Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers may be split on how to approach Jacob Trouba this offseason, but there is no indication a Trouba buyout is coming in the next few days. Trouba was clearly hobbled in the playoffs, with rumors that he was indeed playing on a broken ankle in the playoffs. Given how bad he looked, that certainly makes sense.

It’s important to remember that a Trouba buyout was always unlikely, even if many think it’s the proper path forward. It was always unlikely, as is a trade. It’s a tough sell for an $8 million 3RD who had a bad playoffs on a team that could have had better showings against the Florida Panthers.

We’ve been saying since the Rangers offseason started that a Trouba buyout was highly unlikely. Luckily, we will get confirmation this week, as the buyout window begins Wednesday and ends on Sunday. Now we just have to contend with the Rangers being connected to every free agent out there.

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