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The kids come through as Rangers down Lightning

Chytil, Fox, and Kakko all score for the Rangers

It was the prospect show last night for the Rangers, as Filip Chytil, Adam Fox, and Kaapo Kakko all scored for the Blueshirts in their 4-1 win over the Lightning. The Rangers took advantage of a shorthanded Bolts team without their best defenseman, and chipped away until finally breaking through for three in the third period.

The kids were the story, but so was the goaltending. Alex Georgiev and Andrei Vasilevskiy were sharp and both put on clinics for this game, combining for 67 saves on 71 shots, many of them difficult. This was a fun win.

Bolts 1, Rangers 0

This is all about a bad change and Brayden Point reading it properly. Nikita Kucherov with the finish.

Rangers 1, Bolts 1

Kaapo Kakko got some luck here, but look how he waited until Ryan McDonagh was out of the way before he shot. That’s good instinct right there.

Rangers 2, Bolts 1

The kids come through. Ryan Lindgren with the good defensive play to start the rush. Pavel Buchnevich with the great pass, and Filip Chytil with the deflection over Vasilevskiy.

Rangers 3, Bolts 1

What a Foxy goal for Adam. Ryan Lindgren with his first NHL point. The kids. They have arrived.

Rangers 4, Bolts 1

Ryan Strome empty netter.

Shot Heatmap

The puck possession game was pretty even, but the Rangers crushed the Lightning in expected goals. They got far better quality chances. Might have to do with the Bolts missing two players from puck drop, but take it.

Skater Results

The Rangers really dominated the expected goals part of the game, and it finally wound up breaking through in the third. Worth noting that Tampa looked very slow.

The rebuild has been painful, especially this month, but with two strong wins sandwiching a poor effort against Boston, there are signs of life from this team. Let’s see if the team has the guts to stick with their lineup decisions that clearly helped this in this game.

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  • “We want to run a meritocracy here and guys that play well will continue to play”.

    This is a quote from DQ when discussing Marc Staal, and having to sit him in favor of Lindgren playing. I sure hope that this is a change of attitude, because the results showed that it’s the right decision, in spite of the personal feeling he may have for Marc!!!!!!!!!

    • At least last night’s results supported your assessment of Lindgren. If this is any indication, he belongs in the lineup. Whether the third slot should go to Staal or Hajek is not so clear to me. I do think the best player should play. I really don’t think Hajek is your kind of player and don’t see him as part of the Ranger future, but if they have better results with Hajek than with Staal, then he should play. We should not forget however that the Rangers are almost never a bad team with Georgiev in goal. Even if Marc is as bad as people here purport, he is only the second biggest problem.

      Interesting stat on the night: Three hits for ADA, bringing his season total to 5. Combined total for Hajek, ADA, Fox in ten games is 15. Is having three low hit defensemen tenable? [Note: ADA had 54 in in 61 games last year, below average but not terrible.]

      • ADA’s three hits were tied for the most on the team last night with Fast, Andersson and Kreider also having three each.

  • The young Rangers team, missing their top line center Zibanejad, beat a Tampa team that is loaded with talented players. All I can say is that it was a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch and perhaps all the gloom that was bandied about in the comments yesterday was over the top.

  • I mean, why did it take so long?

    Quinn carrying on about Staal like it was traumatic family event is ridiculous, IMO.

    Next, get Krav back here as well.

    • I’m not a Staal fan but I understand Quinn’s emotions here—Staal was once a legit first-pair LD who has given one of his eyes and likely suffered concussion-related brain damage in pursuit of a Cup with the Rangers. Tragic what happened to Marc’s career, almost like a Greek myth that his own brother gave him the injury that began Marc’s collapse as a quality NHL player.

      • Agreed and good post.

        We all get sentimental when long-time players are either benched and/or forced to retire. Trust me, I was close to tears when the Giants unceremoniously cut Phil Simms. I was sick about it. And I’m sure there are others.

        In this case, Staal has not been a good player for 3 years, while the Rangers’ FO and even their broadcasters go out of their way to convince us otherwise.

        It’s awful that Staal got hurt, but he’s financially stable. It’s even more tragic when an every day employee that relies on every penny of his/her salary, loses a job because of whatever.

        It’s just perspective and context for me, I guess. Nothing against him personally, as a I love the guy, and for what he has done for the Rangers.

    • It’s not Quinn bro……….The Rangers are without a doubt the most loyal leadership to players of any NHL team. They wanted Staal to play and Smith to play and Strome to play……Especiall Staal, who is beloved by leadership.. Staal should not play again unless injuries occur……It’s time to go on without Staal and let Lindgren establish himself…who by the way was deeply in TB skin as TB tried to slam him thru the boards several times…….

    • You should hear Sather talking about Staal…..He loves him to heart….Staal is a super nice guy…this is the reason besides the millions, that he plays every night……But as mentioned in previous post…Staal should not play again unless injuries occur….

    • If they only had a little freaking employer/employee relations to help with major culture shock, Kravs would be here as well.
      It really sucks…

      • He’ll be back before the end of the season Swarty,don’t sweat it,he has a little mental & physical maturing to do,

  • Lindgren looked comfortable last night, even handled a chippy Tampa late hit without losing his mind. Time for Marc Staal to be permanently scratched from this lineup. And nothing against Strome, who’s had a productive start to the season, but Chytil looked fluid, energetic, and dangerous all game.

    Amazing what removing Staal from the lineup did for NYR possession and speed of play. Barring injury, there’s really no reason why Staal should ever play for the Rangers again.

  • Buch to Chytil goal was a thing of beauty. Chytil looks completely different, skated hard away from the puck and got to puck areas quick. Also liked how Chytil kind of ignored Kreiders teasing/bullying on the bench after the goal.

    Favorite part of the game tho is when Haley reverse clotheslined Maroon and knocked him out of the game. 🙂

  • They were missing Hedman and Marron, but we we’re missing Zib. So not chalking this up at all to the missing lightning players. They’re far deeper than we are. Our D pairings were all solid last night. Hajek should have stayed on the ice for the one Tampa goal. Rookie mistake, it happens. Fox-Lindgren were dynamite last night. Skjei and ADA seem to be finding chemistry. Hajek won’t win rookie of the year, but he’s a good partner for Trouba. The defense in this game, much like in the Buffalo game, drove a lot of the offense. If we’re going to be honest. the D looks a lot better with out Staal. Lindgren will have his tough nights, like every player does, but the play of the D and the commit level seems to have risen with him in the lineup. It’s one game, but it’s against a top team and we looked like the better team most of the night.

    We out shot an opponent. I think that’s a first this season. 3rd period of this game was our best period of the season. I liked how late in the game Lemieux showed us how slow Shatty still is. Nice hustle by him last night. I also liked how we pressed late. Tampa has some late pressure, but our guys took it to them.

    Happy to see Kakko score. He looked good all night. Great goal by Chytil and nice staying with the play while under pressure. Kreider’s shot/pass to Fox for his first was a great heads up play. Kreider had his best game of the season. And Buch continues his steady play too. Finally I have to give Kudos to the 4th line. Even Smith. They gave Tampa fits last night. They were effective in the way we needed them to be effective.

    Great win and very fun to watch!

  • Amazing game.

    (Pessimistic) Prediction: The Rangers are going to come out and lay a giant freaking shat on Saturday in Nashville and get absolutely destroyed. Heard it here first.

  • Last night was a case of “Do it this way” as a direction from Gorton & JD. DQ would not have sat Staal on his own, he had to be told to do it. He was too close inside the mess to see what a disaster the defense was.
    Lindgren may not be the answer long term, but we know that Staal is a problem.
    Chytil probably wasn’t asked for,, but Gorton recognized what a desperate situation our center position is, and got an internal replacement. We now possibly will have a 1C (when Zibby returns) and a real 2C (Chytil). Lias probably deserves the 3C and Howden the 4C. Move Strome to a wing so he can generate offense.
    One good game will not right this ship, but it all starts with one good game.

    • per Tom Urtz, “Andersson has one assist in 112:42 of total time on ice, whereas Howden has three points (two of which came vs. Buffalo) in 154:01.

      Prior to Tuesday’s game Andersson had a CF% of 36.15 to Howden’s 37.56, both of which suck, but had an edge in xGF% with his rate of 42.57 vs. Howden’s 32.81 per Evolving-Hockey”.

  • Ok
    #1. Still #FireQuinn #HireKeefe, There is still no system in place, particularly in defense.
    #2. Trade Strome NOW!!!! If he drops away from Breadman, he is going to be old dude Strome.
    #3. Keep Staal in pressbox, even with his subpar skating abilities, Lindgren looked flying in compare to Staal.
    #4. Both Kakko and Chytil goals, where very good goals.

  • Great game I couldnt get enough. welcome back Filip
    when I heard stall was a healthy scratch, I busted open the scotch

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