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Rangers stand pat as trade deadline passes with no moves

In another non-surprising development today, the Rangers stood pat and didn’t make any moves as the trade deadline came and went.

This was relatively expected, as the Rangers weren’t god enough to be buyers but didn’t have many assets worth selling. The expansion draft threw a wrinkle into all this, as anyone of value the Rangers might trade would need to be protected. I’d expect the floodgates to open after Seattle makes their picks.

The only action today was confirmation that Tony DeAngelo would be a summer time buyout and the signing of Zac Jones to an ELC. There were rumblings that the Rangers might be able to facilitate a trade with their cap space, but nothing ever materialized.

The Rangers deciding to stand pat and not make moves this trade deadline is probably the right move. The only player worth something, Brendan Smith, probably has more value in the locker room than whatever 2023 mid-round pick they might get.

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  • No moves which impact the present or the future. Thinking our kids are not for sale, we are still (somewhat) in a playoff chase and the guys of value to others still have value to us. Would have liked to see something that sets us up for a summer move (like more picks), but it wasn’t happening. NYR have a plan and they are sticking to it.

  • just seeing what Yzerman just got for Mantha, wow…I would have taken that deal for Kreider…only 6 more years of 1 month of insane goals following by 5 months of sleep walking.

    • That Mantha deal def makes the already bad Taylor Hall deal look even worse. Leverage is everything, I guess.

    • Anyone surprised here, among Rangers fans? Just look how he did with the Rangers

      1. Mac and Miller trade. As one sided as can possibly be
      2. St Louis trade for Callahan and first rounder and second rounder that I believe became the first one (might be mistaken) St Louis played 1 plus season for us
      3. Got Shattenkirk after we cut him for bag of peanuts after we cut him. Helped them win the Cup with Mac
      4. The same with Girardi after we cut him
      5. Signed Stralman after we refused to sign him

      Stevie Y made a career of taking advantage of Rangers managements

      • I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree. As Tx Ranger says, it’s about leverage. When you are desperate to win now like the Caps are and the Rangers were a few years ago, you so WHATEVER it takes. And yes, you will overpay as the Rangers did on many deals from 2012-16. It’s easy for Steve Y to leverage when the team is bad and he has assets to deal. he holds all the cards.

        As for each point you mention…..

        1) Mac and Miller….i think the jury is still out on that deal. Did they not get a draft pick that became Lundkvist in that one? Let’s see what happens.

        2) I make that trade for MSL all day any day and twice on Tuesday. Again, when you’re close, you go for it. Re-signing Cally would have been a disaster and that wasn’t the time to rebuild. That playoff run and the regular season that followed that resulted in the President’s Trophy was well worth the ride. If not for Zuc almost dying and the entire defense essentially getting wiped out, they likely go back to the Finals again. It’s a deal that benefitted both teams in different ways.

        3) That really wasn’t about getting the better of anyone. The Rangers shouldn’t have signed Shatty if they weren’t serious about continuing on a path of contention. He got hurt. Rangers decided to rebuild. Yzerman made the pickup. Just circumstance.

        4) Same deal…..Rangers were rebuilding and Y wanted a veteran. Not about getting the best of the Rangers.

        5) Well…..that one clearly was a major miscalculation. I was not all that upset about the decision at the time because going with Boyle instead of Stralman would be less of a cap hit down the road (2 year deal vs 4 year deal). Much like MSL vs Callahan calculus. But Boyle was awful. And we sure could have used Stralman in 2015.

        So while I don’t buy into your full narrative, clearly Yzerman has had more victories here than Sather/Gorton did.

        • Good job EEE, I think that accurately sums up the narrative between Stevie Y and Sather/Gorton. Different circumstances, different times … and the UFA signings of Girardi and Shattenkirk are totally irrelevant to OUR dealings with TB.

        • Hi Eddie. Nice to meet you. Good and insightful response. So let me try to do the same

          We do agree on some points and disagree on others. Starting with comparing Caps and Rangers competing and overpaying,. You are right about the Caps overpaying drastically today. I do not remember Rangers overpaying ever as much. But your point well taken that competing teams tend to overpay

          Let me go thru the each point

          1. Mac and JT trade was made more than 3 years ago. It certainly worked pretty well for Tampa. They won President Trophy and if not for underrated Blue Jackets should have won the Cup then. And they won it last year. Tampa signed Mac to a pretty reasonable contract and he still their top 4 defensman. They traded JT for a first rounder. What have we gotten so far? Howden and Hajek. Does not seem at least for now it is anything close. So we have Nils and he has shown promise in Sweeden, and he was a good selection hopefully, time will tell. But I can’t imagine that thos trade ever be equal unless Ni;ls becomes Karlson soon.

          2. Here we surely disagree. We surely caught the wave during Mothers Day to get advanced all the way to the finals. And not only Zuc was out but Mac and Staal played injured then. But at the end of the day we overplayed. we gave a good player and two first rounders for the guy who played a little longer than one year. As far as not paying Callahan, they used the savings to pay for Girardie and Staal. So not sure how you consider this as winning trade

          3. That is correct. We bought him out and Stivie got a great deal signing him. He helped them win the Cup at very small salary. The winning teams find the way to get such players. Agree with you Rangers should have never signed him. He was not a good fit before the injury.

          4. The same here. Rangers overpayed the wrong player at his decline but Stivie Y got couple of very serviceable years from Girardi. My point is that if not for terrible deals Tampa would not have either and they got them both because Tampa had a great team with already having Rangers connections. That was well documented

          5. Here we both agree. Terrible miscalculation. They should have kept him and instead Tampa got a very good player at a discount rate

          Not sure about the narrative you mentioned about wins. Tampa has been one if not the best team in the league. You can go thru trades Stivie Y had made before leaving and now with Red Wings you will not find many questionable trades. But even more than that he always had the plan how to build the team and executed it. His trade today is reminiscent of St Louis. This is how the team foundation is built. He did it with Tampa and now doing it with Wings without much luck winning the draft lottery

          • RFF, re: #4 … Girardi was serviceable, as a 3rd pairing d’man under $2M per … hats off to Stevie, but that’s not the same as Stevie getting one over on us.

            Staal and Girardi are cautionary tales … when you factor in the injury history (Staal), style of play (Girardi), their age and long term deals, these deals were bound to fail … but what magnified their failure were coaches that put them in a position to fail. We weren’t dealing with the two first pairing shutdown d’men of Torts’ era, the ones that could actually contain the Ovechkin’s of the world … we were dealing with phantoms.

          • Tanto,

            I was merely making the point that Stivie Y has took advantage of the Rangers management while he was with Tampa. He is not the only one but certainly one that comes up often in my memory lane. I applaud him for that. The issue certainly has been with Rangers and lack of vision and player evaluations

            Eddie brought good points but I disagree with several of them

            1. Tampa was competing and knew when to sell high on the guy who was getting over the heel. Even if you take Eddie’s point about the Rangers were not willing to extend Callahan. They still got two first rounders? and could have cut him off. But they extended him and he surely was more than serviceable for them. The reason felt they could not afford to extend him was because other bad contacts they had and they chose to extend other players

            2. Giving big contracts to Girardi and Staal was not just overpaying an annual basis but the length of the contracts for often injured? I doubt there were any market for them at that price. So Tampa took Girardie at a basement price. He chose Tampa I am sure because he did see them as a good winning fit for him

            3. So we trade Stepan to Arizona because we needed savings. Then use these savings on Shattenkirk. Not sure who did the evaluation but there were nothing in his game before he got injured to see a good fit. But that was the market price at the time and Rangers chose to pay him. He got injured and got cut. He went to Tampa too at the huge discount rate, played there and helped them win the Cup

            4. Mac and Miller trade. Another leader from the team got traded for marginal cost. We all trying to judge that as a hockey trade but with both Callahan and Mac we lost core team leaders. Mac contract certainly not that big. But I am sure he had offered them home discount. I would take Mac over Trouba(who benefited from these savings) any day

            5. Not going to discuss Stralman again. Just Tampa made a better decision than us

            6. We trade Zuc, another core player. We could not afford him because we had previously signed other players from above list. So we lost another popular player who is doing really great. I understand that having him and Panarin could have been an issue. But this was prior us winning the draft lotteries

            6. Now with all trades and cutting savings we sign Kreider at $6.5 and Trouba at $8 million. I did not like Kreider signing but I understood the rationale especially since we had not had Laf then. You are right we gave him the market value. But the market value for competing teams are different than developing teams. We paid his as we were going to be done with rebuild. I hope they can find a way to use him more than one dimensional player as they have been. Trouba at $8 mils was also the market price but as any other deals and signing above it has not worked. That means the evaluation has failed us again. As with Shattenkirk you got third pair defensman in hopes of making him first pair. We paid market price again. But you do not buy Ferrari if you can barely afford Toyota. Jets were smart to see it, we were not. Good news Stivie Y will not take them to Tampa, bad news he might take them when they are cut to the Wings

            About the point that competing teams are overpaying. How many overpaying trades have Tampa made with Stivie Y? How many bad contracts were signed by Tampa? How many wasted first rounders they have had? Look at their roster and see how many excellent players on their roster who have not been drafted in the first round. And when they saw bad ones they traded to the Rangers or Montreal and get great returns.

            Now he is doing it with the Wings. And I am sure he does have a vision that he will be successful with.

            Sorry for the long post.

          • “But the market value for competing teams are different than developing teams.”

            Developing teams need veteran leadership. The Rangers decided that of all the veterans on their past team, Kreider was the one they wanted to keep — for who he is off ice as much as on ice I imagine. I can’t argue with that. I also think down the line Kreider will still be an effective player, he won’t break down easily IMO — unlike guys like Staal and Girardi. I think Trouba is in some ways similar and we luckily signed him at a younger age than Staal and Girardi — even though I think the contract is at least 1 year too many and about $1M too much — but remembering the circumstances surrounding that deal, we really didn’t know just how GREAT Adam Fox would be, nor did we know that ADA would show himself as a 60 point d’man.

            Lastly, for every move where you believe we got fleeced or bamboozled, we’ve done the same to another team, another GM. This is year 3 of the rebuild and we’re getting close … let’s see how long it takes Stevie Y to get Detroit “this” close. Mind you I’m a big Stevie Y fan, he’s 100% legit as a GM (unlike some GM former players).

          • I kind of agree with you about Kreider. My points about himis he is being used as one dimensional player. He surely could do more. There is a value in him speaking Russian which is a evidence we have seen in Butch development. But this contract will start hurting soon.

            With Trouba, there is no point of denying that it was not a good move. Even if he had to play PP1 it would only prove that we need an upgrade. He is third line defensman in any good team which he was with the Jets.

            As far as Stevie Y, I was only judging his trades with Rangers and how he was able to draft well and develop players. I do not think he had lost a single trade with us. From what I have heard he has been doing well with the Wings so far with exceptions not being as lucky as Gorton in the lottery

            Besides Mac trade from Montreal and Mika trade from Ottawa, refresh my memory which trades we had one sided? Strome trade comes to mind. What else? Also check in the prospect pool and see besides Morgan and Jones success in mid rounds?

  • We cannot start the 2021-22 season with guys like Blackwell, Rooney and Howden on the roster. They need to be replaced by an NHL center, Baron and someone who learns how to work in the dirty areas (Gauthier perhaps).

    On the blueline, it would be nice to see Zac and the Swedish kid replace Smith and Hajek.

    Wishing for a playoff run next year

    • Agree on Howden. Either or both of the other two could be great 4th liners.

      Which of our golden prospects would you put there?

  • Agree that the best move was to not make any. Once Seattle is done, things will open up more.

    I have seen the meme about Kreider ‘disappearing’ on lot recently. The ghost had 6 hits in yesterday’s game. 4 or 5 the prior game. He’s the only Ranger to consistently get to the net to distract and deflect and he takes the physical punishment to get there. So even when he is not scoring goals there are other things he does. I don’t think him to be perfect, but it seems that many don’t notice what happens on the ice beyond goal scoring. Sacrificing your body to accomplish the team’s goals is a big part of leadership in hockey.

    • I don’t need a 6.5mm forechecker…according to you guys…those guys are a dime a dozen…I need him to score goals consistently, not 9 goals in 6 games and then 9 goals the rest of the year.

      It’s like Trouba, you guys are happy with his performance? The guy makes 8 fkin million dollars a year…11 points…oh, but he is rock solid dman…only problem is…he isn’t.

      • Yeah, I am mostly happy with Trouba’s performance. I’d like him to score more. But, he is another one that doles out the checks and finishes them. On a team where the constant complaint that they are not hard to play against, both Trouba and Kreider play physically and that is a pretty important part of the game.

        • So once Trouba hits someone and gets the puck on his stick, you’re feeling easy? Because I get anxiety anytime he tries to carry the puck out of the d-zone.
          I think we all can agree that Adam Fox is our best D-man by far, and not just for his offensive prowess. His reads of plays, his calmness once he has the puck, the way when he goes behind the net we almost know either him, Lindgren skating away towards a great outlet pass. Fox has had like one good hit in his career…. Trouba is beyond an anchor moving forward.
          All have better floors

      • Maybe you haven’t noticed but Trouba has been a rock of late, he’s played quite well since his return and has helped Miller along. Is he worth $8M? No … but this isn’t Staal and Girardi at almost $6M or Shattenkirk over $6M — the discrepancy is much less in terms of value to contract.

        Re: Kreider … he does things that don’t show up on a score sheet, again is he always worth $6.5M? No … but when he’s ON he’s worth so much more.

        • So Trouba isn’t worth 8mm and kreider isn’t worth 6.5mm, but we should be happy with what we get from them…i am sorry, i am not programed that way. I see two guys who were giving lucrative deals who aren’t holding u their end of the bargain and who are going to force the Rangers to move good players out because of their albatross contracts.

          The Rangers going for it doesn’t mean they have to make terrible decisions. MSL for one year at the cost of 2 1st round draft picks and your captain is horrible asset management and a trade that led to other horrible trades to try and over compensate for what you previously have given up.

          Going for it doesn’t mean you make terrible decisions.

          Mantha for all they gave up was a lot…Vrana is probably a better player already than Mantha…plus a 1st and a 2nd , is ur idea of going for it?

          • I talked about Trouba, I made no comment on the Mantha trade — but if you must know, I think they overpaid and I can’t imagine anyone came close to matching that offer.

            Re: Trouba and Kreider — Kreider got the going rate, Kreider is important in the room, When Kreider isn’t scoring goals, he’s playing a part in them even if he isn’t picking up an assist. Does he have down games, periods where he isn’t scoring goals? Yes … but let’s not act like that isn’t 90%+ of the league. Ah “fans”, and “what have you done for me lately” (last game) syndrome.

            Trouba is getting better … but no I don’t think he’s earning his $8M per, but he was projected to be a #1PP guy for this team and both ADA and Fox superseded him in that regard. I can’t say for sure that was expected. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

        • Ranger fans always do this, come up with some intangible that common hockey fans don’t see. Krieder has never had more than 53 points in a season but if he went somewhere else he’d score 50 goals. He’s a complacent under achiever. Between him and Trouba Rangers will be paying $14.5 million of $81 million cap space to 2 third liners.

    • Kreider is the exception to the rule, he has to stay in front of the net or he isn’t doing his job, and if the team isn’t putting shots on the net, then Kreider should be doing it all himself, and if he does it himself and doesn’t score he should have been in front of the net.

  • Brendan is valuable on the ice as a serviceable 3rd pair defenceman. No moves is better then a bad move, which looking at some of these trades leaves one scratching their head. Signing Zac Jones is a good start for next year.

  • Anybody think it would be possible to acquire Jack Roslovic from CBJ in the summer. I think he would be a great 2C for us. Let Strome move to 3C (or trade him) and put him with Kakko and LaFren. JR can center Panarin and Kravtsov. That would give us 3 very nice lines.

    • When Filip Chytil is now centering our most exciting “kid line”……let’s just forget about him and bring in Roslovic…. interesting move 😄

    • I don’t agree with trading away Ryan Strome, a player who’s point production equals those of Alex Ovechkin this season. The Strome line with Panarin and hard working Blackwell has great chemistry and is better left alone.

  • saw Carp article mention this from twitter:

    Mark Divver
    Word is Hockey East tournament MVP Bobby Trivigno of UMass expected to attend New York Rangers development camp this summer. Long Island kid grew up a big NYR fan

    which brings up this. usually, Gorton signs a few college players after season is over. other than a lot of prospects around, i would think he’d still sign a couple. any idea what’s up?

      • Well, Panarin is a bit of a smurf.
        DQ doesn’t like the game of Big Boy Julien Gauthier, so maybe try the small guy. Can never have enough talent in the pipeline.

        • Ponarin is 5.11 and he plays bigger than that (Povelich and Ruotsalainen, famous smurfs were 5.8s). Ponarin is unique talent. Still do not understand how he ever went undrafted.

          Gauthier is a talented player but he is nothing like Ponarin. I do not think there is a size issue. I just do not think DQ sees how to utilize him. There are plenty big players on the team and DQ has no issues with playing them. I surely would not want him to go to Seattle for nothing

          • interesting comment. I was ust responding to “smurfs” reference. But are you asking me to name you the players who are like Ponarin?

  • So how staying put s going to help us to contend for the playoffs? All teams ahead of us have made major upgrades. So at least on paper we are worse than before as far as competing with them?

    And if we are all about development how Gauthier, Morgan and others get any time to play?

    GM said he had the plan. Perhaps someone could have asked him what it was because it surely sounds contradictory. The reporters should ask such obvious questions

    • By doing nothing, you got your answer. The Playoffs are not the goal this year. Development is…..that’s the long term plan. JD and Gorton have been saying it all along…but Ranger fans, who are used to watching mgmt. mortgage the future for a one and done Playoff visit still don’t get it. There are no shortcuts….just ask JD. That’s what hes been saying since he came back!

      • You should occasionally read what the management and coaching has been saying. Certainly not in line with your thinking.

        I do not know anything about JD. He has to show what his strategy is. So far I can see that GM is running the team

        If it is all about development, how are you planning to give time to Morgan, Gauthier, Gettinger? Seems to me as reasonable questions if you are supporting development

        • Either Blackwell or Gauthier will be gone next year, PDG will be gone, Jack Johnson gone, Smith and/or Hajek will be marginalized to the 7th/8th D role … and this all before possible trades.

          Probably opens up a spot for Jones or Robertson and/or Lundkvist, opens a spot for Barron, maybe one other.

        • I don’t know what mgmt quotes your referencing, but they’ve been very consistent in their approach in developing a young team that will contend every year, not just every few years. They have been since they sent out the letter a few years ago. Your problem is you refuse to see the big picture, which is fine…it’s your right. But if you expected them to throw all that they’ve done out the window to make a run at a Taylor Hall or some other rental…your’re gonna be disappointed again and again, Until they feel that the young talent needs help, you are going to see them start to carry a bigger load. When the rosters expand, you’ll see Barron and possibly even Zak Jones. Again, it’s a marathon…not a sprint!

          • I am sorry but I do not have any problems. Your coach keeps telling every conference call that he is playing to get into the playoffs. Not my words. His.

            But if I fail to see “big picture” perhaps you can show it to me?

            I did not want Hall or Eichel either. I did not ask for anything. I asked for someone to explain what their strategy is or big picture. You seem to know it so please share it with me.

          • Yes, he’s playing to get into the playoffs with the players he has available … he didn’t come out and ask for “help”.

          • good for you. I guess I am not “most people” Enjoy your evening

  • Not surprised (quiet trade deadline) and said so yesterday.

    As Doc Holliday (Dennis Quaid) said to Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner), “now’s not the time.”

  • I can understand what RFF is saying about a mixed message. But I don’t think it’s conflicting to say you are going to make a playoff push and still not choose to go all in.

    Should DQ play the kids more? Perhaps. But is there value in creating a culture where, if you’re close, you put your team in the best position to make a run and attempt to grab that last spot……and do it WITHOUT sacrificing assets for a short term play? I say absolutely.

    Let’s face it…making the playoffs is not likely. But you never know. The Bruins have issues at the moment, and I’m not sure Taylor Hall solves all those issues. The Flyers are a mess. The Rangers have four straight with the Devils, then after the rematch with the Islanders, they play two vs the trainwreck Flyers and then two with Buffalo. They didn’t need to do a thing to make a playoff run. Except what Al Davis used to say….just win baby.

    When the Rangers were firmly locked into a playoff spot year in and year out in the last two years under Torts and the first two under AV, forget about the future. You do what it takes to get the final pieces needed to win. That’s not what you do now.

    Richter nailed it with the OK Corral quote. Now is not the time. If all goes well, next year or the following year is when that process starts again in earnest.

    • There was nothing out there all that attractive tbh … and what didn’t “cost” a lot (mid to late rounders) might not have been a real upgrade on what we already have.

    • I guess your view is that we can continue to strive to win and get to the playoffs without “rocking the boat”

      In general, that is something that I would like them to accomplish. While I never stated that I wanted any big trades, we do not need them even if we had unlimited number of picks and prospects. We do not need Halls and others. We have plenty of talent but

      1. Why not attempt to trade Howden, PDG for a couple of 4-7 draft choices? How much do we need them? You might say they are special teams guy and we need them for the run? I say that we could use Kravtsov or Kaako who both could play in their roles. This would have also opened time for Morgan

      2. For the draft choice(sixth or seventh) we could have obtained forth line defensive forward or center to specialize in faceoffs. So both improvements without sacrificing the development or even improving the development

      3. I would not do anything with third defensive pair. First they are better than most here think that they are. Secondly, there is no replacements to them, nor there is any good compensation value.

      4. With goalie situation, this should be addressed in off season. They need to get Gergieff back to rely on for the run and if they decide he is not what they had thought what he would be then deal with it then.

      As you can see at a very least I made an attempt to address both, competing and development. By staying put IMHO they did not address either. Again these are just my views. I raised the question ans answered them if I had to deal with them

      • Rff, 1. you’re assuming a team would actually give up a 4-7 round pick for either of these two, PDG while a decent 4th line defensive forward, most if not all NHL teams can find this type of player on their AHL club, why give up even a 7th round pick for him, he passed through waivers multiple times while with Carolina before being claimed by the Preds & then by us after they waived him, as for Howden if you were a GM would you trade for him, I certainly wouldn’t.
        2. there is no reason to make a move like this, given the fact we are currently still a longshot to make the playoffs, even assuming a player of that description was available for a 6-7 round pick.
        If we do enter the playoff race, we could always pull Brian Boyle off the scrap heap for a league min. prorated salary giving up no assets at all, he is currently staying in shape skating with and playing pickup games with the Ivy league players, whose season was cancelled due to Covid and looking to sign on with a playoff team.
        3. I couldn’t agree with you more!
        4. As it stands right now I see no issue with our goaltending.

        • 1. Yes, I do think so. Since we got 4th for Lemieux. It is fair to think that we could have gotten something in return for these two guys. PDG is not the same player he was with Carolina. The same argument as with Backwell.
          2. I am sure the rentals are availble for such roles. I forgot to include defensman. If G-d forbid any injuries who will play in defense for team aspiring for playoffs?
          Do not agree with Boyle point for many reasons but one is to get him at hockey shape
          4. I am with you but they were not playing Georgie for quite some time. He makes quite a lot for backup. But agree this has to be handled after

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