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NY Rangers Game Recap: Rangers lose Zibanejad, allow five straight to Bruins in 7-4 loss

Rangers lose top center as Boston crushes Blueshirts

Any good feelings that that the NY Rangers had after a solid win over the Buffalo Sabres were thoroughly crushed after the Boston Bruins put up five straight in a dominating win over the Blueshirts. The top line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and David Pastrnak was way too much for the Rangers to handle, combining for five goals and 13 points to provide all the offense the Bruins would need in this one.

The Rangers didn’t have much game flow, were simply not aggressive enough, and let the Bruins run all over them. It’s to be expected, as the Bruins are again one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and the Rangers, simply put, are not. The loss of Mika Zibanejad, thus exposing the extreme lack of center depth, only made things worse for the Rangers. They never recovered, and quite honestly were never really in this one to start.

Rangers 1, Bruins 0

I don’t know how but Micheal Haley eluded Torey Krug in front to bang home the rebound on the Brendan Smith shot. This is awful defense by Krug, quite honestly, but good job by Haley to get to the net.

Bruins 1, Rangers 1

This was a controversial one. Pastrnak blew by Jacob Trouba, cut to the net, and then get upended by Libor Hajek on his attempt. He ran over Henrik Lundqvist due to the trip, and Bergeron was there to put home the rebound. The goal was upheld.

Bruins 2, Rangers 1

I honestly don’t know how Marchand can be this open in front, and how Tony DeAngelo can just kinda watch him dangle. What was that?

Bruins 3, Rangers 1

Four Rangers on one side of the ice, no one picks up Charlie Coyle. Charlie McAvoy just had to make sure the puck got there. I have no idea what kind of defense that was – all of them are at fault here.

Bruins 4, Rangers 1

Let’s all just watch the puck and not look behind us. This time around, it was Greg McKegg who didn’t see Marchand behind him. This is the team defense the Rangers play.

Bruins 5, Rangers 1

Zdeno Chara has a great shot, but no one pulled Coyle out of the way in front. Based on how late Alex Georgiev reacted, he never saw it.

Bruins 5, Rangers 2

This was a solid passing play starting with Artemi Panarin to DeAngelo to Pavel Buchnevich for the finish. A lot of skill here and getting into open spots.

Bruins 6, Rangers 2

Another shot from the slot, another goal. Defense optional.

Bruins 6, Rangers 3

Pretty sure the Bruins stopped trying here since there were only two minutes left, but that’s two guys in front and no one picked them up. The rebound off the DeAngelo shot went to Chris Kreider, who banged it home.

Bruins 6, Rangers 4

I still think the Bruins forgot that there was time left on the clock. Jaroslav Halak lazily kicked out the rebound right to Brady Skjei, who was gifted this one with no one covering him.

Bruins 7, Rangers 4

Bergeron empty netter.

Shot Heatmap

I feel like this is as expected. The Bruins dominated the Rangers to a 60-40 CF% and a 57-43 xGF% advantage. Considering how many goals for the Bruins came from in front, seeing five ‘G’ markings from the high slot and down is discouraging. Just not a good defensive effort.

Skater Results

There’s a whole lot of yikes here. When Haley is the only skater in the “good” section, and only five Rangers are on the right side of the “good” line, it’s a problem. Then again, are you surprised?

It doesn’t get any easier for the Rangers. Tampa comes to town next, and they are arguably better than the Bruins. Hopefully the Zibanejad injury isn’t serious.

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  • JD, you watching this?

    It’s not the losses, it’s the way the Rangers are totally being dominated, save for a couple of periods this year. Even the opening game, we were dominated but still able to win.

    Houston, we have a problem.

    • So you want to play the kids, the worst player on the team far and away is Kakko, and you complain that the team is awful?

      • I can take losing with a totally young line up.

        I cannot take losing with vets in the lineup that supposedly know better who are worse than the young players that you speak of.

  • Last season the NYR were outshot in 55 of 82 games. So far this year, they’ve been outshot in all 9 for a record of 27-64 since the start of last season.

    • so, you’re not enjoying this season so far?

      they are consistent. isn’t consistency what we are looking for?

  • This was posted by me on the previous thread, and still applies.

    Let’s all hope that Zib isn’t seriously hurt, really!
    This defense lacks physicality, not one soul out there gave a decent body check to any Bruin.
    We had our all-star line up out there last night, McKegg, Haley, Smith, and Staal, how did we lose?
    After Boston scored their first goal, Hank lost his concentration, got hot under the collar, and the rest was history.
    Maybe the management should look at the Pack staff, and switch with the parent staff, they are way over their head.
    Like everyone else, I’ll ask one question, what is Ruff doing behind the bench?
    Phil will be up for the next game, maybe they should bring up Lindgren as well, 2 for 1 train ride.
    That was one terrible game last night, and the house sounded like a funeral parlor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The one thing that I read earlier was a quote by Hajek, where he said he will review the game tapes to see what mistakes he made, so he could learn from it. I wish the coach would do the same, and learn something as well.
    Rainman, give me my usual morning greeting, LOL………

    • Okay Dave, maybe it is time to ban Walt. I have a thick skin, but the final sentence here is far and away the nastiest thing thing I have had directed at me here. Because I had the audacity to stand up for thumbs down on occasion, suddenly I am the person who is senselessly throwing around thumbs downs at poor poor Walt. And yes, Rainman was conceived as an insult to me.

      • Ray

        There are three who do this on a regular basis, and never respond to my posts, hence the Rainman handle. If you take exception, respond to it and defend your position. If your just going with the thumbs down on instinct, ala Rainman, well the name fits the person………….

  • Too many aspects of the game are going bad right now. Me thinks the whole coaching staff needs a meeting with Gorton & JB, to find out what is lacking and what is going on. Team needs a wake-up call. Defense is in disarray and offense looks unorganized. Up against the cap ceiling and going nowhere fast. Not sure if it is the players or the system. I am not sure we are matching the system with the abilities of the players.

    Need to play 60 minutes of hockey sooner or later. Not so sure that DQ is getting through to the players anymore.

  • Very good one game, very bad the next. It is going to be like that often. Boston is a top team and their top line is one of the best in the NHL. The Rangers are a team that is still learning. I wouldn’t panic because Lord knows we are going to see more than a few beatings like this administered to the young Ranger squad this season!

    My biggest concern right now is Zibanejad’s health. I hope the young man is OK, for his sake let’s hope there were no concussion issues.

  • Happy Monday all,
    This team does not play to their strengths (what those are we have yet to find out). The coaching staff continues to force feed them to play a system. A system that is not working. They have not put any of the individual players in positions to succeed or where they are strongest. They need to develop the system around the players they have and have those players play to their individual strengths. Which is not happening. There is a lot of youth on this team and the team is getting beat in every aspect of the game and that is not good for the development of said youth. The game just looks too fast for everyone. The veterans are not slowing the game down by playing sound hockey, everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They need a little roster shake up to try and slow the bleeding. I hope the young guys dont get discouraged by losing. We need to develop this team more slowly. None of the young guys look ready. It would not be a bad idea at some point to send the young guys down to dominate together in the AHL and piece together the vets we have in the NHL to ride out the rest of this shit storm of a rebuilding year. Time to focus on the development end and not the W-L record.

  • First time I have ‘ever’ left a Ranger game before it ended. Between the performance of the team and all of the promotional ‘entertainment’ overload that MSG shoves down our throats – I have had enough. Bring up the Wolfpack.

  • I put a lot of this on the coaching staff.

    I know we’re young and inexperienced. But they look really unprepared and unmotivated to me outside of only a few. I’m not sure if DQ is in over his head or what it is. He’s not satisfied with the effort in almost every game. He’s switching people in and out all over the place all the time, and leaving the players looking completely unsure where to go and what to do. The Bruins are very good, no doubt. But it seems the players are almost all failing in DQ’s “non-negotiable” department. One or two would not be the biggest deal, and he’d work on those. But this is most of them.

    If Toronto is really thinking of moving away from Babcock, I would jump on that in a heartbeat.

    • Babcock is a an obnoxious and contemptible person … wait there’s a word for that. Hmmmm, it sounds like doosh.

  • Team seems to be in a funk, but the kind of funk that lacks direction. Almost skating like a pickup team that has just been put together. No real team play on offense, no structure on defense.

    Kakko is not a first line player at the moment.
    It would be nice to them play a team game. Maybe it is too soon to expect more from these guys.

  • Kakko, how does that show taste? Let’s Go #2 PICK IT UP!

    We all wish and hope that Zib is fine, and really fast too, BUT, at the same time maybe this forces the and a little and the opportunities make some guys rise up!

    I understand how hockey plays work, but I was looking for someone to face mush pasta after he touched Henrik, you can say whatever you want about it not being his fault, but we all know so many others teams would have at least gotten a little mush in there for it.


  • Team is bad; totally outclassed last night. Andersson and Howden are not ready for the NHL and may never be more than bottom 6 fodder. Once Zib went down only Strome looked like he can at least play center at this level. We are territorially one of the worst teams in the league. Our bottom six is not competitive. Ice is titled towards our net game in and game out. Panarin and Trouba are everything we could have hoped and we still stink. No real solution in the offing. Will be another developmental year, sell-off at the deadline, and hope we get lucky again in the lottery. Best we can hope for is that Chytil can establish himself as a 2C when he returns. And Fox looks real good – very clever with the puck.

    Very disappointing – thought we would at least be competitive and fun to watch.

  • Kakko is a minus 12. Maybe he would benefit from some playing time in Hartford against some lesser competition. Work on his game, get his confidence back. Just a thought.

  • How about being more clear as to what he has to do on the ice. Don’t just say be tough!He looks lost!

  • I recall that most of Kakko’s great plays were individual efforts. Hard to do at this level. He may need to adjust his game to make his skill set work in the NHL. He has not worked effectively with any line here so far. If correct this could take time to fix. While he may actually benefit from going down to Hartford, as Chytil appeared to do, I doubt that will happen.

  • I want to throw a Tangent into this. That is a mathematical term. If Tanner Fast was on the first line would we have won? How many of you have a Fast jersey? Give a Thumbs up if you have a Fast jersey! Just kidding.
    “This game is all about what you can do when someone is trying to stop you from doing it,” Quinn said. “I don’t care what you can do in the driveway, I don’t care what you can do in practice. I don’t care how pretty all these plays [are] that you can make. You have to be able to make a play when someone is trying to stop you from doing it. And, in turn, you better try to stop someone else from making a play.

    This was a QD quote.
    My reply, You, dear coach are trying to stop the team from winning with your conscience effort to remove talent and control it.

    • The team appears to not have as much talent as everyone thought. We have one talented center – probably the most important position in the league. And no particular talent at LHD given Skjei’s regression, Staal’s age and Hajek trying to figure out the game at this level. And pretty poor bottom 6 talent. And the spell’s of being totally dominated ie 2nd period yesterday do indicate periods of inadequate effort. Perhaps Quinn will ultimately prove to be a poor developer of talent, supposedly one of his best talents, but he is not wrong to call out poor effort. And whether we have latent talent not being used certainly is far from certain and remains to be seen. Lias has no discernible talent that I can see. Howden has speed but no hands. The 1st wave of prospects appear to have been over-hyped and hopefully the next wave will be better.

      • Your right, Quinn will ultimately prove to be a poor developer of talent, but may I add that he does not know how to use talent, Coach DQ wants 2 4th lines and thats his prerogative. Some coaches are not prepared for the NHL.

  • Did anyone noticed Pasternak in this game. The electricfying 23 year old is on fired. This btw didn’t happen over night. The young Czechoslovakia did spend sometime in the minors and believe it or not had a couple mediocre seasons before he came in his own. The Bruins however kept a lot of good players to help the kids along where the Rangers traded them all away. But oh well.

  • Absolutely – the idea that every talented prospect should be playing significant minutes on the Rangers is ridiculous and a disservice to the prospect, and the team, even if the prospect wants to play in the NHL. A prospect is far better serviced succeeding in Hartford than struggling in NY. Chytil is a case in point. Looked terrible for most his tenure, notwithstanding his obvious talent, in NY but is killing it in Hartford. Better to feel good about your game and have success under your belt before tackling the next level.

    Maybe Lias has some talent and would have built up a residue of success as a foundation if playing longer in Hartford before trying to make it in the NHL. Now he is playing on a 4th line and looking like a non-entity. He looked like he was dragging down Haley, McKegg and Smith yesterday when playing with them – as crazy as that seems.

  • So your playing the Bruins and who looks like your best player on the ice. Of course it’s Micheal Haley. Add more toughness (who can score occasionally), and this young team will be more comfortable on the ice to concern themselves with playing hockey. They see their goalie get knocked off his game. The player that should be their captain knocked out of the game. Basically, the Rangers were not tough enough to play the Bruins last night. The rest of the NHL probably saw that last night, or hear about it. Bet you Kakko saw that. Better hope Kravtsov didn’t see the game. Kreider saw it, but what did he do last night to help his team, score when the game was over. Get some players who would have given the Bruins what they gave the Rangers, a tough time. Otherwise, we will hate what we see on the ice this season. And probably some good players on the Rangers, young and old, are going to get hurt because their team lacks toughness. Win games? We got more to worry about.

    • That’s what doesn’t make sense. Hank gets hit and Zibs gets knocked out and none of the players did anything. Hank is the one that had to come out and hit Pasternak!! Not even the “tough” guys like Haley or Lemieux did anything. Isn’t that the sole reason they are on the team to bring some toughness/enforcement. If Haley is not doing that then he has point being on the team. Disappointed no one stepped up or stepped in.

  • Folks, just remember that the Rangers looked like world beaters against the Sabers before you despair too much.

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