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Dreger: Rangers willing to use cap space to facilitate trade

Per Darren Dreger, the NY Rangers are willing to use their cap space, almost $9 million, to facilitate a trade as a third party today. They’d serve as a Detroit comparable in the David Savard trade.

The Rangers accrued this cap space with shrewd taxi squad maneuvering all season. They also benefited from Tony DeAngelo’s removal and Brendan Lemieux’s trade, which freed up close to $2.5 million in cap space.

This is also likely the reason why the Rangers haven’t called up Morgan Barron from the AHL yet. The Rangers want their cap space to potentially add assets at the trade deadline.

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  • Can someone remind me who are the players require protections and how many of them we could protect?

        • good drafting teams make their living in those rounds.

          We got Cally in 4th round.

          Graves in 4th round.

          Barron in 6th round.

          Fast in 6th round.

          Shame, shame!

          • Try 346 NHL games for Prucha instead. Prucha had a 30-goal season as a Ranger rookie, 17 goals his second season before head injuries started to take their toll on him. Certainly not worthy of disrespect as a Ranger.

          • Carl Hegelin was also a late pick…. 6th round I believe, spent all 4 years at college, won 2 Cups.

          • Normally I agree that picks after 3, even after 2 are just lottery tickets with a less than 1% chance of hitting. However its been pointed out that many prospects barely had a season due to COVID. So the scouting is fare less informed and the entire draft is much more of a crap-shoot than other years. Therefore the chances of finding someone good in the later rounds is far greater than normal this year.

    • The Kings are just got a 3rd and 4th for Jeff Carter…we should very easily get that for Smith…

      If Blackwell was to get that return as well…we should jump all over that.

      • Blackwell was one of our best forwards this year. I believe his production was no worse than 2nd on the team per 60 minutes – even with very little PP time. He is in the prime of his career, cheap and can play up and down the lineup. Why shouldn’t the Rangers keep him for the future.

        • You don’t keep him because he’s taking away top six and power play minutes from some of the young players. That’s why.

  • I can give you several legit reasons so at least you can think whether to trade him or not.

    1. Asset management. He has a high value now. If you bet on him to repeat these numbers then you are betting on him playing ahead at least one of three right or left wingers. So basically if Rangers keep him he is forth line winger.

    2. If you keep him you either have to protect him and lose someone else or lose him to Seattle

    3. Trading him now will allow us to get kids to get more time for their development. Five on five, PP, Shorthanded. Also would allow to bring players from minors such as Barron

    All I think good reason to consider. I am not saying we have to trade him but it not as one sided as you think. The bottom line is if the team sees him in their future plans and not lose them for nothing eventually

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