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Henrik’s Heroics Halt Hurricanes’ Happiness

Alliteration reigns supreme as The King saves the Rangers

Henrik Lundqvist was in vintage form last night, stopping 45 of 47 shots as he stole this one for the New York Rangers. This was nothing short of highway robbery, especially in the first period when he made 22 saves and somehow the Rangers came out of it with a lead. Those 22 saves were more saves than the Rangers had shots on goal in the entire game, to give you an idea of how dominant the Canes were in this one.

This game was the Lundqvist show, but let’s not discount the offense and putting up three goals and an empty netter. Artemi Panarin, Brendan Lemieux, Adam Fox, and Pavel Buchnevich all scored in this one. Those are really the only two positives here, and I am usually not a fan of watching the Rangers get caved in. But boy was it fun to watch vintage Hank steal one. He’s still got it, folks.

Rangers 1, Canes 0

As Steve Valliquette pointed out on the broadcast, having the puck cross behind the net like that several times keeps the goalie blind to what’s in front. Add that to Panarin getting a half step on Dougie Hamilton and a perfect feed from Ryan Strome, and the Rangers escaped the first with a lead.

Rangers 1, Canes 1

Honestly this is just a great deflection by Hamilton. There wasn’t really a defensive breakdown, there wasn’t much Hank could do. Just a good play.

Rangers 2, Canes 1

As Vally said, deflections on shots in the air go in a lot more often than other deflections. Tony DeAngelo floated a wrister that Lemieux got his stick on.

Rangers 3, Canes 1

Buchnevich forces the turnover, drives the net, and tucks it home. Filip Chytil won’t get an assist, but his presence opens the lane and takes Brett Pesce out to cover him instead of the cutting Buchnevich.

Rangers 3, Canes 2

I could not find a gif of this one, and by the time I realized it I couldn’t find a video of it either and didn’t have my recording of it on my TV. Sorry folks. Sebastian Aho scored though.

Rangers 4, Canes 2

Fox empty netter.

Shot Heatmap

So this is basically what you expect when you spend most of the game in your defensive zone. The amorphous blob for the Canes kind of looks like the country of Italy on a map, just rotated a bit.

Skater Results

Kudos to Lemieux and Brett Howden for being the only two players on the right side of the “good” median line here. Still not on the good quadrant, but in a game like this, that’s a win for those two. As for the rest of the team, well, you know.

The Blueshirts don’t play again until Sunday, which is probably good since they got their teeth kicked in. Hank made 45 saves last night and 35 on Wednesday night. For those keeping score, that’s 80 saves on 83 shots for a .964 SV%. Let’s just leave this here and that’s that.

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  • Hank stood on his head last night, and played the role of a bandit. We gave up 22 shots in the first alone, but got lucky and came out of it with a 1-0 lead. Someone has got to show these guys how to play defense, my goodness Hank, or anyone else can’t be asked to have the kitchen sink thrown at them every night. It’s long overdue that this issue be addressed, it can’t go on and expect us to win on a consistent basis.

    The team settled down after the first a bit, and took it to the Canes. Loved to see Lemieux score his first of the season, and the kids be out there in the closing minute of the game. The team of Fox-Lindgren is special, and they shouldn’t ever break them apart. I liked the fact that under the pressure put on by the Canes, the team didn’t fold, and won. Good for you all guys!!!!!

  • How can Lindy Ruff watch that film…with everyone else who has a clue what defensive execution looks like…and not simply resign? And how can he even walk past Hank with anything but shame?

  • The d-zone is a mess! They got lucky last night for sure. If not for King Henry, I don’t believe they come close in this game. BSB is totally right to start calling out Ruff. It’s not even really just the d-zone. It’s the entries into our zone as well. They kind of back off and collapse into a shell… but somehow leave the slot wide open frequently. I don’t know what they’re trying to do out there, but at this point they should be going back to the very basics… like the basics they show 9yr olds about where to be in your own zone. There are lots of times that no one is really covering anyone in particular, and even more times when both d-men are behind the net or in the same corner. Just keep a guy in front and worry less about the transition…

  • I couldn’t help thinking that Henrik needs a cup. What a pro!
    Loved Lemieux’s hustle, others are following suit too, glad he got rewarded with a goal, hope things heat up for him.

    I wonder what Kravtsov is thinking seeing Chytil’s play since coming backup. Looks like the decision was a good one seeing how Chytil responded eh!

    We can’t win like this too much, it’s not a good look at all for the club!

  • Everything that’s been said here is true, but let’s not forget just how good the Hurricanes are. They play the type of game that coach Quinn has been trying to get his young team to do, “fast, physical, and relentless”, and they play it very well. The Rangers were able to counter with some big plays when they needed them, and Lundquist showed (again) why he’s the best goal tender ever to wear a Rangers’ uniform. Hopefully, this will be a good learning experience for the kids, without the pain of the Boston game.

  • Hank played great. The only way we will have a long future with the kids is if we get Hank and Staal a Stanley Cup. so that they can retire winners. That would free up lots of money for the future and assure that we can sign guys like Tony D, Krieds and Strome.
    Is winning the Cup this year too much to ask?

  • If another Ranger stick checks or reaches for a puck carrier along the boards should sit. Put him and the puck into the boards seriously. Guys are getting in the Rangers defensive zone with ease and its got to stop. They have to be the worst team at getting the puck out of the defensive zone. Which has lead to qualify chances and high shot totals. The puck gets reversed and no one is there to get it out. What are they playing man, zone or hybrid?

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