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Tom Wilson is a scumbag as Caps down Rangers

Tom Wilson is a scumbag. After punching a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich in the head while on the ice, he body slammed Artemi Panarin, who did not return. That was enough for the Caps to tie it late in the second, then take the lead early in the third. The Rangers were without their best player, and it showed.

That said, the Caps did dominate the game. Most of this game was in the Rangers’ zone. The Rangers were sub-40% CF and sub-30% xGF for most of the game. The fact that the Rangers were even in the game for a while was a borderline miracle. This was not a game the Rangers deserved to win.

Caps 1, Rangers 0 – Bad neutral zone play

This is bad neutral zone positioning by Tarmo Reunanen, and the puck went through him to Nic Dowd. But that’s also one where Shesterkin needs to bail out his rookie teammate.

Caps 2, Rangers 0 – Weird bad play?

Connor Sheary got a bit lucky on this, but it’s a borderline second weak goal by Igor Shesterkin. The puck deflected to Sheary, who was all alone, but the shot was in a spot that Shesterkin probably wants back.

Caps 2, Rangers 1 – Oh hey a goal

Mika Zibanejad used his speed through the neutral zone to get open along the boards, as the Rangers made some nice passes to break through the neutral zone and gain a zone entry. Then it was a quick transition and shot by Zibanejad.

Rangers 2, Caps 2 – Second time’s a charm

After hitting the crossbar, the Rangers had the Caps scrambling. Then it was just pretty passing. Once the Caps were unable to clear following the crossbar, it was a matter of time.

Rangers 3, Caps 2 – Pinching defenseman

The Rangers caught the Caps pinching, and they were off to the races. This was also a great passing play with a superb finish from Kakko. Note where Kakko received the pass before he tucked it by Vanecek. His arms were extended, not huddled into his body. Progress.

Caps 3, Rangers 3 – No puck support

I don’t really get on rookies for defensive zone turnovers, but I will get on the rest of the team for not giving K’Andre Miller any outlets when he was getting pressured. They just stood there. That’s what led to this goal.

Caps 4, Rangers 3 – Whiff

This was brutal for Brendan Smith. He just whiffed on the pass, and Daniel Sprong scored.

Caps 5, Rangers 3 – Split the defense

Nicklas Backstrom split the defense here, as the Rangers weren’t expecting that pass to get through. After that, Backstrom just used his slick hands to roof it. As far as I’m concerned, this game ended at 5-3.

Shot Heatmap – Clear as day

Wilson aside, the Rangers never stood a chance in this one. I am still amazed this was a close game on the scoreboard.

Skater Results – That’s a lot of bad

Given how the shot heatmap looked, is this a surprise? But hey how about that Kaapo Kakko?

Three games of meaningless hockey left for the Rangers. But if there is one thing that unites us all, it’s that Tom Wilson is a scumbag.

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  • I was going to post an opinion on Wilson, but no need to David, your title says it all.

  • Best post title I’ve ever seen. No Dave, tell us how you really feel!

    I am filled with optimism about this team starting next year. If JG makes the right tweaks to the lineup, finds a little sandpaper, and DQ (or who ever) elevates Kakko, Laffy and Chytl and gives Kravs, Barron and maybe the Goat a chance… and they add Lundqvist and assuming Jones, maybe Robertson during the season, and Benny with one more season w/ the 2 goalies this team is going to start eating these older teams alive.

    Little by little. This year was another little bite. Next year they’ll nip away at aging teams like the Bruins, Caps and Pens. Key is going to be growth NOW from Kakko (who looks like a beast in the making) and Laffy. And more minutes for Chytl.

    When you consider the D corp getting assembled and maybe an injection of grit into this young talent loaded offense I am pleased with the progress to this point and am going to enjoy the off season moves to come.

  • Its unfortunate that we have a dirty player like Tom Wilson in the NHL but if the league won’t do anything about it then the Rangers must call up Mason Geertson for tomorrows Capital’s game or someone else could get seriously hurt. Geertson is a big no-nonsense stay-at-home defenseman that will add the toughness that the Rangers lack. If he plays his stay at home role and is on the ice, Wilson may behave himself. If this is the way the game needs to be played then the Rangers have little choice but to protect their players.

    • The Rangers could have called him up after witnessing what happened with Trouba and Zib, yet and this is the really baffling part….they decided they didn’t need to and instead started another soft player…I mean, Zac Jones might turn out to be a great player…but man, he looks like a middle school player out there…don’t we have enough of those guys already.

      I just don’t get how the Rangers playing in one of the toughest divisions concluded they were going to go with the softest lineup ever assembled.

      To read the majority on this post think the Rangers have enough grit on this team…even with Trouba, Lindgren and Kreider in the lineup, guess what…Wilson does the same exact thing.

      everyone wants the wholesome guy who dazzles with his stick and scored the highlight goal…who doesn’t…but you can’t have 25 of those guys…when the other team is throwing guys over the board who want to smash your face in…and that is what happened again last night.

      I don’t know how many more examples you need.

    • I understand the need for more grit on the Rangers, and agree. However there is no grip or strength you can add to the team that is going to stop a player like Tom Wilson. As I posted yesterday, Tom Wilson‘s problem is in his grip or his scale, it is his lack of intelligence. The man is clearly as dumb as a bag of rocks! He makes big money, plays in a great league, and in a great sport. Yet, he still doesn’t have any intelligence whatsoever do you know what he’s doing is not only hurting the league and other players but most of all himself. A bag of rocks I tell you.

      • Grit not grip. Isn’t his grit or his strength
        To know what. Sorry guys I dictated that and it didn’t go well

  • This just shows how some teams can intimidate others who cannot defend themselves. Wilson is a known dirty player that the league does not handle well. The NY Rangers needed to empty the bench last night.

  • He should be suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. A repeat offender rove two players heads into the ice on 3 occasions during that scrum.

    He needs to be gone. Like Tony D gone.

  • That was… something else. Hockey is better without that bullshit. That guy is a legit psychopath. Real big taking on Panarin (5’11” 170).

    That said, I’m here for our newest trolll Laffy Taffy (a reference to the song or to the candy) to come in spewing fire and call people idiots for calling him an idiot.

    *popcorn gif goes here*

  • seems like my last post was too harsh for Dave.

    What did you think was going to happen when they traded Pepe away and tossed Tony to the curb…he must be laughing his a$$ off.

    You new way Ranger fans and blogger want this to be a hitting free game…you should stick to watching the NBA…

    When you get smacked in the mouth…you don’t get them back by scoring a goal…that’s not how it works!

    When you draft passive aggressive personalities year after year after year…you then get to watch your prized players get body slammed to the ground…now, i know that hurts a lot feeling around here…Wilson was mocking the Rangers.

    The Rangers fielding the meanest team in the leagues once in the last 35 years…the year, 1994!

    • It actually got auto-flagged for review due to some of the language used.

      I then deleted it because it didn’t add anything constructive to the conversation, and instead you attacked the people who come to this site and comment here regularly. As if any of us have any influence with how the team is formed.

    • Again, the Rangers have legitimate needs including a need for more grit , However that has nothing to do with Tom Wilson slamming other players heads into the ice and choking Pavel With his stick while punching him in the back of the head. Tom Wilson is as dumb as a bag of rocks and so is the leader ship in the NHL front office and I’m going to conclude the players as well because they can’t be very smart if they’re allowing another player to be doing stuff they can in their careers or their chance at a cup. I guess they’re all a bunch of idiots

  • Wilson is a serial hockey psychopath , who wants to hurt opponents . Needs to be banned for rest of year including playoffs .
    Having said that , the Ranger brass is negligent in not having enough toughness on this team for deterrent and response reasons .
    No team would have ignored Wilson when he came back on the ice . There would have been a cavalry going after him except the Rangers
    It was inexcusable that there was no response . I blame the coach and JD and Gorton for this travesty

    • Hey Tony,
      I understand what you are saying. I do.

      JD and JG have tried to add some toughness with Trouba, Lindgren, Smith and the departed Lemieux. I will not mention Krieder because he is not noted for dropping the mitts. Since he has been in the League 2013-14 he has had 13 fighting majors.
      If you want a comparison to Wilson who came into the league the same season, 2013-14 has some 69 fighting majors. They are both about the same size. Kreider at 6’3″ and 217 pounds and Wilson at 6’4″ and 218.

      During the rebuild, I think the above mentioned group, Trouba, Lindgren, Smith and Lemieux, were in place to provide “toughness” while we were accumulating both offence and defensive talent. That was the immediate focus after the rebuild was announced, focus on accumulating offensive and defensive talent. And they have done a fantastic job of doing just that.

      Last year’s draft, we took some players who have size and play tough, natsy and hard. So it’s coming.

      This is hockey not figure skating. Everyone on the ice needs to some degree, stick up for themselves. I don’t expect Zib to drop the gloves with Martin after he elbowed Zib in the jibs. However, Zib could have gave Martin a ‘hey f__ker don’t do that again’ slash across Martin’s ankles. Not a love tap, but a real notice me slash. Yep take your 2 minutes minor for slashing and let the team kill off that minor. Teams rise to the occasion when it comes to killing off those type of penalties. No coach except AV would have called that a bad penalty.

      I give Panarin and Strome kudos for trying to answer the shot(s) Wilson gave Buch. Those actions build comradery within the team.

      I am one of the voters who unashamedly cast my ballot in the #10 slot for confidence going forward. Yep we need grit and toughness, Carolina showed us that in last season’s loser playoff round.
      We have the skill and size, as some of our youngsters need to, and will fill out as they mature.
      JD and JG showed they went after the toughness and nastiness in the last draft.
      I have complete trust that JD and JG know what this team lacks and are addressing those issues.

      • yes, they are addressing those issues for the future, but completely ignore it for the present…that’s not how it works. We could have taken Zayde Wisdom with our 4th pick and yet we took another 160 swede…so, we did address it to some extent but some scouts have a lot more influence then others in our system and that is completely evident when looking at our prospects. I think Gordie is sitting next to Sather up in Banff, taking a nap!

        And again, for all of those who want to give Gorton credit for that infamous draft, as an interim GM for the Bruins, I again, highly doubt that the incoming GM and owner would give him the authority to make those decisions.

  • Good use of the word “Scumbag” Dave. It is synonyms with Tom Wilson. The league should expel Wilson for the rest of the season and the play offs and he should have to reapply to play in the NHL again. And there should be conditions for his return. When you look at the Caps twitter promoting this nonsense the league should come down on the team as well. They are as classless as the animal they employ. He could have killed someone last night. He’s worse than Raffi Torres.

  • Thanks Dave. You have spoken for all of us…No need for me to comment on this disgraceful player.

    • yes, Dave has spoken, no need to address team toughness. We can blog about it and the Rangers can continue to ignore grit and toughness, instead of having someone who can police the ice. the league should help the Rangers and force teams not to dress the their mean guys.

      I mean, this happens every year for the Rangers, I rememeber how Glass used to get killed on here…but at least he would defend his teammates, something that most of you despise.

        • on the contrary, I disagree with a lot of your thinking but I thank you for your tireless work. I enjoy the banter and at the end of the day we are all diehard Ranger fans. I am more of a meat and potatoes and an eye for an eye type of guy and you have a different approach. I can passionately disagree with you and sometimes i let my emotions get the better of me…but nonetheless, you provide an escape from my everyday life.

          • Fair enough. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it. I’ll note the tone as passionate and not accusatory going forward.

  • The team is constructed incorrectly, for years the Ranger management drafted defensemen , not Centers, and the coach is an amateur, Trade Jones and the poor skater Kravtsov, trade Kreider, Hire a new coach and staff –like Gallant as a starter, and get a fighter or two

  • It is on Davidson, he should have seen this coming. The Islanders and Capitals tried if not succeeded in hurting Ranger players. Not even a Geertson callup once Trouba was hurt. I was foolish enough to believe Davidson would pickup a player(s) who had the Rangers backs, but once the trade deadline passed, so did Davidson’s ability to help the Rangers, who are sitting ducks with absolutely no protection against the Martin and Wilson types intent to injure. He was quick to smack down Tony, because that was easy, but allowed our soft Rangers’ team remain vulnerable to toughness, guess not as easy to fix. The display on the ice last night is on Davidson, and add Brooks’ report of Rangers’ players and coach not in agreement, Davidson’s tenure as Rangers’ is starting to bring important questions.

  • Wilson will not change until someone beats him to a bloody mess…
    Hopefully it will someone the Rangers get!!
    Bettman and the NHL are way too lenient on offenders like him and he knows it.
    Or he’s just that stupid.
    Let’s hope in the off season JD/JG rectify this..we need bigger grittier nasty players to offset our talent.

    • I wish that was the case but remember Ryan Reeves leveled Wilson a few years ago? And the scum bag is still at it…

      • Reeves and Wilson cross paths only a handful of times…The Rangers knew they had to face the Bruins, Islanders and Caps, 24x’s this year…no excuse for not addressing it.

        JD for all the years of his calling and playing for the Rangers, knows first hand what it should take and left it up to Gorton to decided and he failed miserably at it.

  • Great article well said however ,I really want to see the NHL after they are taking care of this a hole (probably 5 games),Look into the referee of this nonsense,let’s see if the league does anything about the penalty that was called.Washinton gets away again (#8 spear to the groin earlier in the season) .Its puzzling why he would not do any of this cheap stuff against Vegas (Reaves),Islander (Johnston,Martin).Fighting has a place in the NHL I understand that,but what this chump consistently gets away with has to end.If his team stands behind him games and take away 25 games to the teams highest scorer.This way no team will allow this to be accepted.This goes for ALL teams including Boston with their little slewfoot ,sucker punchin ,innocent looking super star.Sorry for the long rant,however Some of us remember #23 getting sucker punched by Matt Johnson.THIS STUFF GOTTA STOP or BRING BACK “FRONTIER JUSTICE”.I hope the NHL listens to its fans “ITS GOTTA STOP”. Rest In Peace Joe McGivney.

  • In 1968, at the end of the season, Jack Concannon was the quarterback of the Chicago Bears playing with a cast on his non-throwing arm. He had been knocked out of the lineup earlier in the season but was called back into service when the fourth string quarterback got injured.

    In those days, Dick Butkus was notorious for his treatment of quarterbacks and it seemed like the response was to get the Bear quarterbacks and all four get hurt.

    The Rangers should forget about Wilson. The goal tomorrow should be a broken leg or broken arm for Ovechkin. (nothing serious – just enough to miss the playoffs). Both the Caps and the NHL would learn fast what allowing Tom Wilson to play means.

    • Rooting for someone to suffer injury—especially when it’s a player who had nothing to do with a violent incident in the first place—is disgraceful. But that’s how a gutless bullying puke like Tom Wilson lowers the bar on the game for everyone, fans included.

      What other justice can there be for Wilson at this point, except to suffer a career-altering injury? The league hasn’t changed his behavior or even condemned it. Wilson will paralyze or kill someone on the ice before his career is over, that was a truly malevolent outburst of violence we all saw last night. Anything coming Wilson’s way on the ice is something he has earned.

    • Sadly I believe you are right. If the league and the current Ranger players are not going to do something about this nonsense, then the teams must have someone to police it. That’s why the NHL will always be a niche league. They really have no clue what they are doing, just like Mr. bag O’rocks.

  • As a Ranger fan since 1970 my mindset as I sat down to watch last night’s game was that for the first time ever, with the playoffs a mirage, I would be ok if Ovi scored a goal in order for him to move into a tie for 5th highest NHL goal scorer ever. I respect him immensely for his on ice performance (his off ice life and politics are for another day.) So even after what transpired last night, I cannot root for him to be be targeted for injury. But the NHL’s weak response to Kill-son’s latest transgression has stoked my emotions, and I am finding it hard to control the impulses that are creating the hopes that he is hurt tomorrow. That is how a low-life lowers the intellectual bar…in hockey and in life.

  • The Capitals team is full of scumbags, not just Wilson, led by the chief scumbag Barry Trotz!

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