Roster Moves

Rangers recall Tim Gettinger, assign Lias Andersson to Hartford

Rangers replace young centers for fourth line role

The NY Rangers have made their second move of the day. First they waived Micheal Haley, and now they have made a long-needed move, assigning Lias Andersson to the Hartford Wolf Pack and recalling Tim Gettinger. Lias’ ice time has been the subject of a lot of discussion, and with Saturday’s paltry 3:38 in ice time still lingering, the Rangers decided it was time to boost his confidence and get him big minutes with the Pack. This worked with Filip Chytil.

Andersson finished his first Rangers stint with an assist in 17 games playing exclusively on the fourth line, mostly with Brendan Smith and either Haley or Greg McKegg.

Gettinger, the Rangers’ sixth round pick in 2016, has a line of 4-2-6 in 17 games with the Pack. He will fill the 4C role for now.

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    • I’m starting to lose faith in JD as a hands-on president. I’m hoping it’s temporary until he gets acclimated fully.

        • Agentsmith—team presidents don’t make draft picks with the Rangers, the GM does. So even if JD had been here when Lias was drafted, it wouldn’t have been JD’s pick.

      • JD cannot come in guns ablazing. He’s assessing, which is fine and what good business people do.

        But, staying this course over the long-term would be very disappointing to me.

    • You have no idea if that’s true, absolutely none! How could you?

      I suppose you think you could be a better hockey executive? I think if you could, you would, which is why you don’t, because you can’t.

      I’ve had it up to here^ with your nonsense!

      Sorry, Dave, that was as civil as I could be right now.

      • So people who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year supporting the NY Rangers aren’t allowed to express their opinion? Nonsense.

      • Joe, I am a business executive and small business owner for over 25 years, where EVERY decision matters. I also ran a national nonprofit organization for 10 years, bringing it 5 times the reserves that it had when I took over the Presidency. Not to mention single-handedly getting a drug passed through the FDA after 15 years of being stonewalled due to political influences.

        So I am very confident in my Executive/business skills.

        Sorry David, I normally do not make such comments, but I was as civil as I could be.

        Oh, and Joe, just do not read my comments, ok? Especially if you cannot handle the truth about the Rangers.

          • I am not proud of myself for saying such things that I normally keep private.

            But I needed to put Joe in his place because I was tired of his personal attacks about my opinions, which are no different than any other opinions voiced here.

        • Richter, I congratulate you on your success in life and business. I wasn’t questioning you ability in your chosen profession. I also congratulate you on your work in the non-profit you supported. However, I don’t really see anything on your resume that would make you a better decision maker than the current Rangers management on an NHL hockey club. I figure you are a good person. I just question your ability to be a better hockey manager than the Rangers already have. I’m very sorry if I offended you personally, it was not my intention. I don’t come here to drag people down.

          • Not hockey management Joe, but people management.

            There is no conceptual difference between employing people and managing athletes, as the goal is exactly the same: Put the best people in the best spots or situations to succeed.

          • Richter, I, too am aware of that. I also had a distinguished career in public service, in a supervisory role, in life and death situations. I completely understand personnel mgmt.. However, I nor you, have the ability to run the Rangers better than the current team in place. Even with our history of competent people mgmt skills. Why? That’s simple, it is not our area of expertise. Listen, all I was trying to say yesterday is, I was growing weary of your constant put downs on the mgmt. of this team based on a few players while you apparently disregard the huge successes they have made with 8 or 9 of the other youngsters. That’s it, nothing more was on my mind.
            Sorry it escalated, and that you were offended.

            Let’s agree to disagree, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

          • I know of your decorated service, so why come at me?

            Tired of my put downs? Then be mad at the RANGERS, not at me.

            You know how much money I have paid since 1995 to go to 30 games per year, plus playoffs? It’s annoying that OBVIOUS personnel decisions are blundered.

            If you draft someone 7th overall, would you not try to have the player succeed to justify the pick? What hockey knowledge do you have to have to come to that conclusion? It’s common effing sense. But yet, here we are, Lias demoted.

            And BTW, do not think for a second that Krav’s agent is not aware of all this. Just think if he does not come back and then you have a 7th and a 9th overall picks WASTED. Think about that for a moment.

            And just think of tthe wrath that will come from me if that happens my friend. 🙂

        • LOL. Of course I believe they should try to make him succeed. My point is Lias’ career as a Ranger isn’t over, geez, he’s 21. Perhaps this is his path to success. If he comes back next year and is a key cog in the Rangers run to/in the playoffs then you will be in love with mgmt. If you have been spending all this money and going to all these games ( I had season tkts for 9 years) You must realize getting to competitiveness will take some time during a rebuild.

          I think I am just misunderstood, not sure why, maybe I come across as an a-hole. Don’t mean to, I think it’s my passion. I’m going to leave this conversation here. Until the next time R’94.

          • Joseph, I got a little heated too and a little out of line. So I apologize.

            We both want the same thing and we are on the same side. 🙂

    • Lias is just not fast enough, no explosive stride n only ok hands…most likely not a NHL player, at least not one to build around or with…

      • I am not putting Lias in the top 6, but isn’t the goal to put the best team out there, based on the players that you have?

        IMO, if given the opportunity, Lias would be better than Howden, right off the bat. What has Howden done with a hundred times more opportunity, other than being a Quinn fave? That’s the point.

  • Why was Haley on the roster in the first place? Lemieux was specifically signed to be the tough/enforcer guy so there was no need for him. He did not contribute anything to the lineup. A converted defenseman was a better forward than him. That’s all the evidence that was needed. I’m glad they decided to finally met him go. I hope Andersson uses this opportunity to work on his game and that he can supplant Howden as the 3C when he returns.

  • It’s better for Lias to be in Hartford then here with the ice time. I hate to say it but it;s true. We’ve done a lot of good things and made some progress, but Lias’s usage is really head scratching. More so in comparison to Howden. I hope he makes the most of his time down there, settles down and finds his confidence.

    On Haley, no surprise he’s being waived. I never understood why they gave him a contract when we had much greater needs that could have been filled with a better bottom six player than him for close to the same price.

    • I suspect the Rangers signed Haley as insurance for all the kids on the team. Once they saw this young team could handle itself, they saw no need to keep him on the team. Sounds a lot like a good, sound organizational decision to me from start to finish.

      • The Rangers are a team that has won 2 championships in their last 80 seasons, and now have chased off 2 of their recent first-round draft picks. This fact establishes trust in the NYR front office and their operational methods for you? How do you justify that?

        • Simple, Kravs was just not ready and Rangers management knew it. He, however, decided rather than learn the game in NA, like he should, he would take his puck and go home, as was his right. The problem is, no matter how much time he spends in the KHL, he will need some seasoning in the NA game. So, this was not a mgmt. misstep but rather Kravs.

          As for Lias, I’ve stated this numerous times. Sometimes high and low draft picks just do not make it in the NHL. Sometime, they need more seasoning. Lias was given the opportunity at NHL level but could not do what Mgmt. wanted him to accomplish. Some would say because of no ice time. Maybe, he just could not get done what needed to get done to deserve more ice time. The very reason mgmt, sent him down, I suppose. Maybe he will be back, maybe not. I hope so. If he doesn’t, he will certainly not be the first draft pick, high or low, to not be able to make the transition to the NHL game. Certainly the group of NHL managers will not be the first to make a mistake.

  • I hope all the success that the Wolfpack is having rubs off on Lias Andersson. Having Haley on his flank didn’t help him find his game for sure. Looking forward to watching the 6 6 Gettinger play. The word on the street is he skates well for a big man and has been on the scoreboard of late in Hartford.

  • This move should have been made 10 games ago.

    Let’s hope he looks at Chytil for inspiration. The kid accepted his assignment to Hartford to start the season then dominated only to be recalled and become an impact player.

  • Gettinger brings needed size to the lineup and hopefully some physicality. Bringing him up is worth a shot. Andersson needs playing time and now he will get it. He looked good in pre-season and then fizzled out when the season began. What worked for Chytil might work for Andersson. He was drafted #7 overall so the scouts must have seen something in him. We wish him well in his quest to get back to the NHL.
    As for Haley he did not contribute much. He may add the tough element , not much else so he became expendable. With two tough guys, Lemieux, and DeAngelo, that can play the game, a player that can ONLY fight is not needed in today’s game.

  • Along with the Kravstov situation, another example of Quinn’s expertise at ‘developing’ young players. Never understood how depriving someone of playing time was supposed to help them develop. As to Chytil’s improvement, could it just maybe be due to getting out from under Quinn’s thumb and getting some different coaching? In which case, maybe this will be a good move for Lias after all.

    • “developing coach” shouldn’t be confused with teaching talent. nhl isn’t the place for acquiring talent. there is a draft and scouting for that. that being said, there is development at the NHL level (for example kakko right now) and the prospect level (AHL). Normally when a prospect proves he has “conquered” the lower level, he is promoted to the next. Shortcutting the process only leads to failure.

  • Well, if Lias was going to get the puny number of minutes that he has been getting, then I’d rather see him in Hartford. Chytil’s stay there was beneficial to him. Lias is a hard working young man, so I imagine that he will make the most of his time there. I’d like to see the kid get a legit shot on a line where he is not saddled with the Haley’s of the sport. I am not sure that he will get that with the Rangers. But for now, he needs to go to Hartford and make it hard not to call him back when needed. Gettinger hasn’t impressed me in the past. Let’s see what he can do, maybe he has progressed.

  • “Saturday’s paltry 3:38 in ice time still lingering, the Rangers decided it was time to boost his confidence and get him big minutes with the Pack”.
    What a crock of poo!!!!!!!
    All they needed to do was give him a shot at 3C, play him there for 5-8 games, to prove himself, and then decide what the next step should be. Also, if they bring up Gettinger, move Lias to the wing, now that Haley isn’t on the roster, and give him the time to DEVELOP, by playing the game against the best, as opposed to the AHL!!!!!!!!
    DQ is the bust, not the kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The kid didn’t make the most of the ice time presented to him. Why reward him with the 3C when he didn’t show any value at 4C. This is not a move to boost his confidence, it is to see if he really has NHL talent!

      Everybody gives crap to the management, but when is it the players responsibility to play hard and make things happen? Lias did not make the most of the minutes he got.

      • Just wondering how Brett Howden—statistically one of the worst forwards in the entire NHL—has made the most of his extended opportunity to justify his place as 3rd or 4th line center.

        Howden has received 30-50% more ice time per game than Lias; he’s been given the chance to play with actual NHL wingers over 2 seasons now and has failed to produce or even generate chemistry with his linemates; and Howden is beyond horrible defensively while offering little offense. But hey—Howden’s from North America, not Europe, so the coach likes him I guess?

        • based on last year, we know Howden has talent and can produce. Lias, given similar opportunity last year did not. It is simple.
          No one know how hard Howden works at practice, or how Lias does or doesn’t. Maybe the coach who sees the players everyday knows who works harder day in and day out? This country and for sure this City likes to blame the boss. Maybe it actually is Lias who isn’t doing the job?

          • Howden’s been awful since he’s been here. He had a hot October in his rookie year and has been dreadful on both sides of the puck. Nobody’s blaming the boss here, just stating facts about Howden’s lack of production. The questioning of the boss relates to what the heck he actually sees that is positive in Howden’s game as it relates to Andersson’s. To me your 3rd and 4th line centers have to be defensively sound, and Howden is not. There’s 100 games of evidence backing that up.

            Lastly, your line about “this country and this city…like to blame the boss”—well, welcome to the real world. You take the big jobs, you better be able to deal with criticism. We just had a “don’t-blame-me” coach for years with Vigneault, this team doesn’t need more of that stuff.

    • Walt you are so right on DQ. Putting the right pieces in the correct place makes a good coach, let all not forget he is advised by the FO and his bench coaches. Best news I have had in years was the news Dolan is going to sell both the Rangers and the Knicks. JD and down the line…..if it’s not here already, winter is coming…… keep swiveling that head.
      No one should bad mouth Haley, he played as he has basically always has. Who offered him a contract?
      Fish stinks from the head down.

  • Why is everyone so upset about Anderson and his playing time? First of all he is very young, and granted he can skate and he hustles, and has a good attitude but proved little last year in regards to potential offensive skill, in Hartford and on the big club. The biggest mistake the Rangers made was to let him make the club out of training camp in the first place, though he did play good. The kid belongs in the AHL for seasoning and maturity. Personally, he doesn’t impress me that much right now. He may turn out to be a decent player, or maybe not, time will tell.

  • Why is everyone so upset about Anderson and his playing time? First of all he is very young, and granted he can skate and he hustles, and has a good attitude but proved little last year in regards to potential offensive skill, in Hartford and on the big club. The biggest mistake the Rangers made was to let him make the club out of training camp in the first place, though he played well. He belongs in the AHL for seasoning and maturity. Personally, he doesn’t impress me much right now. He may turn out to be a decent player, or maybe not, time will tell.

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