NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: February 17, 2020

Checking in on the NY Rangers' performance from the past week

This week’s combines the last two, since I completely forgot last week’s. I have a reminder in my phone now.  Back to weekly confidence polls now.

Record Last Two Weeks (Monday to Sunday): 5-3-0 (26 GF, 20 GA)
Season Record: 30-24-4 (188 GF, 179 GA)
Schedule This Week: @ CHI, @ CAR, vs SJ

Top stories from the last two weeks:

  • The Rangers went 5-3-0 in the past two weeks, including an impressive four game win streak.
  • Trade Rumors: There are still a lot of trade rumblings on Chris KreiderJesper Fast, and Alex Georgiev. Too many posts to list, so you can see them all here.
  • Buyout Rumors: There has been a lot of chatter about a potential Henrik Lundqvist buyout. I think it is relatively irresponsible to do so. But guest poster Brandon Cohen thinks it is a good idea.
  • Ryan Lindgren has quietly become one of the more steady presences on the blue line.
  • It is very hard to ignore the improving Rangers, especially as the goaltending is coming back and they are starting to get wins.
  • The Rangers may be forced to choose between Tony DeAngelo and Jacob Trouba, who has a NMC kicking in this summer.
  • Injury Updates: Tony DeAngelo remains out with “a banged up.” It’s expected he will be ready to go on Wednesday.
  • Hartford Wolf Pack Update: The Pack went 3-1 in the last two weeks, closing out January with three strong wins. Becky and Rob made the trek to Hartford to watch them in person. The Pack are now 26-11-4-5 and are still atop the Atlantic Division, with two games in hand on the Hershey Bears. They are second in the conference, one point behind Belleville (with a game in hand) and third in the AHL. No one is catching Milwaukee.
  • Site Updates: We are going to try to channel Hunter S. Thompson a little more around here. Plus we launched a new commenting system.

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

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  • I do not believe that the Rangers are looking at the DeAngelo situation as s choice between Trouba and Tony D.

    First of all, they are very different players. Tony does not bring the physicality to the game that Trouba does despite his feistiness. Tony has a 6th sense for passing and a great wrister. Trouba has a canon of a slapper and is a big boy while Tony is under six feet. Let’s not make the mistake of comparing the two.

    Also, Tony does not have a lot of leverage. Sure, he will go to arbitration, but he is not going to be awarded a figure that prices him off the Rangers based upon one year, even though it will be an excellent one. I believe that the Rangers will be able to afford him if that is what they want to do, by making other moves. They’ve committed to Trouba and the guy is a stud. I am a big fan of Stunod DeAngelo, and hope that the Rangers will be too in the end.

    My confidence is high, I have put it at 9 now, and it would be a 10 if it were not for the hard cap.

    • All the good teams have issues with the cap every summer — it’s the price of having players develop successfully. In our case it comes at the end of a rebuild, but only because of 3 contracts left over from the good old days — Hank, Staal and Smith. I still believe they can work the situation out with those 3 — and at a relatively low price. Buying all 3 out saves about $6.5M for next season (and the cost in the 2nd season drops dramatically), but I’m convinced at least one of them can be traded after their signing bonus is paid … and in Hank’s case, well JD needs to work his magic and get Hank to retire — at least try.

      TIMING isn’t really an issue either, they have all summer to take care of things. Besides, if I’m sacrificing a player here it’s going to be Strome —- certainly not Trouba or ADA …. and Jesper Fast will sign a team friendly deal, I have a gut feel on that which relates to his “character”. I can’t see him running off and signing with another team for an extra 500k or 1 year. That may be naive on my part, but I think I’m reading his personality correctly. That said if someone wants to offer us a 1st rounder for him, well that’s another story.

      • “Buying all 3 out saves about $6.5M for next season (and the cost in the 2nd season drops dramatically),”

        Buyouts are not as rosy as you paint them. Superficially we save $6.7M. However, Smith can be sent to Hartford. Buying out Hank necessitates keeping Georgiev ($1M?). Staal can be a non-playing 7 dman – and his loss would require spending perhaps $800K for a replacement (we don’t want a kid in that role as we want the kids to be playing). So the actual savings next year are more like $3.8M.

        And then the following year – which would be cost free if we let the contracts run their course – we get a cap hit of $3.35M.
        The net cap savings are less than half a million dollars.

        Not advocating most of these actions, but all of the buyouts combined are less beneficial the first year than just ONE of a handful of possible actions. Trade Strome or DeAngelo or Skjei (my choice) or Trouba or Kreider. A Buchnevich or Fast trade would not be far behind.

        Plus roughly half the effect comes from the politically unpopular Hank buyout.

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