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2024 Mark Messier Leadership Award Winner Jacob Trouba
May 15, 2024
New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba is the winner of the 2024 Mark Messier Leadership Award.
Rangers Recap
May 14, 2024
The NY Rangers were disappointing in a Game 5 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, with a critical Game 6 and a third attempt to close it out on Thursday.
No, not every goal was Jacob Trouba's fault in Game 4.
May 12, 2024
Despite what folks may think, not every goal in Game 4 was Jacob Trouba’s fault. Defense is a team game, not an individual game.
Jacob Trouba is the Rangers 2024 King Clancy Memorial Trophy nominee
Apr 18, 2024
Per Mollie Walker, Jacob Trouba is the Rangers 2024 King Clancy Memorial Trophy nominee. The trophy is awarded to the […]
The Trouba/Schneider swap was much needed
Apr 15, 2024
The Trouba/Schneider swap on defense was something many had been calling for, and finally happened over the weekend.
trouba schneider swap?
Apr 5, 2024
Should the Rangers swap Jacob Trouba and Braden Schneider on defense? Would that really cure some of Trouba’s struggles?
NY Rangers lines tonight: Jacob Trouba returns
Mar 30, 2024
The NY Rangers lines tonight are stronger than their last game, with captain Jacob Trouba returning to the lineup.
Rangers defense injury updates
Mar 26, 2024
There are some positive Rangers defense injury updates, as both Ryan Lindgren and Jacob Trouba are skating in regular jerseys.
Rangers defense injury updates
Mar 8, 2024
The Jacob Trouba injury news puts a damper on the Rangers trade deadline, as the Blueshirts captain is out 2-3 weeks.
trouba lindgren miscast
Mar 4, 2024
Jacob Trouba and Ryan Lindgren may be miscast in their current roles, and the solution may be as simple as flipping their roles on the ice.