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Rangers among teams “significantly” interested in Jacob Trouba

Jacob Trouba

A report from Ian McLaren –citing Bob McKenzie, so this has legs– is stating that the Rangers are one of the many teams (duh) interested in Winnipeg Jets Jacob Trouba. I’d venture a guess that every team is somewhat interested in him, but the article calls out the Rangers, Avalanche, Bruins, and Coyotes as the teams “most interested” in the 22-year-old defenseman.

The Rangers certainly have the pieces to land Trouba, who requested a trade from the Jets this summer (news only broke last week). Per McKenzie, the ask is a LHD that is comparable to Trouba. Brady Skjei seems to be the piece everyone looks at, but he doesn’t have the pedigree, experience, or NHL success yet.

The interesting thing here is that McKenzie cites Trouba’s agent, stating he wants to be the top right handed guy on any team. While he certainly has the tools and track record to be that guy, would Alain Vigneault deploy him as such? AV has married to Dan Girardi as his top pairing guy with Ryan McDonagh.

It’s a no-brainer that Trouba is better than Girardi, and that a McDonagh-Trouba combo could be lethal. But the Rangers would need to make room by jettisoning one of Girardi or Kevin Klein. Girardi likely isn’t happening, but we’ve discussed how Klein might be the best tool to upgrade the defense.

Trouba is a 22-year-old stud defenseman with all the makings of a top pairing guy. Even if the cost is Brady Skjei, who likely tops out as a top-four guy, it’s something the Rangers should be exploring.

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  • I think its fair to put a buyer beware stamp on Trouba. While he has the complete package to be a top pair defenceman, he is not a future hall of famer by any stretch. I would not include JT Miller in a package to obtain him, nor would I give up a first round pick. I think the Rangers should back away from the table and not participate in a bidding war for a player who is not going to put your team over the top.

    • Is JT Miller a future Hall of Famer? Why is he off limits? The team is strong at forward, weak at defense. It makes sense – if Winnipeg is interested – to include Miller in trade talks.

      I would argue that Trouba is a piece that helps put the team over the top. They’re close, just need to shore up the blue line.

    • Miller showed me enough last year to merit him staying!

      we have to have other forwards we can shake lose, but not JT… he played great last year for what he needed to do…

      he seems to be growing and maturing into a stronger player too…

      oh man!

        • That is very true. Fans always propose lopsided trades. The GM’s around the league who need a defenseman will make real offers to the Jets. Gorton will consider the advice of his scouts regarding Trouba’s abilities and decide who he’d offer in a trade based upon what he thinks he!s worth and what he’ll have left if he makes a deal.

        • Yup, I like Miller plenty, and was very, very upset at how AC doghoused him two years ago a la Hayes last year…but if he is part of a *reasonable* package that lands Trouba…certainly nothing personal, and good luck lad…we don’t look forward to having to play you in the future but wish you the best!

    • As long as the middling forward isn’t JT. Miller is just coming into his own and hasn’t yet hit his most productive years. Skjei could still potentially be a better defenceman then Trouba. Why do Rangers fans sell their players so short? What has Trouba done that he should be so sought after, beside showing a belligerent attitude?

      • I don’t consider Miller a middling forward. He’s a keeper. Lindbergh by all means could go in such a trade. You would be hard pressed to get them to take a Klein for Trouba. Skjei may be a good player some day, but will he surpass Trouba? Questionable in my mind. Skjei and Lindbergh or someone like him for Trouba might work, depending on the Jets’ needs.

        • They would not. Nor would they take Skjei and Lindberg.

          Trouba is (perceived) better than Miller, Hayes, Vesey, etc individually so you’ll not likely land him in a 1 for 1 swap.

          • But Skjei is the second coming of Bobby Orr I’ve been told.

            Seriously, I had my doubts too. Any idea what needs the Jets have?

          • Agree. I think if the tables were turned and we were the team who was fielding offers for Trouba, a return of Skjei and Lindberg would be disappointing. If we are gonna consider overpaying for him, a deal would have to include Winnipeg taking Girardi as well. Just my 2 cents

          • I agree Chris. If we’re gonna over pay a bit then at least give them Girardi so it helps us in other ways too. That frees up that bad contract of his. Now will Winnipeg do that? That’s another question. Who knows. But if you give them something they need then maybe we can give them someone we don’t want anymore.

  • As mentioned in a previous post, we have to be very careful who we deal because of the expansion draft. I am unclear who we may have to expose, but you may need to keep someone around just to have them so you can expose them to the draft.

    I like Trouba and I think we need to augment the defense with this type of player. He is the pedigree where you move a Klein, someone from the logjam of forwards (ok, not JT, but someone like Oskar) and a 3rd rounder) to get.

    • Klein, Lindberg and a 3rd is not anywhere near close enough. Winnipeg hangs up the phone immediately if proposed that offer.

      • Then forget it. Brady will be Trouba in a few years anyway. Ranger fans are so impatient and yet have put up with one cup in 75 plus years. Stay the course this guy doesn’t get us close to the cup. Again fools gold for 70 plus years. A nice young,skilled and fast core with toughness has developed. Let it grow. We are far from one player away unless he is a HOFer.

    • Sal

      Who wants a guy who wants to dictate to the team that he be a top pair d-man, and would cost us multiple players, or picks, and a huge cap hit????

      Next season Shatt becomes a UFA, who wants to play here, and cost us just his contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is interesting to think about. Trouba for Klein, Lindberg, and a 3rd is certainly a good trade for Minnesota (as they view things). However, as the market appears, Minnesota is likely to get better offers. [You don’t sell a 200K house for 250K if someone else is offering 350K.]

      So the question arises. Is Minnesota ridiculously undervaluing their player – or do they see something we don’t?

    • Rangers can carry G all year, then deal him after the season for a bag of pucks carrying half of the rest of the contract no matter where it goes and a exemption spot is opened.

      Still cheaper than a buyout.

      Just have him be the 7D until he gets hurt, then LTIR him for a hangnail/subsequent infection.

  • OK Sal that proposal I could live with. The Jets can pound sand if they think they can fleece the Rangers for Trouba.

  • This trade will require McDonagh because he is the only guy on NYR who fits the Jets criteria. Forget about Trouba already. The Rangers have Graves coming up & will likely sign Shattenkirk over the summer.

  • Lets Go Gordan!

    Come on G-Man, GET ER DUN!


    where is trouble from, his background? any chance he wants to join the MA-BOYZ in blue…

  • I think there are no untouchable pieces to trade for Trouba other than Hayes, Buchnevich, McDonagh, Zibanejad, and Vesey. Literally every other player or prospect on the team is worth giving up to get him.

    You can’t say, Let’s wait til July to get Shattenkirk, while wasting an opportunity to upgrade the team this year. NYR clearly has a logjam at F that can be resolved by a trade for RHD. Let’s say it takes some combination of Miller, Skjei, Kovacs or McIlrath, and that 2018 pick from Ottawa…How can you say no to that?

    You would expect them to buy out Girardi before the expansion draft and hopefully sign Shattenkirk in July.

    Then your D looks like this:


    • The jets have asked for a straight up swap. Truba for Glass. AV vetoed it, as he’s not giving up a first line forward for a poor man’s version of Girardi

    • Ian, agreed.

      I would argue that Hayes, Buch and Vesey should not be off limits either. And I’ll add that the Rangers most likely aren’t signing Shattenkirk if they get Trouba (Trouba will have be signed long term).

      • I agree, Hayes is not untouchable in my opinion. I’m not sure there is a single Ranger who is untouchable if the right deal were to come along. It’s not like we possess a Kane, Tavares, Tarasenko or any player in that stratosphere. If a guy like that were to become available, then every player on the current Rangers roster becomes available.

  • If this was a theoretical 1 for 1 trade, the Rangers don’t have the ‘piece’ on D to get it done who they would let go. Skjei is too little, and McDonagh is not expendable. On F, however, they have a multitude to pick from. The one guy who would get this deal done, in my opinion is Kreider. Miller, Hayes, Vesey, Buchevnich, Lindberg, Pirri….. all have not done enough nor have the pedigree to land you Trouba. Whether you consider it a good trade or not, the best (read: only) player 1 see as a 1 for 1 is Kreider.

    This goes under the assumption that Winnipeg wants young- so Nash (unlikely anyway) and Zucarello are not options.

    • Skjei is 6’3″, 215 lbs. That’s little? Are the Jets only trading for guys like Tyler Myers (6’8″) or taller? I kid, of course…but remember the Jets have no leverage, the player’s unhappy, and they’ve publicly expressed interest in a left defenseman as a return–I would be surprised if the Rangers offer more than Skjei and a minor leaguer at this point. Toss in Mat Bodie to sweeten the pot, he’d get playing time in Winnipeg…

      • Not literally little. Like not enough to get a trade done.

        In any event, as Yzerman proved with Drouin, the team has the leverage, not the RFA. Just because he is “unhappy”, doesn’t mean the Jets will entertain any less than his market value, especially when there are 28 other teams interested in Trouba as well.

        • Drouin wasn’t an RFA.

          As long as the RFA in question is worth more than the draft picks a signing team has to give up, the only leverage the club has is collusion amongst the teams.

          Tobias Reider has zero leverage.

          Johnny Gaudreau is so productive it’s prohibitive to offer sheet.

          Trouba is in a weird spot where smarts know his value but his boxcar metrics undervalue it.

        • How do you know what the Jets will do? They’re not exactly the most active team in the trading market (Cheveldayeff took 3 years at the job to make his first player-for-player trade) and they’ve painted themselves into a corner with Trouba. They can’t afford to keep him long term and will end up having to deal him for less than you perceive his worth to be….that’s why Drouin is still in Tampa, after all–and I think no team is gonna blow Winnipeg away with a great package for Trouba.

          • When did I ever claim to know what the Jets would do?

            I said that the Ranger of equal worth is Kreider.

        • Drouin was completely different since he was not an RFA. Yzerman could sit back and let him pout and wait for the perfect offer without hurting the on-ice product of the Lightning, knowing Drouin would be back the following year no matter what. The team had all the leverage there. Here, if MIN doesn’t take the best offer they get (regardless of whether or not it includes that solid young defenseman everyone is saying they want in return), then what? Trouba doesn’t play, they have nothing of quality incoming to replace him directly or to add to other areas of the ice to compensate, and thus the on-ice product is damaged. They would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. WIN is not exactly tearing it up at F in terms of depth…if the best offer they get is comprised entirely of quality forwards and/or prospects and/or picks, well, they really need to take it. So if I was Gorton, I would not initially be offering any quality defense on the current NHL roster in return, because we’d need to add Trouba without taking away from the current defense in order for it to be a truly impacting deal. I would be offering starting with where I have depth to deal – forwards. And I’d be considering throwing in that first rounder next year if that moves the needle for WIN, solely because it is supposedly going to be very weak draft and unless disaster strikes the NYR pick should be in the bottom half to third of the round.

  • Boston wants, has to unload assets to fit Trouba in, Don’t have right mix of assets, no cap room to offer sheet.

    Arizona wants, jdoesnt have $ to offer sheet, doesn’t have assets that its willing to give up to make it happen.

    Colorado already has Tyson Barrie, so I sort of doubt their interest.

    So it’s a true market of one. Why get into a bidding contest against yourself? Offer Skjei straight up, otherwise offer sheet: 5yr, $21mm $6.9mm signing bonus. You give up a 1st and 3rd.

    If they match, they match; but they’re handcuffed for a team outside the playoffs and dropped a stink bomb in a dressing room that already ran off Evander Kane.

    This is a no brainer of a decision once you drill down. Jets are in an impossible position, can’t keep him, can’t get equal value. It’s a question of how wet do they want to get soaked.

    • Trouba will not sign an offer sheet if Jets match it he effectively signs a contract with Jets. Unless it is 8 mil per good luck.

      • Why would Trouba not sign an offer sheet? The numbers I through out are more than WPG wants to pay, (if you want to go crazy do each year salary as $575k and the rest as signing bonus) is more than WPG can match and is an overpay on actual production.

        It will force WPG to deal Myers to get payroll under control(if the match). Trouba has minimal downside risk, Rangers have minimal downside risk, Jets have a mess of problems.

        I know game theory is complicated, but it ain’t that hard.

        • Offer sheets arent used much in the modern NHL, there’ve been only 8 since 04-05 lockout, and only 3 in the last 6 years. Really unlikely that a relatively new GM like Gorton is gonna do it either, unless he wants to be ostracized by his GM brethren going forward.

        • Respectfully. You don’t have a good grasp of this situation or the Jets as a whole.. He wants out of Winnipeg. Signing an offer sheet is counter productive. Jets also have 7 mil cap space and want to sign him with that

          • The Jets have an internal budget lower than the cap.

            In 2013-14 when the CAD$ was at parity, they still were below the cap of $62mm.

            Today the cap in CAD is $95mm, The majority of revenues are in CAD while their expenses are in USD. If they sold out every game, they’re doing around $64mm USD. With TV/Radio/in game advertising & revenue sharing they’re probably to $73mmUSD.

            Being generous, if they used the Manitoba Moose to cover MTS Centre physical plant, game night operations and AHL salaries, we can zero out that expense.

            You still have back office staff, hockey ops and all that fun stuff; that adds up to maybe $3-4mm.

            So they’ve got $4mm maybe to sign Trouba. If the Rangers offer $5.2 AAV, they could match if they pinched pennies and shuffled some accounts around. If they went $6.925mm signing bonus, awfully tough to match.

            Is my grasp sufficient enough?

  • gave it thumbs down only because of conclusion ok to trade Skjei

    need his ELC ditto Graves

    must move vet reduced Stepan or Zuc

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