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NHL DoPS fines Tom Wilson $5,000, no suspension

A shocker – the NHL Department of Player Safety has fined Tom Wilson $5,000, but he will not be suspended for his lunacy last night. The Department of Player Safety is a joke. Always has been. Always will be. Wilson attacked two defenseless players last night, and almost crippled both of them.

The NHL wants to be taken seriously, but until they eliminate this crap from the game, they won’t be. No wonder why the NHL isn’t considered a major sport anymore. This league is a joke.

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  • Wow. Just Wow. Hank got more for squirting water on Crosby. What a joke. Been a fan for almost 50 years but this league is becoming more ridiculous all the time.

    • No it’s not, it’s just as ridiculous as it use to be when it comes to this stuff. Nothing has changed. Player “safety” … what a joke.

      • Dale Hunter got suspended 20 games for for taking a cheap shot on Pierre Turgeon in the playoffs in the 90’s

  • So what does this mean for tomorrow night? Do they have ANYONE in Hartford they can call up? Somebody who would have to come in here as a hired gun to protect the softies on the roster against “the big bad wolf?” What an embarrassing decision for Mgmt to have to make…but it is self-inflicted.
    Construct a team out of glass, and its going to break. And expecting the League to come to your defense is just kinda’ pathetic.

    • The league coming to our dense? If the plays were legal and we were getting manhandled that way yeah you’d be right. What happened last night was totally wrong and he should have been suspended. The team needs to get tougher no doubt, and taken it to Wilson last night, bit what he did should have got him suspended not a fine..

      • What I’m referring to is the outcry for Wilson’s suspension. You knew the League was not going to do that..especially with the Playoffs coming up. To expect the League to do the right thing is foolish. People need to move on from that.As a team…they need to take care of this in-house.

  • Only saving grace, and I cant believe I’m saying this, they get to call up Geertsen to kill Wilson. If they don’t, somebody else has to step up. I don’t care who, its about standing up for your teammates. Wilson’s actions are reprehensible but he knows he can get away with it.

    I wouldn’t bat an eye if he gave him a stick to the face. This is when someone gets seriously hurt, when the refs don’t do their job, and the League doesn’t hold people responsible, players take matters into their own hands.

    • Bringing up a goon to go all “Slapshot” on them is really just a pathetic response to this. But, unfortunately, Mgmt has given themselves no other choice. The League doesn’t care, the players can’t(or won’t) defend themselves…so what else is there to do? I’m sure the League will put the Rangers on notice about retaliation…that’s what they do.(totally ignoring the fact that by letting Wilson play, they are setting up an incident). But The Rangers should ignore them and do what they have to.

  • The 1 on 1 tussle on the ground brought back some memories. That is how every chippy games goes in the states. Rarely you see it in the AHL/NHL. -> That is what got Tom Wilson fined from last night. Lol the league wants to continue their none written rule of taking a 1 on 1 to their feet/skates.

    He should of been fine a extra 2k for that rib shot on Strome. When has it ever been okay to throw a punch in a scrum against a guy who couldn’t defend themselves? That has been a huge reason why extra man never comes in from the blue line. Smh

    Panarin taking a ride on Wilson back was probably deemed self defense. I understand what Panarin saw to set him off, the mugging of Buch + seeing Strome get beat up. You never still ride someone’s back like that. What would have Dubi have done if Crosby did that to him? Just for self preservation, Artemi should know better than to do that.

    -These fights, the reaction and second hand emotion’s are nothing new. In my day, it would start on AOL, go into games, end on AOL with some more trash talking. Teams would be leaving messages like “RIP”. My rival game was such a bloodbath vs the famous Lake Placid team. FB post lasting well into the 4k comment mark 4-5 hours post game lol.

    All of this is nothing new…. You simply can’t stop a Tom Wilson in his tracks. Luckily he isn’t a brick house like Ovi on skates. He can go down quite easy compared to other power forwards.

    • Panarin stood up to Putin and should have been afraid of Wilson to defend his teammate and friend. I guess he is made differently from you

      • “Panarin stood up to Putin and should have been afraid of Wilson to defend his teammate and friend. I guess he is made differently from you”

        Give a 5 mintue research on who Panarin likes…. You’ll find yourself on the back of the same bird with this left wing & right wing bs. The guy who he wanted to see rise in power has been no different than any other politican. Panarin is getting plaid just like every other Trump supporter or Democrat. Fools…. As someone with a family member apart of the U.N, you’re all getting plaid.

        Tom Wilson most likely roughed him up due to what he said a few years ago. Discriminating African American women as not pretty as a whole. Wilson bffs are both black and have played on his Caps team.

        • I do not need 5 minutes on who Panarin likes nor I do not care who he likes. I merely was stating that standing up to Putin is a courageous act especially when he has his loved ones still in Russia. I would think that is scarier than fighting Wilson and defending his friend. But feel free to disagree. Sounds like you know this topic better

  • F- Bettman; F Parros. F the NHL. JD/Gordo…this is a clear and simple sign if YOU dont protect our talent the league certainly will not. Sign John Scott; Reaves, Deslauriers I dont care. You bring a butter knife to a gun fight and your done. Time for Blood and Thunder.

  • Won’t watch anymore! Lifetime fan. NHL office a joke! Do they not realize kids watch this behavior and repeat it? I’ve seen it at the youth level and it’s disgusting!

  • It’s not a joke, more like a travesty. The league couldn’t care less about player safety. It enables those who draw viewers and doesn’t even pretend to apply the rules equitably. Tom Wilson is a loose canon who’s just been empowered to continue on his reckless path. What will it take to effect change, a broken neck?

  • People are missing the point. If all the NHL is going to do it’s let them off with a slap on the wrist and a $5000 fine which is pathetic the teams have to take matters in their own hands. If that means Calling up Geertsen for tomorrow’s game I’m all for it. At least it shows a cheap shot punk Like Wilson that there will be repercussions for his actions. He’s not attacking our grinders .he hit Buch in the head while he was defenseless, and then threw around our best player! You never let that happen. When it does and you do nothing you show the rest of the league that’s acceptable. This isn’t tennis, sorry to say.Sometimes an eye for an eye is the acceptable response

  • I’d put two guys on the roster for tomo night. Have Geertsen go at the start and again in the 1st and have our second guy go 1-2 times in the 2nd, then let Brendan finish off the 3rd with 2 fights. And if Wilson doesn’t drop them gloves each time, our 3 guys should still clobber him.

    • And while they’re at it, clobber Backstrom. And Kutznetzov if he plays. And Oshie… Merely going after Wilson isn’t enough of a deterrent, Washington as a team needs to feel it. Caps are heading to the playoffs, let them spend the game looking over their shoulders, worrying what might come there way.

    • The last thing we need is to be down to 4-5 d’men, we’re already dressing a majority AHL defense that is getting victimized on a nightly basis. I think this should show everyone how much guys like Trouba and Lindgren are really worth … and if you think we don’t miss Trouba, think again.

      I think the answer is to goad Wilson all night — they don’t have to fight him per se, they have to make him take dumb penalties and then score PP goals. Taunt him, needle him, work the referees … Wilson can’t resist. Let him put his team in a hole. Win the game, that’s the best revenge at this point. Nobody is going to beat the crap out of Wilson and even if someone did, it won’t change his behavior and won’t necessarily win you the game — being on the PP a lot and scoring more goals might though.

      • You know you’re right. I know it too, as do most here. However, I still want to see someone kick his stupid ass and I wouldn’t mind seeing one of their best players out for the rest of the playoffs. Put a win on top of all that and you have a cherry. The league just won’t do anything. So…the team has too. You can’t turn the other cheek! We are on the road to a cup and turning the cheek will not get us there! I’m so done with this league right now. I’ve already given up on MLB and NFL and never cared for NBA. Looks like I’m on the road to not being a sports fan anymore. Pathetic, NHL, pathetic.

    • Apologize to Tony D. and put him in there tomorrow night –he aint doing anything right now and would welcome a good scrap (to put to “good use” his anger issues, lol).

  • $5000 fine.(JOKE) nothing out of his pocket.. team will pay it..
    I can actually see tomorrow night (Jones,Hajek) out..Bitetto Geersten in…
    Fwd Paul Thompson maybe Cuylle..
    But the Caps might figure that out, and not dress him unless all other players are still missing?

    • I was just thinking that, Joe R: the Caps GOT to know that something “not too good” may happen to Tom Wilson tomorrow night, and to avoid any payback/injury, just sit him out.

      • adding…
        We’ll just goon it up in the off-season (i.e. get bigger by signing some muscle/on-ice deterrents) and go after Wilson next season.

  • I imagine the rationale that the league might use is that Panarin was a participant in the altercation. But that does not excuse Wilson’s clearly dangerous behavior. The league’s response just encourages more of the same behavior because $5,000 and no suspension is chicken feed for Wilson.

  • I’ve contacted the league and informed them that they’ll have no more of my dollars until the Wilson’s of the NHL are dealt with justly. It’s interesting that words and ideas are policed so vigilantly by the league, but overt (and televised) physical assault is not.

  • Last night was a disaster. Wilson only getting $5k fine is a little light for
    me. He should have gotten a at least a game for body slamming Artie.

    The bottom line is the Rangers had no one on the bench to hold Wilson accountable. Brendan Smith would and will tomorrow step up and go with Wilson. Wilson could really hurt Smith, Last night exposed a huge problem moving forward, they need to get tougher to protect the stars and kids.

    I think Gorton has done a tremendous job with this team. If there was one big miss finding a tough guy who could play and not be liability out there. Wilson and Josh Anderson are unicorns, big, tough as nails and could play the game at high level. I would look to trade for a player like that. I honestly think this type of players is more important then looking for 2nd line center. Strome has proven he could handle the load up to this point.

    • I agree Eric. They need someone who is tough like Wilson and who can also play the game like Wilson can. They don’t need a headhunter like him, but they do need someone who might make Wilson think twice about attacking the Rangers’ best player. Gorton brought in Cody McLeod and others, but they were the wrong types of guys (and Cody couldn’t even fight any more!)

  • If Panarin can stand up to Putin, maybe he can stand up to the NHL

    Hire a lawyer for criminal assault and civil damages for threat to his career.

    And where is the Player’s Association on this?????

  • This is exactly why players police themselves except your favorite hockey team because they are AFRAID

    • Anything wrong of being afraid? If you ever played hockey you would have been afraid with confrontation with Wilson or check from Ovechkin. This does not anyone a lesser man or a player. Not everyone built like linebackers on skates

        • I am not one of them. That takes a lot of guts especially Panarin. But attacking Mika for not jumping in is not honest either. I would add Fox to that list too,

          I also would like to add to anyone here who think that if Rangers had their version of Joe Kochur playing then this particular situation would have been different. No way any enforcer would have played in PP. And Smith could have responded in he third period and he did not. That tells me that he was told not to. I can be wrong but I doubt it

          • true, Kocur wouldn’t have been out there for any PP time–but he’d be next man up soon as Wilson’s PIM’s were up.

          • Exactly my point.

            What bothers me that Smith did not try to go after Wilson. That is not like him.

  • I’m not surprised at all. With the direction this country is going how do we expect sports leagues to be any better. MLB pulls an all-star game because they’re basically told to, athletes can use the arena for political opinions, why not allow a player to “assault” not one but 2 different players and get away with it. I’m a Rangers fan but also love watching a good “hard hitting” game but until we put our eyes where our mouth is, it’ll never change. We as the fans have a much bigger voice if we choose to have it. Ticket sales are still all but non existent, how about tv ratings next?

  • I’m a Bruins fan, and a hockey fan first and foremost. Been a fan of the best game on earth for 46 years, and have seen some fairly ferocious fights in that time. But the NHL is supposed to be moving away from the outright pugilism of the game and protecting players from harm. I’m still a fan of the ‘Ok, let’s fight’ code, but the players are expected to a- agree to a fist fight (not a wrestling match / mixed martial arts competition) and b- stop when they see the other player is hurt or no longer engaging. Tom Wilson has turned the NHL into the WWE and a laughing stock as far as player safety, or any sort of ‘code of conduct for fighting’ is concerned. Dark day in the NHL. Shame on the DoPS.

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