Roster Moves

Rangers place Micheal Haley on waivers

Veteran winger will go to Hartford if he clears

The Rangers have waived forward Micheal Haley, who will report to the Hartford Wolf Pack if he clears on Monday. Haley was benched after taking a lazy slashing penalty in Saturday’s loss to the Panthers, and it seems that was the last straw for the winger, who hasn’t performed will since the Rangers signed him out of training camp.

The 33 year old played in 10 games, scoring once and adding 40 PIMs. Haley is one of the last of a dying breed in the NHL, the pure fighter who doesn’t do anything else.

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  • Haley waived, YAY!!

    Lias down to Hartford and Gettinger recalled, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    This team just kills us.

  • Well , we all saw this coming, I guess Brandon Lemieux and Ryan Lindgren will have to do all the fighting and nasty stuff, being they are the the only two players on the team that have any type of snarl to their game. Time to cut the bait with Anderson, another high draft pick bust, supposedly was the most NHL ready player available at the time we picked him. Way off base on that pick. His game is more suited for the European hockey league.

    • He’s 21, get a grip …

      DeAngelo has snarl as well, but the game has long since passed by “fighters” like Haley. It’s all about team toughness now, you only need 1 player at a time to settle scores and most every guy on this team is capable of going to bat for the team — win or lose, it’s about standing up for the team.

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