go down to Hartford or to move on. Maybe use him to get Jesse Puljujarvi.

    • hope that you are wrong, but something is not right here. He has not been given the opportunity to play with Ranger best players…His rope is shorter than Danny DeVito…..and now we have to stomach the return of Marc Staal and the great McKegger….Give me a break…Leave the young guys in there. We are not making the playoffs this year..This is a croc of poop……

  • Lindgren-Fox have been our best D pairing the past 3 games. Hajek struggled and looks like he could use a night off. Skjei looks like he could use a night in the press box watching as well. So that is a real head scratcher. McKegg for Haley, sure i get that. But Lias? I am not the coach, but at times the mind wobbles trying to understand this stuff.

  • This obsession with who sits in each game is over done. There are 4 LHD so one has to sit each game. Staal will sit the most and then the other 3 will rotate. And that assumes no injuries which will certainly occur over the season. No need to freak out each time a prospect sits from time to time. Fitting 4 into 3 spots should work just fine.

    Regarding Lias – he needs to go to Hartford and regain his game, if he has enough of one. It worked for Chytil who credits his time there with helping him quite a bit. Lias has mostly been invisible all season. Lias has made virtually no impact on the games. He needs to find another level or he will not make it in the NHL.

    • “Regarding Lias – he needs to go to Hartford and regain his game, if he has enough of one”

      How would the Rangers know nailing him to the likes of Haley and an NHL D man on his wings? And giving him less than 8 minutes with those 2, to prove that he’s NHL worthy?

  • I guess the upper management and coach love Hajek.Lindgren and Fox were paired together for TeamUSA U20.They work great together.Staal is finished as a player.He has regressed over the last 6yrs.Another bone head decision by them.FOX AND LINDGREN PLAY EXCELLENT TOGETHER.Watch tonight Fox will have a terrible game with Staal.Watch him play off the man not on puck in our zone and we will be hemmed in on zone.

  • The “rookie wall” is out there in the curve just awaiting the full speed ahead arrival of Hajek, Lindgren and Fox. They will need support later in the season, even if it might be Staal and Smith.

  • The press box can be a classroom too. Perhaps both players can use it for some good.

    Marc Staal could play very poorly tonight and force the hand that had him out these past 3 games, I don’t wish this on him but he is reaching the point of put up or sit out. Lindgren isn’t going back down, he is just watching from the box, perhaps this is something he could use to see some things he needs to address…

    oh and Walt – I completely agree, its the head coaches job to have the team ready. I dont mind they lose if they play up and battle… maybe it’s DQ’s forward strategy that just doesn’t mess with Lindys D style…



  • My personal view is Staal should get a luxury suit and watch the game from up there. He also could get started as an untitled associate coach, and spotter from above. The wheels fell off of that wagon a long time ago, to go back and try again, just nuts. Lindgren is a much better player, it’s funny to see how they will try to justify this move??????????

    Lias Andersson has been playing better than last year, and has assumed additional responsibilities. Sitting him is going to work wonders for our PK, or maybe that doesn’t matter at all. Again DQ is showing his two faces. Two games ago he said how good Lias was playing, only to bench him for this game. Now that makes soooo much sense, I want to puke. LGR, in spite of DQ’s moves!!!!!! Pas, we seem to agree more than disagree, glad your on my side on this one………….

  • Zibby is back, Chytil is 2C, Strome moves to 3C and Howden 4C. No room for Lias and his 6 minutes of icetime

  • With all of DQ’s baffling lineup decisions, I’m starting to realize that we didn’t know how good we had it when Tom Renney or AV were coach.

  • Hajek has been glaringly bad all over the place. No reason for him not to sit (except it makes Gorton look bad).

  • Meritocracy my @$$. Lindgren-Fox has been the best pair. They were on in crunch time at the end of the game against Nashville. None of the D looked good against Ottawa but Hajek’s play has regressed a lot. So he should have been given the day off.

    Haley makes no sense. In a game full of fights (most of them useless) he was nowhere to be seen. If he is not being an enforcer/tough guy then there is no reason for him to be on the ice.

    Andersson cannot get out of the 4th line, no matter what he does. He should be given a shot.

    Actions speak louder than words so this is not a meritocracy.

  • How dare the NYR bench Lias Andersson? Lias is the 7th pick of the 1st round and the future 2C of the team! BSB and all its fans should have a protest tomorrow in front of MSG and demanding the NYR to fire DQ and JD!!!

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