Should the Rangers get revenge tomorrow? If so, how?

As Ranger fans rage over the Tom Wilson incident and the lack of a suspension, all eyes are on how they respond tomorrow night. With Artemiy Panarin done for the year, the Rangers are now down their star player. The frustration with the scumbag and the league is growing, so now it’s a question of what the Rangers do, if they do anything to get revenge. They have a few options.

1. Do Nothing – Just win

This is usually the go-to for teams. There is no greater revenge than winning the game and getting even. However, this is not the usual case. The Rangers are out of the playoffs. Winning doesn’t help them. Maybe it means the Caps don’t win the division, but does that really make you feel any better?

Winning would be nice, especially if it’s a blow out. But if I’m reading the room right, and I think I am, then most won’t be happy with that.

2. Call Up Mason Geersten

This is the knee jerk reaction that most of us had almost immediately following the incident. Then after the slap on the wrist, it came to the forefront again. Geersten is a puncher, and he’s a big one at that. The Rangers signed him to a two-way deal earlier this year, as they look to convert him to forward.

Here’s the thing. Calling up Geersten isn’t really going to do much. For starters, the Rangers signed him because they think they can convert him to forward and perhaps get a few games on the fourth line. Otherwise he would have stayed on his AHL deal.

Second, and most importantly, Wilson is a scumbag and chicken and won’t answer the call to someone twice his size. Especially if that guy isn’t really an NHL player.

3. Someone on the roster gets even?

Brendan Smith. Anthony Bitetto. Maybe Chris Kreider or Jacob Trouba if they are healthy. But will a simple fight do enough justice? Hockey has an odd way of policing itself, and it’s rather archaic.

Alex Georgiev is starting tomorrow, and he has a history of knocking out clowns. Maybe that’s the plan?

Revenge is likely not on the menu for the Rangers tomorrow, despite the blood the fans want. They will go about their business. But who knows? Maybe we will be surprised.

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  • I love the passion…but..this is a bit exaggerated: ”

    Second, and most importantly, Wilson is a scumbag and chicken and won’t answer the call to someone twice his size. Especially if that guy isn’t really an NHL player…”

    They are both about the same size.

    • “Second, and most importantly, Wilson is a scumbag and chicken and won’t answer the call to someone twice his size. Especially if that guy isn’t really an NHL player…”

      He fought Ryan Reaves and went tic for tac in between whistles with him. That was in a playoff series so…

      • Their Foret fight or 2 Wilson kept it close. Then reeves crushed him in the next. Wilson has been running from him since. There are YouTube videos of Wilson running from. Reeves and Ross Johnston from the islanders

    • chara lol, remember that fight? I guess no one here really watches hockey anymore

  • I think the answer is to goad Wilson all night — they don’t have to fight him per se, they have to make him take dumb penalties and then score PP goals. Taunt him, needle him, work the referees … Wilson can’t resist. Let him put his team in a hole, into multiple holes. Win the game, that’s the best revenge at this point. Nobody is going to beat the crap out of Wilson and even if someone did, it won’t change his behavior and won’t necessarily win you the game — being on the PP a lot and scoring more goals might though.

    • Right..win, basically, an exhibition game as a losing non-playoff team. What an accomplishment! That’ll show him! PollyAnna much! Nothing will happen tomorrow because they just don’t have it in them. Its up to Gorton to fix this. All the revenge talk is being laughed at around the League. They all know the Rangers are soft…if they didn’t, all they have to do is call up Matt Martin.
      The damage is already done…both physically and to the organization as a whole.
      As for Wilson, he’ll be as quiet as a church mouse tomorrow, and the Rangers will just let him be. DQ has basically admitted that today.
      Taunt him….right..Mika can wag his finger at him! Get real.

    • Your right with what you said!
      I also think if the Caps think we will try to exact revenge,they might not dress him,so he doesn’t really do anything stupid and get a 5 or 10 game suspension.
      Judy my take

      • They’ll dress him and let him start the game. Why wouldn’t they? They have NOTHING to fear. The Rangers will do NOTHING!!! Mark my words!

        • I hope your wrong my friend.. As an athlete you have to have some pride and stand up for yourself and teammates.
          Otherwise it’s a lost cause..

          • Per Dan Rosen,he spoke to DQ about a callup for tomorrow night, specially about Mason Geersten DQ said they talked about multiple players. My guess he’s not tipping his hand,but I’ll bet he is called up.. Mentioned Cuylle he can’t on an AHL contract only.
            Just food for thought

    • “think the answer is to goad Wilson all night — they don’t have to fight him per se, they have to make him take dumb penalties and then score PP goals. Taunt him, needle him, work the referees … Wilson can’t resist. Let him put his team in a hole, into multiple holes. Win the game, that’s the best revenge at this point. Nobody is going to beat the crap out of Wilson”

      No way have you ever played AAAA hockey. T

      that is how you see fit to handle Wilson? Spraying bear spray against on grizzly won’t help one bit. What you want to see is what happens when kids in Bantam’s learned that the refs will soon get there to break it up. Unless if you take him off the ice with a minor or major penalty, it becomes useless. Anyone who wants to break him down in between whistles will look like Buch or Panarin did.

      • I said “per se” … as in I’ll be happy if someone stands up to him, takes the beating, gives the beating or gains a draw, the point is getting him to LOSE a game is the best long term recipe. Pressure needs to be exerted by the League and his own team — when his team starts losing games because he acts like a jackass they will apply their own pressure on him. Losing is the cure because if they win and he does that crap, it will continue. This is why I favor goading him every chance they get. PPs and goals will reign him in, eventually.

        Re: Buch, you’re wrong. Buch was prone on the ice and he took advantage of that situation … it isn’t like Wilson grabbed him, tossed his helmet and then proceeded to beat the crap out of him — in fact after Buch got up he was the guy to get Wilson off of Panarin.

    • I would rather see someone shot a puck right into his face at close range. We are not going to be able to physically beat that animal with the line up we have. A puck in the face can take anyone out.

      • GOOD idea, Andy! lol
        Nice and easy and quick … doesn’t take much effort and, at the same time, our guy doesn’t get injured doing it. 😉

      • So basically “intent to injure” targeting the most vulnerable area … hey maybe we can hit him the eye and blind him for life. Sorry, can’t condone that although I wouldn’t cry if it happened accidentally.

      • Not Ovechkin? The guy who gratuitously slams his 235 lb body into unsuspecting skaters usually much smaller than him. Then gets pissed when he gets checked too closely or aggressively. My list? Wilson first then this guy second.

        • Wilson was the perpetrator, not Ovechkin. Whatever you think of him a gratuitous hit on Ovechkin in response to Wilson just furthers the danger to the best players in the game instead of reducing it because it engenders more tit for tat responses.

        • We do something like that, and the Caps take out Zibanejad (with another concussion) as retaliation.
          No thanks. Leave Ovi out of this.

        • I just read that the coward, Ovechkin, has been ruled out for the game. He and his team are disgusting!

    • NO … then you can’t complain about what they might do. The moral high ground is the best vantage point. There are smarter ways of dealing with these types of players.

  • If Rangers brass had any balls (which they do NOT) they would have picked two of the most important skilled players on the Caps – Carlson and Backstrom and beat the living crap of of them…

    • Problem is Gorton never bothered signing a couple of bangers & guys who would go after Wilson.. this is the youngest & softest team in the league..

    • I think the Rangers will(or should) make a statement tomorrow. They should target on of the stars.Carlson is a good choice since in the dzone he can be hit while a Ranger doesn’t ease up on the boards. You must show any team that if you go after our stars, it is fair game to go after yours.I really would like Kreider at full speed hit Carlson. It is simple physics.The fastest player with the most weight hits at a greater force against a stationary object.

      • I think hitting their stars only endangers the Rangers’ skilled players. Do we want Wilson taking a run at Adam Fox? I think that if anyone wants to exact revenge, then they should target Wilson with some nice clean and hard checks. Ring his bell.

      • You go after their stars, and they’ll remember that for next season. With all the talent we have, all it takes is one DANGEROUS CHEAP SHOT by a player that doesn’t have much of a future with the team (in other words, “No Loss” if the guy gets suspended indefinitely)… just so they can pay back the Rangers for their act(s) of revenge. Hmmm…

        Hey! I’m an old-school fan and LOVE the NHL of the past, where every team boasted of having an enforcer or two, man.

        I do think the Rangers will definitely sign players who can take care of business on the ice, when need be. DAMN, that’ll be great to see –we would have a COMPLETE team: Defensive talent, offensive talent, good goaltending and MUSCLE!

        • Do you remember how much bitching there was when we played Tanner Glass, Michael Haley,Derek Boogard etc. The guy we sign can’t be an anchor.

        • Nah Ranger Joe. We go after their stars, then they go after their stars, then they go after ours. It is a never ending spiral. Shell Wilson, he was the guy who did the damage. Your suggestion just puts everyone at risk.

          • Peter, they’re just reflecting the same mentality that has made this world a hell hole for many people, many innocents. This is part of a mentality that may not allow us to survive past the current century as a species. It’s time to grow up. Wilson needs therapy … but he isn’t alone.

          • No Peter. I was AGAINST going back and forth with acts of retribution of teams’ star players –I wasn’t for that. You got me wrong on that, my friend.

        • They already went after our star. Did you watch the game? You should see what he did to Panarin

  • Detroit still owes us “future considerations” from Staal trade. Send back McIlwrath for tomorrow.

  • #1 Wilson is a scumbag, but he has never turned down a fight.

    #2 Terrible snark aside, Georgiev got his ass kicked by Deangelo. Also, Deangelo would have answered the bell, regardless of what you think of him.

    #3 The Rangers have no shot at winning the game, nor should they bother fighting Wilson with the players mentioned. All of them would just get their asses handed to them.

    #4 The Rangers ONLY option is to call up Geersten and hope he’s actually as good a fighter as people claim. Otherwise Wilson will just run roughshod over the Rangers again.

    • Everything joe said, I couldn’t agree more.

      I wouldn’t mind a Chris Simon on hollweg type situation on Wilson here from anyone. I think Kreider used to play ball?

      But seriously, the whole third period last night no reaction… from ANYONE!?
      All this talk about who wants the C, in my eyes the C was there served on a platter…. you just had to go through Wilson to get it. Not one single player took the offer. Gotta wonder if kreids or Trouba would’ve gone…
      Throw the first punch and hold on for life even, two hander to the back of the knees. Any response would have sufficed. You can say it’s not the kids job, but imagine if one did step up and do anything? We’d be talking of him being a hero now and for years to come. These things can’t be taught, but a don’t F with us culture can help. That’s on jd and Gorton

    • “Wilson has never turned down a fight”.

      There are a couple of YouTube compilations of Wilson running from fighting reeves and Johnston.

        • I was simply showing that the comments saying Wilson never backs down are quite wrong.

          He’s a tad bigger than reeves but won’t go near him. He’s smaller than Johnston and won’t go near him.

          He’s the definition of a bully.. He’s a cunt. A pussy. Has zero problem going after guys a lot smaller than him but won’t go near anyone his size.

          Last 2 weeks Matt Martin and Chara fought twice.. I aw one of the fights. Afterwards they both tapped each other with an “good fight” type of gesture. Those are 2 big dudes who are both considered tough. They play the game hard and mostly clean. They can punish guys with checks but are not trying to hurt people. Will fight anyone.

          Wilson just tries to hurt people and won’t fight prppe in his weight class

    • Joe to Joe” … You got that right, man. Sad, but reality, is your # 3 point.

      WAIT ’til next year….adding some muscle, size and toughness will make us fans PROUD to be Ranger fans!

      ..and hire “Nicky, the hero of Staten Island” as a fighting assistant to teach these kids (‘cuz Nicky don’t lose fights!) Lol

  • The proper response is to have the entire team play a hard checking physical game and run all the Caps stars repeatedly and take some, you know, liberties with their elbows and sticks the entire game. You also recall Gertsen and have him deal with that cheap shot jackass.

    Buuuut we all pretty much know the Rangers aren’t going to anything because they have way more brittle players then the Caps do.

  • I said this on Twitter and I’ll say it here. Rangers should forfeit in protest for the lack of suspension. Player safety is an issue we can all rally around and it’s vital to the health of the game. The NHL whiffed on this by a mile.

    • I like that idea Suit.

      The other way to possibly forfeit is for the whole team to go after Wilson en masse. That ought to incur a forfeit too. But, your take is probably better as it makes the point without furthering the idiotic violence.

    • Maybe they can walk off the ice like the Russians did vs the Flyers all those years ago! Geezus…get real!!!!!

    • I agree that it would be a protest move, but it’s also a nationally televised game and the league would throw a huge fit if they did this. Also, all the Caps fans would just call us cowards for a decade and claim that Tom Wilson is some enforcer god.

      • A nationally televised game is perfect. Even the threat of it happening would drive the league bonkers. It wouldn’t be cowardice at all. It instead would require huge balls to do it.

        • The NHL would obviously learn from this (being in an, all of a sudden, a negative light) if the Rangers protested in some way. Maybe that’s the one thing that would make the League finally address and correct this issue (of goons, like Tom Wilson, that bring nothing to the game but trouble…suspensions, dirty play causing injuries to other players, etc.).

      • All the more reason. Give the NHL a big black eye over this — and for next year just make sure we have one or two idiots that can take matters into their own hands.

    • Yes, I like the way you think … why not? It makes a strong statement … you know the NHL will be hypersensitive the next time Wilson does anything stupid (that should happen soon enough). Whether they would continue to do so though, I don’t know.

    • I was just going to say that Suit.

      Rangers give a big FU to the league and say “we refuse to play.”

    • Excellent idea, their playoff run is over, their gate is likely minimal and Dolan likes getting involved. But Bettman probably pulls picks or does something to show the other owners that shouldn’t think about doing it themselves. Although, Rangers’ players could walk off the ice, as soon as the bagman steps onto it.

  • Call up Geertsen for tomorrow before Wilson injures someone else. For next season, go get the Alpha male….Milan Lucic…have Calgary retain 50% of his salary. We will have the cap room for the remaining 2 years on his contract and Calgary would save cap $$$….would cost nothing in assets. We can put him on our fourth line.

  • The NHL doesn’t favor the NY Rangers, and this no decision smells to high heaven pointing this out.

    Imagine other stars getting handled like this.

    Busch, nor panarin tossed hands. One was on the floor and the other was the third person #43 came unleashed on. Normal players stay focused on the player they were initially involved with. What #43 did was some form of rage not normally seen. Then #43, stood in the box mocking players, WTF kind of bully beats up a guy he has no business tossing like that then acts like being that way is cool.

    The league showed it’s colors about the Rangers and that’s that.

    Revenge? Like what fighting him… Beating them..

    Nothing will remove the fact that our league left this on the ice after seeing clear video of a player who crossed a line.

    I only hope he doesn’t hurt a guy some day, but decisions like this are to hold accountable when he does.

    Tisk Tisk

  • Ok team sit down , let’s go over the game plan tomorrrow. I want 60 hits recorded. I don’t care about goals. Play the man not the puck and finish every check as hard as you can.

    Anyone skating up ice with their head down needs to be laid out.

    Not a finger on Wilson. Not one hit, hit everyone else you can. As hard as you can.

    Double up in the corners.

    I need beukeboom sized hits out there people.

    It was a rivalry , now it’s war.

  • Not trying to be an alarmist here, but a portion of the Rangers future is on the line depending what happens tomorrow night. Points and Standings wide the game means nothing and the NHL wants Wilson around for the lure of NBC’s last season of coverage.

    1. If Quinn’s team doesn’t respond, he should be the first one sent packing. A worrisome detail when looked at how Rangers poorly started some of their games the past 2 seasons. All of a sudden it feels like Canes/Rangers qualifying round with no physical response.
    2. Other free agents will think twice about coming to an ord that doesn’t stand up for itself.
    3. As far as I am concerned, only Kreider or Trouba can wear a “C” considering they weren’t dressed and nobody else stepped up.
    4. Clearly a time for vigilante justice (remember the old Isles/Rangers and Flyers/Rangers preseason games from 10-30 years ago – that’s what tomorrow night is. Score means nothing
    5. Since Wilson went after Buch and Panarin, Rangers have full right to go after Wilson, Ovechkin and anyone else they choose and it doesn’t have to be legal. This is a night to “Use the Foil”.
    6. The entire league will be watching and JD and Gorton have to fix this before the first pre-season game
    7. Yes, dress, Mason Geersten. Let the Caps take the ice first for pre-skate and give Mason two laps around on his own in honor of his first NHL game – and yes, Mason is old enough to know what’s going on.

  • Wilson did what Wilson does — an otherwise-useless player taking out a top player. Why waste time on him, or Ovi, for that matter? Run the goalie. Run the goalie. Run the goalie. Oops, looks like Caps bounce out of the first round. Sorry not sorry, just like Wilson.

    • Useless player? 20+ goal scorer that plays on the top line of a cup winning team. Lol you’re delusional.

  • Rangers should refuse to play Washington tomorrow with Wilson in the lineup. Maybe the outside eyes that would draw would put some pressure on the league to reform.

    • It would at least start a serious conversation with the League, George Parros my arse. He’s a stain on all the Ivy League programs … he may have gone to Princeton but he was always a no talent cement head.

  • Def want to see Geersten called up. If there’s ever an opportunity for this dude to show us what he’s made of, it’s this one.

  • Dave I guess what I said was inappropriate. I am sorry that I mentioned it. I just find the drama on here hilarious. Everyone is blowing this out of proportion. It was a tussle between men and just so happens he got the better of 3 guys on our team.

    But I stand by most of you would be defending him if he was on our team.

    End of the day no one got hurt physically, just their prides and ego’s. Panarin for those of you not watching has been dealing with a issue for a while and this was just the last straw to finally call it for him. And start the recovery process.

    And I can tell all the people on here who have actually been a fist fight in their lives by the responses. You don’t fight Wilson tomorrow cause you think you will win the fight. You fight him so he knows you will stand up to him. It is not about winning. It is about earning respect. And this team has no one with a spine presently in the lineup. And that right there is my ultimate point about Mika. He is the Vet tommorow and if he doesn’t do anything…it will show you all you need to know about him.

    IMHO …Lafreniere will be much more likely to fight wilson then mika. And that is a damn shame. He would rather let a kid fight his battles then himself. But that is a pacifist for you. Let others die in my stead while I hide and cower.

    Some captain wanna be Captain he is!

    • Laffytaffy on the money

      You people on here claiming the rangers should protest the game, good lord. I can clearly see who the Twitter woke warriors are.
      Fight fire w fire, need someone to step up and stand up plain and simple. Time for the boys to become men and do something.

      Disappointed in Gauthier also…. for how big n jacked he is and Dad pro wrestler background, I really expected him to do something if he wanted to cement himself in the lineup. I guess he doesn’t want it that bad

      • Ah, this was not a case of guys fighting, this was a case of a much bigger guy taking the opportunity to criminally assault one of the best players in the league.

        Panarin did exactly the right thing to defend his teammate, but then Panarin opened the door to Wilson’s criminality, which the league obviously blessed. Wilson got zero for the 2 Panarin bodyslams.

        But if you insist, and if I were out there, a straight fight is not the answer, but, rather, a blind side knob of the stick to the head will do.

        There’s 3 games left in the season, so nothing really to lose.

        • Richter normally I really respect what you have to say. I don’t here. I don’t wish harm on any player.

          Hockey has fighting for a reason. And this is the exact reason hockey still allows fighting. There was a injustice that happened and it was up to those on the ice to answer that injustice with a physical altercation. Sadly that didn’t happen.

          This franchise and it’s fans have turned soft and the drama queens are making us look very pathetic with these type of comments.

          I respect Panarin and Strome tremendously more then i did before this moment. They gave it their all. good for them but this drama of getting revenge is just making us look even more pathetic.

          • Normally I don’t wish harm on anyone either, but I have made an exception for Wilson.

            He’s a f-cking criminal on skates. He’s going to kill or seriously injure someone, at some point. He came within inches of making Panarin a vegetable.

            If I were a Ranger with 3 games left in a meaningless season, I would take the butt of my stick and lay the guy out. And gladly take the suspension.

            Think badly of me if you want, but that’s how I feel about bullies and cowards like Wilson. Preying on the small and prone players.

            The Rangers responded appropriately and were f-cking screwed by 1) the refs (how was Wilson able to come back into this game?) and 2) the league. Who, once again, showed how amateurish they are. Worse than WWE.

            I’m sorry that I disappoint you this time. When we played street hockey and older kids picked on my younger brothers with dirty hits, I made them bleed. Guess what? It stopped.

  • Take one of their important players out they need. Time for the NY Rangers to respond if for nothing else for Panarin.

  • The Islanders were afraid they could actually be passed by the Rangers, that fear has been removed.

    • They had a down game after playing pretty flawless the prior two against us. Yeah, that happens … a lot.

  • First call up Mason. Second Cheap shot Wilson at every opportunity. Third change the coach and front office if they are unable to protect our skill players.

  • I was waiting for the news of a Geersten call up but it never came. That guy is big and dangerous. I say at least have him and Bitetto in the lineup to make a statement. If they don’t want do add the big guys to the lineup then tell the players to use the sticks. Adam Graves once broke Mario Lemieux’s wrist in a Stanley cup game doing this. Point is that something needs to be done to control Animal Wilson. The league won’t do squat so it up to the Rangers to send the message or will they just passively keep taking the abuse?

  • Frontier justice is the only way to stand up and get counted now.

    Will it happen? Not holding my breath.

    These Rangers are soft, easily intimidated, and lack any kind of leadership or accountability. No captain, no muscle, no grit…

    JD and Gorton must address this. No one on the current roster makes so much as a peep while guys like Matt Martin and Wilson run us out of the rink and target our best players without any fear of reprisal….

    Reminds me of how the Flyers would take liberties with us, going back to Schultz beating up Dale Rolfe… This was mitigated in later years when even with a physically small team, we dressed guys like Cam Connor and George McPhee and beat Philly when it counted.

    C’mon JD: Remember the Bruins targeting the Swedes back in the “Thin Ice” days? Secord and O’Reilly running us at will until we got Nicky back?

    Someone must step up. K’Andre Miller is 6′ 5′ but obviously suffers from Willie Huber-Syndrome. Who else? Gauthier? Barron?
    Our tougher players are out, and we just are not built for conflict or retribution…

  • They will probably scratch Wilson. Go up to Karlson or Backstrom and give them a two hander in the legs then knock off the helmet and slam them to the ice now that is revenge

    • The Craps don’t have enough forwards to scratch POS Wilson, but if the Rangers don’t send him off on a stretcher they’ll just get beat down next season every time with no retribution.

  • One player engages him by the board and locks him up and another can accidentally butt end him in the back of the head, just like the cheap shot artist Wilson is. It’s only 14 minutes in penalties.

  • What do you think would’ve happened if this were another team instead of being Panarin it was McDavid, Pasternak, Matthews, or Barzell ?.Do you think those teams wouldturn the other cheek ifWilson threw around their star player like a ragdoll?

  • don’t worry, fans… Zibanejad will issue another stern lecture postgame about “disrespect…” that should send them racing for the foothills.

  • The league has no problem with Wilson, but you can bet a million $$ that tomorrow night, they will be watching and ready to wave the suspension wand if the Rangers do any little thing that even implies that they are seeking revenge.

    And, I do like the forfeit idea, but knowing Bettman, he would take away the Rangers’ first round pick away as punishment.

    • The Rangers actually made a very strong statement, much stronger than the usual cop out statement most NHL teams make, to conform to that idiot Bettman.

      So, I do applaud them for that. Whatever fine they get is a cost of doing business.

  • March 19, 1992. Start the rookies and let them defend the honor of being a Ranger. They may take a beaten, but it will go along way to gain the respect of their fans and a city. The league has made it clear you need some tough guys on the team and the rangers need to adjust their roster going forward. Where are you Nicky Fotiu, Colton Orr, Mark Messier?

  • First off, let’s get a couple of things off the table.

    1) Geersten played in Hartford today, so he isn’t getting the call for tomorrow, sadly.

    2) The Rangers were in rebuild mode this year, grooming all the young talent. No one really expected them to make the playoffs until down the stretch when it suddenly became a possibility. The Rangers have no muscle this year specifically because they had no goal other than developing the core. Wasting a roster slot on a goon doesn’t really play into that strategy at all. Now, next year, making an actual run at contention will require some more physicality, and I suspect we will see an off-season acquisition in that regard. Especially after yesterday.

    As for how to handle tomorrow’s game, with the core of players we have right now — factoring in injuries to Kreider, Trouba, and Lindgren, and Geersten almost certainly not getting called-up — I think anyone calling for 70s style retribution has lost touch with reality. We don’t get payback tomorrow by taking cheap-shots and going after their stars with intent to injure, because that invites repayment in kind. And we don’t have the sort of toughness right now to police that. Why risk suspensions and injuries to our own core of skilled players?

    Instead, I’d recommend just playing a clean, but fiercely physical game. Finish every check on every player. Hit hard. Defend the crease. Crash the net. Make every Caps player have to slog through 200″ of checks, bumps, obstruction, and sticks. Make them wish Wilson hadn’t done what he had done. That’s the only way to get Wilson to change, when his own teammates don’t want to pay for his antics. And we’ll garner far more respect around the league for that response than we would going out there and playing bush league, and getting beat at that game to boot.

    Now, as for Wilson, I do think we need to pester him all night. Nothing illicitly dirty, but constant harassment and goading him into taking penalties and then paying them back on the PP. Asking Mika to go fight Wilson to prove he is a leader is ridiculous. Ayone who let’s Mika actually try to fight Wilson doesn’t deserve to be on this team. Smith, I could see fighting Wilson. He will lose, but he can probably hang in there enough to not die, which can’t be said for most of our roster.

    A fight. Constant checks and hard hits. And beat them on the PP. That’s all we can do tomorrow.

    That, and remember this next season.

  • I have personally I it a bounty on his head of my own money $50000.00 thousand dollars to the ranger that ends his career

  • The best revenge is served fast and hard. You don’t need a tough guy just look at Pavel Bure on Shane Churla.

  • Revenge talk is a joke .. Wilson is big, mean and even tho a bully will fight any of the lgs toughest players. Nobody on the Rangers or anyone they bring up would be able to handle him if that’s what they decide. The one player who was able to go against him (Lemieux) our brainless coach had no patience for.

  • It started with Fast in the bubble then Martin ramming Trouba, now Wilson pounding Panarin .. all out for the remainder of what’s left in the season. It’s a pattern teams will keep following until Gorts does something about it.

  • This is on the league are you kidding me no suspension wtf
    An if those idiots in our office had any brains they would protect there players I miss all our enforcers

  • The NHL has already made the decision for them, by doing nothing. They have no choice but to bring up Geertsen. I hope they fight, but if Wilson doesn’t, I hope Geertsen, taunts and terrorizes him all night. Follow those checks all the way through brother…

    • He’s 6′ 4″, hope he is tough enough because Wilson is a feckin’ animal. You need a monster to rag doll him. Sad it has come to this.

  • It’s a real tragedy that at this point in time, the Rangers (and every team heading into the playoffs) need to scout their lower ranks (AHL, ECHL, etc) and find the biggest, toughest, best scrapper they can find and bring him up for one sole purpose: beat Tom Wilson to the point he can not play the game. Sounds harsh, but if the league is saying ‘We have no problem’ the only choice to protect your players is to fight fire with fire. Very relieved that Artemi was not seriously injured, but shame on the league for encouraging this type of response. Remember when Milan Lucic ran over Ryan Miller who was WAY out of the crease chasing the puck? No inury to Miller, he just said it was ‘classless, shouldn’t happen.’ Next game against Boston, Buffalo brought up 6′ 8″ John Scott for one reason: revenge. Bruins sent out their ‘scrapper’ Shawn Thornton who answered the call to protect Lucic who (at the time) was a top 6 winger. Thornton got beaten so bad he ended up in the hospital and missed several games with a concussion. Scott went back to the minors, never to be seen again in the NHL. We are right back there again. Thanks DoPS.

  • The bottom line is that this is in reality a league issue and a question of enforcement by the league, not a team ‘toughness’ issue. Unless the team’s managers and owners get on Bettman about it, nothing will be done and the problem will be reduced to goons continuing to be hired to police headhunters like Wilson.

  • definitely an exaggerated page, all players do dirty hits and although this was bad, its not as bad as some other dirty plays.

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