Captain Trouba nixed last second?

Captain Trouba nixed by Rangers?

Per Arthur Staple (subscription required), the Rangers were set to name Jacob Trouba as captain before the season started. But a call was made “above Gerard Gallant” to go with six A’s instead of going Captain Trouba.

There are many reasons why the Rangers would nix it last second. Perhaps the Rangers wanted to see how Trouba meshed with the new faces, or how he carried himself on and off the ice, or how he led by example both on and off the ice.  Maybe the Rangers didn’t want to upset some other players who had A’s before and wouldn’t if they didn’t go this route. All of these are valid reasons.

Or perhaps it’s as simple as Trouba’s no-move clause expires after the 2023-2024 season, and the Rangers will be looking to trade him then. It makes sense, given where the Rangers stand today with the cap, and their needs this offseason and beyond.