In what is normally standard practice, the NY Rangers have asked for Jacob Trouba’s 15-team no-trade list. Trouba’s no-move clause turns into a limited no-trade clause on July 1, and he has to submit a list of teams where he won’t accept a trade. Standard practice. Normally.

I say normally because this is not a normal situation. Teams do always get their player’s no-trade lists, but it’s the timing of the ask for Trouba’s. With Trouba’s name in endless trade rumors, it appears the Rangers want this done sooner rather than later. Asking for the list now may help facilitate a trade at the draft.

It’s not *that* the Rangers asked for Trouba’s 15-team no-trade list. It’s *when* then asked him for it.

Contractually, Trouba doesn’t have to submit his list until July 1, and it’s possible Trouba’s camp is disinclined to acquiesce to their request (movie buffs, go for it). That would certainly make things complicated, as would Trouba’s camp constructing the list in a manner than makes him virtually untradeable.

Still, asking for Trouba’s 15-team no-trade list means the Rangers are serious about moving him. I’ve been saying I can’t see it happening, and I’m happy to be wrong here.

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