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Tony DeAngelo not likely to be traded today

Per Renaud Lavoie, Tony DeAngelo is unlikely to be traded today.

This isn’t a surprise, as it has been assumed for weeks now that he would not be moved at the deadline. Even desperate teams are avoiding him and that current contract like the plague. His $4.8 million cap hit and $5.3 million actual salary next season is tough to move.

The Rangers will buyout his contract this summer. That will come at a $383k cap hit next season and $883k cap hit the following season. This is also another reason why the Rangers might be reluctant to trade him, as the cap hit in the buyout is much easier to manage.

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    • Great point, he hasn’t skated in more than a few games. I was so happy to see him on the fourth line last night. The ‘demotion’ was a long time coming. His team lead in goals is very misleading.

      • Why is it a great point? Has it dawned on anybody that maybe he’s hurting and that might explain is somewhat subpar play lately? He hasn’t been terrible mind you, just not very productive the last week or two.

        • Perhaps we view CK very differently. I see him as the most inconsistent player on the Rangers. And DQ had the option to insert a kid on the top line who was hustling on every shift. This isn’t a case like Zib not producing at the beginning of the year. In my opinion there was every reason in the world for Zib’s precipitous fall off in play. If CK was hurting then I will concede the point, but I haven’t read or heard anything about an injury/illness. CK history is one of inconsistency.

          • ” … but I haven’t read or heard anything about an injury/illness” … well then, he must be 100% otherwise he would whine and complain to anyone who would listen, and then repeat the sentiment. 😉

            Could have said the same for Mika in January and February. These guys don’t want to make excuses, even if they’re relevant to performance.

  • The NYR acted to quickly in banishing Tony D. I am sure they could have moved him to the Taxi Squad while he was being reprimanded.

    We now have an unusable and untradeable asset that we will eventually have to eat his contract. Unclear to me if other alternative measures could have been taken.

  • Just play Tony d and keep his twitter deleted. Take Hajek out ASAP, guy is trash. Don’t let the woke Ny win. Lemiuex left for this reason, more will follow if this nonsense continues in future And it might be someone you don’t want to lose

    • Ok there’s a lot of things wrong here.

      DeAngelo wasn’t thrown off the team because of his social media. His antics within the locker room got old, and then he started a fight with Alex Georgiev.

      Lemieux didn’t leave for that reason either. Lemieux requested the trade because he saw his ice time diminishing and he wasn’t going to get off the fourth line.

      This has nothing to do with Twitter or “Woke NY.”

      • Agreed Dave, the idea that ADA was banished because of politics is so absurd. I mean how long has it been since we all knew ADA was a Trumpist and held some odd views — why would the Rangers even entertain resigning him if politics were the issue and they could have flipped him while his value was high?

        They had already had him around for 2 years, they knew who and what he was politically. Hey, it never bothered me in the least and I would be considered at least partially woke. 😉 Bottom line it had to be an “in the room” issue and aside from the Georgiev incident we are woefully uninformed.

  • Rangers lead the world in buyouts besides for Lundqvist’s contract the rest were regrettable signing or extensions

    • yep and we still have Kreider and Trouba…two more terrible signings…with all the young talent….14.5mm is cap space for those guys…leads me to believe that Gorton isn’t much different than Sather.

    • Tells me all who you are. Shameful but doubt anyone would agree with my humble and honest opinion here. I thought it was a hockey blog without political views. Seems that I was wrong

      • I don’t like defensemen who get into fights with their goalies. I don’t like covid deniers. Politics has nothing to do with it. DeAngelo is a loudmouth who blew a $9.6 million contract all on his own.

        The fact that you defend Tony DeAngelo says much more about you than me.

        • Lets’ get it straight. You do not like anything that challenges your bias thinking.

          First as has been reported the goalie threw a first punch but this is not convenient for you to remember

          Secondly, he or anyone else is entitled to his own Covid view. Are you pandemologist, epidemiologist, doctor? He had his view and his view is something he is entitled to. You hate him because and that contributes to it Covid is not political?

          So why would you not judge him as a goo person who trains and serves as role model for kids in hockey school in south Jersey? Parents trust their children and praise his role with them. But you just hate him because you have your own narrative which is surely fine. But people like you who claim they know anything about hockey destroying young man life without questioning their actions. This is shameful and disgusting no matter what your beliefs are

          • I’m not a “pandemologist, epidemiologist, doctor”, but I play one on TV … er, Netflix.

          • Tanto,

            I do not watch TV much except sports and entertainment. For medical advise I rely on CDC which I hope others here do as well.

            You might recall that even CDC make their decision at point of time. You might remember touted by Trump, Fauci and CDC the drug called Remdesivir. My brother was prescribed by his doctor. It cost around $2-3K. Had zero impact if not even negative for him. Now you do not even hear about it. You might also see CDC currently put J&J vaccine on pause because of recent concerns. My point is that even CDC views evolve over time. Not meant as any criticizm to any of the above

            ADA views about vaccine specifically was posted at the time of Trump presidency. I recall reading in WSJ that Kamala Harris publicly was refusing to take the vaccine. Neither one of them are the doctors and I do not think anyone should rely on their advise.

            But as I stated before, this is suppose to be a hockey blog. Tony is entitled to his views and does not to be hated for them and certainly career should have not been destroyed by that

          • Personally I don’t care what his personal views are, I’ve always stated that in this blog and although I don’t share many of his sentiments I wholeheartedly wished him to succeed … WITH the Rangers.

            I have friends that supported Trump and hold some odd (in my view) perspectives on a whole host of issues — I won’t let it affect our friendship although I personally do question their sanity … would I want to be in a fox hole with some of these people? Absolutely — and I believe a lot of Tony’s teammates would want to go to war with Tony on their side, which is why I think there’s untold and unspoken issues with Tony in the lockerroom which have nothing to do with perceived odd beliefs. SAD. 😉

          • I would love to keep any politics out of it.

            I defend Tony on moral principles. He is entitled to his views as anybody whoever they support. I would have supported him if he was a Putin supporter, Obama supporter, Biden, whoever. If his views offend anyone don’t listen. Tony is a very good hockey player and I agree with you it is SAD how this entire situation had been handled.

            I hope he comes back and show his game once again. Unfortunately with this climate I doubt it will be in NHL

        • Uhh Georgiev punched him? He Didn’t deny covid? The only ones who didn’t like him, didn’t like his politics and that’s why he got the boot also plain and simple.
          Gorton kissed the boots of Dolan, caved and fumbled this one big time.

          • Again, this is a hockey blog. But “questioning” and “denying” are two different things. As different as calling a good and accomplished player a “clown”. Not sure why is this tolerable. He is a human being and a very good offensive defensman. He has not done anything to his teammates or fans to deserve such hate. Just very low for anyone to attack him and demolish him as a hockey player and more importantly as a human being.

            Perk, I surely stand by this and this speaks more about me than about you

          • Aside from, you know, picking a fight with his own goalie.

            Yea he’s a saint, that Tony DeAngelo.

          • Dave, perhaps you can show me where you are getting your information? The goalie threw a first punch. Reported by NY Post and couple of other bloggers. The last I checked the goalie has been playing for the team with no issues. Heard that Tony instigated the fight by calling a “racial slur”. I cant imagine anyone here could name a “racial slur” to offend a Russian born in Bulgaria

            But even if I would share your point which of course I don’t, is calling a good hockey player in the hockey blog a “clown” and demolishing him as a player and as a human being is plausible?

          • it’s the same source who told him that Tony kept Miller’s first puck because Tony is a racist…then never walked back that horrible accusation.

          • I have posted before on the different thread here that I did watch interview with Panarin in a Russian blog and he only had nice things to say about ADA and never said there were any locker room issues with ADA. He said he did not want to get into any politics. Not sure exactly what he meant by that.

            I will take Panarin words over any beat reporters or bloggers.

          • It can’t be politics RFF, we’ve all known where ADA stands for more than 2 years. Can’t imagine they would have bothered to resign him if politics was an issue, it would have been so much easier to trade him while his value was high (at its highest).

  • Absolutely zero reason for JG to announce publicly that he was done. I don’t believe he would be as untouchable as he is if Gorton managed this better…

    • From the people I’ve spoken to, not many teams wanted him at that contract, and any returns would not have been worth the $2.4m cap hit in a 50% retained trade.

        • What 60 points? DeAngelo has a career high of 53 points.

          Are you counting the goals scored against him defensively? Like the one by Aho in the playoffs, or Barzal and Crosby from Tony’s brief season this year?

          • I think hockey is not the only “strength” you have, math appears to be the other.

            Let me demonstrate to you my math

            1. you divide 53(points) by 68(games played) equal roughly .78
            2. The regular season is 80 games (might be more, but lets take 80). 80-68=12
            3. Multiply .78 by 12. Equal 9.35
            4. Add 9.35 to 53. 62

            That to me 60 point per game defensman

          • There are no guarantees in life. He could’ve blown out his knee if the season had finished.

            What is real and quantifiable is the fact that Deangelo’s career high in pts is 53.

          • Sorry. I do not want to argue with you. You do love to argue about nonsense. He could have scored 25 points too. It is irrelevant.

            You hate ADA and you are entitled to it

  • kinda sux that after what he did to the team he not only gets paid his $$ but also costs the team cap space and then will probably sign with another team because (a degree of) talent supercedes everything else in sports.

    and lastly, still find it interesting that he was never pushed into anger management while Sean Avery was for his jerk agitator one liner.

    • Exactly. Because he never had anger issues. That is why

      Google “ny rangers best defensmen” and you shal see Tony’s name second after Brian Leetch. Google knows better.

      • What a sad joke. Here’s a short list of Ranger dmen who are/were waaaaaay better NHL players than Saint Anthony:

        Ryan McDonagh
        Dan Girardi
        Sergei Zubov
        James Patrick
        Kevin Lowe
        Adam Fox
        Marc Staal
        Doug Lidster
        Ulf Samuelsson
        Anton Stralman
        Dan Boyle (not for NYR, for SJ/TB)
        K’Andre Miller
        Jacob Trouba
        Ryan Lindgren

      • More Ranger defensemen who were better than St Anthony:

        Harry Howell
        Brad Park
        Barry Beck
        Reijo Ruotsalainen
        Ron Greschner

        Honorable mention:
        Michael Sauer
        Mark Tinordi
        Mattias Norstrom

        Boy you really know your Ranger defensemen, you’re quite the “Ranger fan”.

        • You are forgetting to include your own name on the list.

          ADA scored as you said 53 points in 68 games. I do only remember Leetch, Zubov and Ruotsalainen. Possibly there are some that I do not remember. At a very least he has scored more than anyone since Leetch. I certainly consider that as a big accomplishment. Of course some people like you would argue that but not because of political reasons

          Like I said above search on google for Rangers best defensman and you will find ADA name between Leetch and Fox. If you want to argue and present your list send it to them about their bad algorithm

          • You’re as full of it as the day is long. Every single defenseman I named is superior to DeAngelo at his position.

            Here’s one more I forgot: Jeff Beukeboom.

          • Arguing with you is a waste of my time. Continue your hate for ADA with all your fake arguments

  • I like the way ADA plays hockey. I am not the GM or his teammate so it would not be my place to form an opinion on his character good or bad. A lot of us here on this blog have played hockey and at times a scuffle will break out between teammates. But in my experience that stays in the room. If a teammate is very disliked, then he is basically voted off the island by his teammates. It’s handled.

    IMHO the front office should not have turned the hallway incident into a public circus. As a hockey fan, I would much rather of seen it dealt with internally and leave all the public rhetoric behind. This situation turned into distraction for the team at a time when they needed to be focused on winning hockey games

    • … and they proceeded to win the next 2 games. 😉

      I agree, this should have been dealt with internally — and he could have been traded. That said, we really don’t know the whole story (as in his behavior the last 2+ years). Maybe they dealt with other issues “internally” and clearly that didn’t work … maybe.

  • TSN reported that D’Angelo rejected a contract cancellation that would have made him a free agent. As well, apparently the Canadians were ‘very interested’ in signing him (I assume with a pay cut).

    It’s a business. He figures not playing (till possibly next season) and collecting his $ from the Rangers is his best move.

    • The great Saint Anthony of DeAngelo turned down an opportunity to play with the Canadiens?

      I thought Tony D was all about the hockey? Instead he’s all about the money? Who’d have thunk it? Maybe his podcast needs a cash injection to restart?

      • would you turn down money?

        Why didn’t Hank retire instead of getting bought out.

        They guy will get his money, then go play for a team that wants him..

        • See the list of actual good Ranger dmen above. And don’t forget to listen to Tony D’s podcast.

          • answer the question…i didn’t ask you for a list of dmen who were better. I asked if you would forfeit the money. I haven’t heard his podcast…I assume you have and you get super pee’d by what he is saying.

        • Sure hasn’t worked for Tony D. He’s been doing this stuff since junior hockey and hasn’t learned. How bout you? You appear to suffer from many of the same problems.

          • Luckily not for you to judge but someone suggested “anger management”, you should take that advise.

    • Being an outcast from one’s profession has its perks, huh? Usually means someone’s attained the pinnacle of success in their profession.

      • Montreal doesn’t seem to view him as that…and I am sure there will be several other teams who would be interested in his services…with the flat cap…they will just wait a year…then sign him for a much cheaper rate…

        Like Girardi has done, like Shattenkirk has done, what Trouba will eventually do..

        You seem to really hate DeAngelo. Doesn’t that make you just as bad as him? Hate is hate or is your hate more acceptable?

        • Funny. Perk discusses other people perks but refuses to explain his own perks. Lol

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