NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: November 4, 2019

Checking in on the NY Rangers' performance from the past week

Admin Note: If you were a fan of River Ave Blues, you definitely saw this come up a lot. I miss that site, and the Fan Confidence Poll was their idea. It’s not stealing, it’s an homage to one of the best fan run sites there was.

I’m going to try something new here, which is a theme that you’re going to see around these parts going forward. As mentioned in the admin note, I like the idea of a poll that checks the pulse of the fan base, seeing how everyone feels about the team on a weekly basis. Since is the first one, I’m going to cheat a little bit and not necessarily limit it to the prior week, but for the first six weeks of the season.

Record Last Week (Sunday to Sunday): 2-1-0 (10 GF, 9 GA) 
Season Record: 5-5-2 (35 GF, 36 GA)
Schedule This Week: vs. FLA, vs. PIT, @ TBL, @ FLA

Top stores from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

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  • I would rather see a little more detail-oriented questions. Overall confidence in management, defense, offense, etc.

  • Confidence in what? Success? Failure? Mismanagement? Good management? I’m confident in the future, but what future, I don’t know.

  • I think we are moving in the right direction. Based on the small sample size.

    The cons are Kratsov. It’s a blip and far from over. Andersson not getting more time. The fact That Lindy Ruff is still here. The Defense( which suddenly looks better)
    The positives
    1. ADA and Buch continue to play solidly. Adam Fox has not put up the points just yet, although that is starting to change, but god is he good. And not just offensively. Zbad his turned into the #1 center we hoped he would be. Strome is another we have playing at a higher level.
    2. The Chytil demotion early on, appears to have been very effective.
    3. Ruutu coming to visit Kakko was a great idea.
    4. Panarin and Trouba have been everything we could have hoped.
    5. The past 2 games we played 60 minutes.
    6. The D looks a lot better without Staal. We had the courage to finally bench him. No Staal hate going on here , just the reality that his best days are well behind him. Would anyone possibly take him? I’ll also note if you look at the Buffalo, Tampa and Nashville games, a lot of our Offense started with Good D plays.
    7. Making the best use of Brendan Smith.
    8. Hartford turning things around. I know it’s been less good without Chytil and Lindgren, but compared to the past few years. Moving in the right direction.
    9. The pipeline of prospects is solid: Kravtsov, K. Miller, N. Lundkvist, M. Robertson, M. Barron, K. Henriksson, Z. Jones, etc. Still looks solid. It’s Defense heavy, which is a good problem to have.

    Pro or Con: We may make the play offs but we probably won’t. If we do, great. If not, another strong draft to keep things moving.

    Worth Watching:
    who goes? Kreider? Staal?( hard to believe he could find a suitor) ADA? Fast? Georgiev? It’s going to be interesting how we handle the trade deadline. Can’t see us buying. If we take a run at Puljujarvi we may have an idea this month. Do we move a prospect as part of a bigger deal? The left side D is looking crowded.

    What comes back? Do we look for more NHL ready prospects? Or take more draft picks?

    As I look at all the good vs the bad, I am very comfortable with what we have done so far and with the trajectory of this team. My expectation is we are 2 to 3 years away from being very competitive. But when we are we will be for a long time. I am willing to wait as long as the kids are playing. But that is a mus!

      • I know…he has points in 2 games out of 11…not much for an offensive D man..that’s why I said”that is starting to change”.

    • Andy

      Great over all post, hitting on all the good, and not so good points.

      “Ruutu coming to visit Kakko was a great idea”, your the only other person besides myself to mention it, couldn’t remember Ruutu’s name, but boy did it produce results. If there is one reason to trade for Puljujarvi, it’s so Kakkp has a running mate to hang with. A big thumbs up to you!!!!!!!

  • Last game a Rangers team with a bunch of players 21 and under beat a very good Predators team and held them to one goal. I have a great deal of confidence in the young team. Only reason I voted “9” is due to the fact that they have a narrow margin of error on the cap.

    • I voted the same Peter, gave them a 9 because no rebuild is perfect … the only negatives I see is the inability to shed all the dead weight at one time, but that’s so unrealistic a task that I only took a 1 off … otherwise I would have have gone with a solid 8. The cap is a blip of an issue, when the time comes to pay out bigger dollars to the kids the dead weight capwise will come off. Like you said, they beat a good Pred team with a bunch of players 21 and under — and they still have a pretty damn good prospect pool with guys like K’Andre Miller, Lundkvist, Tyler Wall, Rykov, Huska, Shesty, Kravs, etc.

      • See I thought that was so unrealistic I took 0 off for it.

        be careful with the “beating good teams reference” this is still November, This team does not compete in playoffs with any of these teams, yet. I.E. Boston, TB, Nashville, and even Buff.

        So funniest line tonight Joe Mic. just said the Rangers have to worry about this being a trap game….LOL

  • Take the same poll 3 games ago and confidence was at a 3. Team needs to play consistently tough against all opponents. We win some and lose some, but if the effort is always there, it is a good sign. Very young team with solid players. Older players like Trouba, Panarin and Zibby will pave the way for the kids. Would like to see Kraftsov back with the team in January.

  • I gave it a 7. I like the org construction of players, now we need to see it on the implementation side, long-term.

  • RAB maybe the best independent baseball/Yankees blog ever, very well done with a tremendous amount of dedication, research and work. I miss it too. Great homage! Looking forward to this poll weekly.

  • So here is my take…To no one’s surprise I voted 100% full confidence.

    Reason: This team in place so far has done some amazing things (by team I mean top to bottom in the org.) They can’t all be homers!
    I mean look at the Mets, they just hired, Beltran…I mean really…and we are worried?? LOL
    But I’m happy right now with things, I think things are moving along well, and by that I mean slowly but surely. Face it, they are doing it right! They’re smart, hockey smart, trust me here.
    This is a rebuild, and things are looking up. However, I still do not “expect” the playoffs this year, but I hope!

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