Artemiy Panarin likely done for the season

Per Elliotte Friedman, Artemiy Panarin is likely done for the season following getting assaulted by noted scumbag Tom Wilson. Given the Rangers only have three games left in the season, this was probably expected, but still tough to hear.

No word yet on Wilson’s suspension, fine, or, knowing the NHL, nothing at all. There is no place in hockey for what he did. He should be suspended indefinitely.

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  • The only thing I am more mad about than Wilson’s antics last night are this teams complete lack of a response. When the refs made the unconscionable decision NOT to throw Wilson out of the game every single Ranger should have been counting their lucky stars that one of them was going to get a piece of him that night…..except no one did a fucking thing. I’m no proponent of the enforcer in hockey or this bush league crap but the fact is there are players and teams who do this shit and the Rangers rarely answer the bell. I’m thinking back to when a dinged up Panarin got assaulted by Marchand and all he got was a death stair from Buchnevich. Somebody needs to start answering this shit, otherwise teams will be all too happy to take runs at our top guys. The league basically lets them get away with it at this point (watch Wilson get a slap on the wrist) So at some point you have to protect your own. After all these years pining for the likes of Haley and Glass to find their way to Hartford I never thought I’d be writing something like this but here we are.

    • Couldn’t disagree more. What would you have — someone ripping his helmet off, dragging him down by his hair, banging his head on the ice and punching his head while on the ice, defenceless?

      I get the emotion for revenge, but that perpetuates something that does not belong in hockey. Hopefully the NHL will finally draw the line. Not holding my breath. I hope someone threatens legal action: that will get their attention.

      Not to mention that both Strome and Panarin came to Pavel’s defence, something you are conveniently ignoring.

    • For every action …there is a reaction …( or should be )…how many times have I/we Ranger fans had to sit there looking at our guys get punched -cross checked -sucker punched …with NO “team-mate “coming to the aid….or rescue( in Panarin’s case …hey …I give him credit , he is basically the most important player on this team … All-star non-fighting player & and is height challenged at that ….But …at least he tried to do something …hates off to him and Strome ….getting a talking too or stare down with harsh language by one or two players doesn’t cut it …i love the Rangers …I can handle the losses …but if the team gets bullied/manhandled/and embarrassed physically, and they do not stand up for each other ….I have no respect for the guys out there ….I do not want he 70’s brawls , but if you have a TEAM that sticks up for each other and has SOME KIND OF PHYSICAL PRESENCE….what happened last night with that jackass Wilson …..would not happen …and if someone punches s team-mate while he is sprawled on the ice …hands pinned down -defenseless ….then one of the smallest stature-wise …ALL-star /# 1 player is getting a beat-down by A-Hole who is a least a foot taller ….*** to top it off …that same A-Hole player scored the empty net goal …..I am not a happy fan ….RANGERS NEED GRIT AND ONE FOR ALL MENTALITY….with their talent ….if they do not address this ….the Rangers are going nowhere

  • Best response to Wilson’s shenanigans would have been scoring a PP goal. Yeah, nobody got in there and beat the snot out of Wilson, but very few can — but at least they didn’t all stand there and do nothing, they tried — first Strome for the shot to Buch’s head … and then later Buch when Wilson started picking at the low hanging fruit (Panarin).

    • as a Ranger fan, it doesn’t anger you that we continually get pounded on?

      How many times do they have to turn the other cheek before we realize we have no cheeks left.

      I am not looking for John Scott here…but we need at least guys who will defend themselves and their teammates.

      Martin crushed a Cap into the boards right after or before he did it to Trouba, Chara come over and punched Martin in the face until he took a knee…will it stop Martin from doing it again…maybe not, but maybe it will…if our goal is to have the ref or the league defend our team…that is not how the league is currently constructed and until it is…you need to address it as an organization not pretend like it is not happening.

      • What angers me is the NHL’s response to these types of incidences. What bothers me are the referees giving this guy a simple 10 minute misconduct and an extra roughing penalty instead of a game misconduct, intent to injure, etc.

  • Heard the term,”ice capades”, reference made on WFAN from a long standing season ticket holder…….It’s up to JD and JG to fix this issue……..You can have all the eye candy you want, but cavities will ruin you pleasure……………..Not saying to goon it up, but it’s very clear that we need to tweak this team and we have the assets to do it….

  • Flat out, the NYR got literally knocked out of the playoffs this week by the combination of Matt Martin and Tom Wilson. With their season on the line, those two challenged the NYR’s obvious weak spot, and they crumbled w/o much of a fight.

    And this is the issue. As much as some do not want this aspect in hockey, it’s there. And you have to have the guys who command the respect of other teams. This is the optics around the Rangers now, and they have to address it in some way or it will continue. As the games get tighter towards the Playoffs, and the points are harder to come by, this is when teams look for ANY weakness to exploit. And it gets even more focused in the Playoffs.

    They are a young, soft roster that can be intimidated. If you lean on them a little bit, and rough them up, they will not want to play. Until they prove otherwise, this is their identity.

  • Outside Brendan Smith (who has 3 games left with the Rangers or perhaps NHL, and likely pictured himself in a stretcher for a brief second) I am not sure who was expected to man up against Tom Wilson. I am far more disappointed with the Coach and GM on not making sure an appropriate person was in our lineup to handle this very job. And what was Mika doing? He looked like he cared more about his stick than his teammates.

  • We have one guy from our mainstay group of players that has any heart in his game as well as him being a very player and thats Ryan Lindgren. I know that Schneider has that element to his game as well as Robertson and thats on defense. At forward we have Quyle , Barron somewhat and Gathier who actually finish their checks or are know too. Thats it . This must change and fast.

    • Lafreniare will come back bigger and nastier next year. Hoping Kreider also realizes he will need to use his strength and size for other means / different role. I think last night makes it clear that JD needs to make a play for a JT Miller like center. And if Barron wants a guaranteed spot next season he adds 10-12lbs of muscle and fight. Wouldn’t mind Lindgren and Miller adding some muscle as well. Schneider is going to be a beast when he gets here and adds muscle as well.

      • You sucker punch my guy i sucker punch you. While Martin was sitting on top of Bushnevitch hitting him in the head Strome comes from Martin’s behind and tries to move Martin off of Buch. It was a prefect moment for a pay back. No matter what happens afterward.

  • The way this team is constructed(so far) this was inevitable. Hats off to Panarin for trying to protect his teammate; along with Strome and Buch. The only problem with that is…that is not what they do. They are gonna get smoked every time they are put in that position….but again, hats off for the effort.
    The biggest disappointment, for me, was the lack of any kind of response from the rest of the team in the third. I’m sure Wilson and the Caps were expecting something..but it never came. Yes the game was tied….a meaningless game as they play out the string. Yes, it probably would have fallen on Brendan Smith to try and avenge Panarin…and that might have gotten really ugly. But still, the effort would have been appreciated and respected. But that effort never came.
    Now the onus, if it wasn’t already, is on Gorton and JD to fix this. JD, especially knows what its like to play on soft teams. He knows the outrage and embarrassment the fans are feeling this morning over last night events. Now, this summer, is the time to do something about it.
    I’m not talking about importing goons…just importing players who are not only finesse-driven Euro-types who shy away from any physical play, as if it is below them.
    Its going to cost them to do it…prospects will be sacrificed and probably a regular(or two), but it is a necessary cost. This team is blessed with an abundance of high end talent…now is the time to supplement it with some spit and vinegar types who can take a check to make a play…and more importantly…can initiate physical play and not always have to react to it.
    They got the young talent in give us the players to protect and allow that talent to flourish. Its on you Mgmt!

  • What happened with Tom Wilson last night arogantly beating on the Rangers was absolutely PATHETIC! It was sickening! Matt. Martin did it a few games before and caused injury. I cannot believe there are still silly passivist Ranger fans dismissing this and still making excuses. A couple of Rangers did try and help out of desperation, but were no match for the bigger meaner Capital team. Anytime a star player like Panarin can be ridiculously manhandled and injured by a Wilson jerk, something is wrong! Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic!!!
    The rangers usually get out hit and manhandled by bigger and more physical teams. This has been their demise for the past couple of decades. To many finesse players that lack size and grit. Even some of their bigger players play small)The bigger more physical and talented teams, (Islanders, Bruins, Capitals, Tampa Bay, ETC) go on in the play-offs. I think management is beginning to realize there must be more of a balance of speed, skill, grit and attitude.
    RANGERS ARE TO SOFT OVERALL, get outhit, shutdown and sometimes injured. Also allow to much physical abuse with little or no retaliation.
    Excluding skill,
    1-10 rate for grit, toughness, and attitude(a little bit of a mean streak)

    Morgan Barron 6′ 4″ 220 lbs– UNPROVEN
    Colin Blackwell 5′ 9″ 190 lbs – 5
    Filip Chytil 6’2″ 206 lbs – 2
    Brett Howden 6′ 3″ 197 lbs – 5
    Kevin Rooney 6′ 2″ 190 lbs – 7
    Ryan Strome 6′ 1″ 193 lbs- 5
    Mika Zibanejad 6′ 2″ 208 lbs –2
    Phillip Di Giuseppe 6′ 0″193 lbs – 5
    Chris Kreider 6′ 3″ 217 lbs – 7
    Alexis Lafrenière 6′ 2″ 193 lbs- UNPROVEN
    Artemi Panarin 5′ 11″170 lbs – 2
    Pavel Buchnevich 6′ 3″ 197 lbs- 6
    Julien Gauthier 6′ 4″ 227 lbs – 4
    Kaapo Kakko24 20 6′ 3″ 199 lbs – 5
    Vitali Kravtsov74 21 6′ 4″ 183 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Anthony Bitetto 6′ 1″ 210 lbs – 7
    Adam Fox 5′ 11″ 181 lbs – 4
    Libor Hajek 6′ 2″ 203 lbs – 4
    Jack Johnson 6′ 1″ 227 lbs- 7
    Zachary Jones 5′ 11″ 185 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Ryan Lindgren 6′ 0″ 191 lbs – 8
    K’Andre Miller 6′ 5″ 210 lbs- 3
    Tarmo Reunanen 6′ 0″ 185 lbs – UNPROVEN
    Brendan Smith 6 ” 2″ 200 lbs – 9
    Jacob Trouba 6′ 3″ 209 lbs- 8
    You will never win a cup with just a skilled soft unbalanced team that lacks toughness, grit and attitude!

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