Thoughts following yesterday’s roster moves

NY Rangers send Lias Andersson to Hartford, recall Tim Gettinger

The Rangers made a few much needed roster moves yesterday, waiving Micheal Haley, sending Lias Andersson to Hartford, and recalling Tim Gettinger. While it may not seem like the last two were much needed, they absolutely were. As per usual, I have some thoughts.

1. Starting with Haley, this was much needed to correct a bad decision made after training camp. No matter which way you slice it, Haley was not needed in a rebuild. Greg McKegg is significantly better in this role, and there’s no real denying this. It’s not a slight on Haley, it’s acknowledgement of a dying breed in hockey: the pure fighter. Haley is one of the last ones.

2. Moving on to Gettinger, since there’s we all know that Andersson is going to take a bunch of bullet points. Gettinger is getting his second call up, playing four games last season. I don’t have much on him, but it is worth noting he was called up before both Boo Nieves and Vinni Lettieri. If there is anything to take away from this call up, it’s that Gettinger is higher on the depth chart than both Nieves and Lettieri. That’s it.

3. Now to Andersson. Starting with the “demotion” to Hartford, let’s first pump the brakes on the “bust” and the “demotion” talk. Being sent to the AHL, especially as a 21-year-old, isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the player. David Quinn was quoted saying he wants to see more offensively out of Andersson, and it’s clear that wasn’t going to happen when he’s saddled with Brendan Smith and McKegg. Getting top line minutes in Hartford gives him the offensive chances to build his confidence. This worked with Filip Chytil.

4. Regarding how Andersson was handled at the NHL level, it is disgraceful. Andersson had a strong camp, earned his role on the team, and then was given less than 10 minutes a night. He was a top penalty killer then was removed from the PK. If he had such a strong camp, had better numbers than Brett Howden, and was visibly better than Howden, then why wasn’t he moved up in the lineup? He may not have succeeded, but at least we would have seen what he could do with two actual forwards next to him.

5. It’s relatively unclear if the Rangers had a plan with Andersson, and this dates back to the draft. They took him at #7 overall because they pegged him as NHL ready. He wasn’t, and that 2017-2018 season was a disaster because of it. The 2018-2019 season saw improvement, but he wasn’t holding a spot until after the trade deadline. This year he was one of the best in camp and they didn’t know what to do with him. What were they drafting him as? What is the plan? Why was he picked? Why can’t he move up? This is nothing short of a colossal failure by the Rangers in terms of asset management. There’s time to salvage this, but they need to figure it out, and fast.

6. The previous point has nothing to do with Andersson’s performance on the ice. His role is to play the best hockey he can, and he was solid defensively on an atrocious defensive team. His role in Hartford is to continue to play his best hockey. That’s it. The onus here is on Jeff Gorton, Chris Drury, and Quinn to figure it out. This is poor asset management.

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  • Sometimes teams “project” what a young player will become. They feel a player has great upside potential. Haley never had an upside more than what you saw. He was a placeholder that did not provide any real value.
    Andersson was given limited minutes to prove his value. Early in the year, I have to assume he did not show either the intensity desired by the coach or the strong work ethic necessary to play more minutes. His situation deteriorated when Zib got hurt, as DQ felt the need to overplay his 6 offensive threats way more than anyone else. Maybe if Andersson showed some of the “little things” that DQ wanted, he would have moved up the depth chart. It didn’t happen.
    Gettnger has less upside that Andersson, but may be playing at a level currently higher that Andersson, thus the promotion. Andersson can either play hard and show more value and make the GM take notice or fade away into oblivion – clearly the choice is now his.

    The NYR brass will not yet give up on the 7th pick of the draft, but Andersson needs to start showing what he can do. It no longer is DQ he has to prove his value to, it is Gorton and the Hartford coaching staff.

  • I feel people need to take a step back when commenting on the defensive system and look at Ruff and not solely on Quinn. I have no idea why Ruff is still here. Regarding Andersson, he was not the pick, Lias was Clark’s pick and maybe Lias will become a solid player in the NHL but let’s see what happens when he is called up again to the NHL if he is not traded. They’re will be more roster moves, Igor will be here sonner than later and everyone speaks about a deal with the Oilers for Jesse P, I would watch out for a team like Vegas……….been hearing Vegas but let’s see how the next months unfold.

    • Is the rumor JD and Gorton are still hot for Ryan Reaves alive? Does Haley’s exit portend anything? For the record, I’m hoping not.

  • The idea that Andersson was taken because he was “NHL ready” is a media fixation. There’s nothing from Gorton or Clark to indicate that they specifically wanted him to step into the NHL in 2017-2018. They weren’t even interested in drafting a center; they wanted to move up for Makar and then were hoping Pettersson would fall to them.

    If he was ready, he would have had a role because Step was gone, but there’s no evidence that they passed on anyone because Lias was “NHL ready.”

  • It will be very interesting to see how many minutes McKegg gets as the 4C as well as Gettinger as a winger.

  • 1.There were much better role player bottom six types available to tkae a chance on, so Haley made no sense.
    2. Let’s see what Gettinger can bring. He’s got size and can skate. Weird we didn’t bring back a center. May imply Zib will be back but he wasn’t on the ice for practice today from what I have read.
    3. Andersson isn’t Chytil and vice versa. Let’s hope this demotion motives Lias. It didn’t appear to work for Kravtsov. Lias isn’t Kravtsov either.
    4. Lias was better than Howden in camp. (my opinion) The deployment and line mates are curious and not in a good way. For both players.
    5. They missed out on Pettersson so went with Andersson. They had no plan. And they still don’t. That said. You can’t change the pick at this point so they need to work through this.
    6. It’s poor asset management, but personal responsibility needs to come into focus at some point. Lias controls his own destiny. When you get handed lemons you need to figure out how to make lemonade. I realize the kid is only 21, but he needs to figure out how to make the lemonade if he wants a successful NHL career. Quinn and Gorton can’t make it for him. They can help him. There’s enough blame to go around.

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    Vince Z. Mercogliano
    Micheal Haley cleared waivers and is here. He could get assigned to Hartford, but they could also keep him around — especially if they need bodies for Wednesday with the statuses for Kakko and Zibanejad up in the air. #NYR

  • Not sure how DQ could expect to see more offense from Lias when he puts him in a position to fail — especially when Howden gets chance after chance to succeed offensively. I have nothing against Howden, I want him to be successful and I think he can be … but some prospects just take time to get their bearings.

    I understand the Haley signing, but was still against it — he can still serve a good purpose down in the AHL, by all accounts he’s great in the “room”. The NHL requires team toughness, not a “tough guy” – the kids need to learn how to step up to that task when necessary, mentally and physically.

  • Re: Gettinger, I don’t think it has anything to do with the depth chart and whether he’s ahead of Boo or Lettieri, they more than likely just wanted a defensive minded winger for the 4th line which Boo and Lettieri aren’t — it’s an assumption on my part, but I think perhaps Zibby is close to returning (hopefully).

  • Lias’ time on ice was minimal. He played with inferior linemates. He should have been the 3C.
    Wah Wah Wah. Time to put up big numbers in the AHL if you are indeed an NHL prospect. Once he plays 10 games for Hartford, he should have at least 8 points in a top 6 role, don’t you think? Chytil did this and more.

  • I expect that Lias will be frustrated, but that he will react to the Hartford assignment in his usual manner and work hard on his game. He is a good kid and while I don’t think he has been given a fair shot, he has something to prove. It is on him now to prove that he belongs with the big club.

    • Yep, if he goes down and sulks he’ll never get back up here and his career will be in jeopardy, IMO. He’s got to de-stress, work hard and get his @ss back to the NHL.

  • My biggest issue with the Andersson move is simple, DQ be honest with the kid. Stop jerking his chain, false statements about how he plays well, and sits the kid, that is garbage. If you can’t be honest with Lias, how can we trust anything he says to any of the other players? Disagree if you want, but honesty means something to me!!!!!!!!

      • You do realize that Fast is averaging nearly a half point per game with all of his scoring at even strength. Not to mention his CF% is much better than most of his teammates.

        • Do you know if Fast had any talents, the line would be tearing up the league? He probably leads the league with missed open opportunities.
          I am sure you have a Fast Jersey.

  • The lias /nyr relationship got off to a rocky start pretty much off the bat. The 2017 traverse team was abysmal and gordie chewed them out. (Chytil was not there ). MSG pulled the video. I think mgmt knew pretty much right away they made a mistake with the pick. What were seeing now is the fallout and DQ is bearing the brunt of it. Softest landing for the org is if he peters away in the minors . Now lias may go down and tear it up, but his previous time in the ahl .55ppg doesn’t get my hopes up.

  • I think it be good for Lias, get away from DQ, whom I am not liking, he has a AV side to him. geesh…..

  • Did I mention already that Haley should be launched to hyper-space? Andersson will be back, but he does need to find his game.

    • “but he does need to find his game”

      Check Coach Quinn’s coat pockets, he’s hiding it from Lias.

  • This team needs to be built around Kakko, who is the real deal……as for leadership….I agree with Richter…..players keep playing when they are not suppose to be playing….. been this way for a long time… the buddy system…like corporate have people in place tha don’t know there heads from their asses……why is Smith playing? Why was Staal playing? Why is Lias getting singled out? Why is Howden preferred over several other youngsters? It’s not all Quinn folks…..why is Ruff here? If JD doesn’t do anything in the off-season and we are still seeing the same crappy players playing next season, then you know why…’s because this player knows this guy and he is close to this leadership guy and the other guy is a nice guy and so on…it’s typical corporate bullshit…they gave us Panarin and Trouba and we lucked out with Kakko, but until we get people in place that don’t give a shit about corporate structure, we will continue to see the same crap……

  • I’ll just leave this quote from the HC right here to dispel the myths consistently put forth by Dave, et al.

    “Ah, but the question is whether Andersson did get a fair shot in the middle when skating limited minutes between Brendan Smith and either Greg McKegg or the now-waived Micheal Haley, none of whom has ever been mistaken for Artemi Panarin.”

    “I get that, and everybody talks about that, but there are things in this game that you need to do regardless of who your linemates are,” the coach said. “This isn’t about points. This is about, you watch the game and a player should be doing this and they’re doing that, a player should be doing this quicker and they’re not doing it quick enough, a player should be physical and they’re not physical. That has nothing to do with who your linemates are.

  • You can talk all you want, but the fact is Lias has no tools to play in the NHL, as I’ve said it many times on this site.

  • Don’t blame the coach, blame the mgmt and the scouting dept of the NYR, they are responsible for this pick.

  • It is ridicules to say “Andersson was a top penalty killer then was removed from the PK”, it was Zib who carried Andersson in the PK time, and now Zib is not there because of injuries, Lias got exposed so he was removed from the PK unit. BTW, NYR PK is about 27th in NHL, they are not good at PK to begin with.

  • Amazing how much angst and anger a talentless player who was picked 2 rounds ahead of where he should have been is causing. Lias isn’t at fault for being drafted where he was. It’s the incompetent Clark who blew another high draft pick. JG isn’t at fault either on this and certainly not DQ or Howden who for some reason is bearing the brunt of so many fans anger. Howden hasn’t been nearly as good as he was in many games last season but he certainly has been a significantly better NHL player then Lias has in his 66 NHL games. The kid has shown nothing, zero ,zilch. He hasn’t even played a shift where he gets noticed. So while yes he had a better camp this year then Howden, let’s not pretend that he looked like Peter Forsberg out there. Brenden freaking Smith has 18 shots on goal while the Hart trophy winner in exile has 13!!! He has been out shot by a plug who isn’t even a forward. This isn’t about Howden. It’s about a kid who is limited physically and has limited hockey IQ who was drafted by an idiot way too high.

    • amen!!!

      I cannot recall the Ranger fan base this off center and not being patient. It is not on Quinn, funny how the same people who want Quinn fired, never mention the young prospects he had in college are excelling at the NHL level. Last year draft was the first in which Clark had not much input and the Rangers had an excellent draft.

      this kid Robertson in the 2nd round and the center taken in the 4th round are two players to watch, Moves will be made in the upcoming months, Staal is gone when April turns into May. Georgie, Strome, and Tony D all to be moved in Feb.

      The Rangers will be a touger team to play against once a few moves are made.

  • Sorry, but point #4 is wildly off-base. There’s almost nothing you can point to, or even scrape up, to say Lias deserved anything. Not even analytics can defend Lias’ performance.

    And then DQ demolished the linemates argument in one sentence. He needs to do things no matter who his line-mates are. And he’s 100% correct!

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