Would the NY Rangers walk away from Ryan Strome?

One of the more intriguing story lines this offseason has been what the Rangers are doing with Ryan Strome. The Rangers gave Strome a qualifying offer at the very last second and confirmed they were/are looking to trade him. Strome has filed for arbitration, and there is a very real possibility Strome actually makes it there. But would the Rangers actually walk away from Ryan Strome?

The magic number for arbitration is $4.54 million. If Strome gets over that award in arbitration, the Rangers can walk away and make Strome a free agent. Much like how all signs are pointing to Strome actually making it to arbitration (or a trade), there’s a non-zero percent chance that Strome gets over $4.54 million.

Walking Away Risks

Strome wouldn’t be the first player the Rangers walk away from. The Rangers walked away from Nik Zherdev in 2009 after his $3.9 million award. The only risk here is not getting anything in return for walking away. However given the information we know, that the Rangers are trying to trade him, it won’t be for lack of effort.

Walking away from Strome for nothing also creates another roster hole. At the very least, we know he clicks with Artemi Panarin. By walking away, another center spot needs filling. While the Rangers appear to be content letting the kids fight for that spot, it creates injury depth risks.

Benefits of Walking Away

As mentioned above, roster space is the obvious benefit. It allows the Rangers to get a more in depth look at Filip Chytil in the 2C role, and giving them answers on his long-term role withe organization. Ditto on Brett Howden.

The other benefit is cap flexibility. Let’s assume Strome gets the $4.7 million projected by Evolving-Hockey on his one-year deal for this exercise. That would leave the Rangers with $6 million in cap space before accounting for the bonus overage and Brendan Lemieux. That’s a lot of words to say Strome at $4.7 million leaves the Rangers with almost no cap flexibility.

It would be nice if the Rangers were able to get something for Strome. However all signs point to him not being with the Rangers next season. Whether that means they walk away from Ryan Strome, we shall see.

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  • Why would the rangers let him walk ? That is just a silly mistake, if you think the rangers are gonna let him walk for nothing is just silly, I would take a 2nd rounder for him or any pick them to let him walk !

  • The Ranger FO has already walked on Strome.IMHO what a mistake. Going public with “we’re looking to trade him” or words to that effect reported by creditable sources is nothing short of bye-bye. Hopefully, this is not Panarins doing. Can not understand what is being gained here. If it’s DQ, maybe the FO is looking for a reason with him. Or maybe, as I have been reminded, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar……Ryan get your best offer and jump.

      • The Rangers wanted Tanner Glass in the line up too, at the time.

        So I really would not rely on their recommendations, lol.

        • Did I say Rangers or did I say PANARIN? Panarin plays with the guy, he’s the clear cut best player on this team (if not now approaching that status for the whole League) … again I would AT LEAST CONSIDER it.

    • It’s a business. If Strome were a UFA and the Rangers offered what they could, say $3 mil per for 2 years and asked him to stay(since the 2 year deals are the rage now) would he be wrong to accept $4.8 mil and bolt to another team? It’s just the business of the game. The Rangers really can’t afford to keep him. In a rebuild and with the season he had, Gorton would be nuts to resign him.

  • If they can’t make the RIGHT trade in the next ~2 weeks they’ll probably just sign him the week before his arbitration hearing. I highly doubt they’ll just let him walk for nothing, it could happen but it’s highly unrealistic. Like any good GM JG is exploring all options before committing — nothing strange or wrong with management putting some pressure on the player.

  • Letting Ryan Strome go to get nothing in return would be a stupid move. Strome may be the best center available right now. If the Rangers walk away from an arbitration award not of their liking, who is available that can replace the 59 pts that he put up last season? If the answer is Chytil or Howden, I don’t believe that is the solution.

    • Or perhaps Granlund, a guy who is just 1 year removed from scoring 54 points, 2 years from 67 and 3 years from 69 points — and on the Wild of all teams. Not sure why, but he’s still unsigned — not sure if it’s about “term” or $s, but he might be cheaper than Strome after his poor year in Nashville. He might take a show me contract.

  • Strome will have a shot at $5mm in arbitration.

    Remember that this year(and this year only) if the Rangers walk away, Strome has 4 days to take their qualifying offer. If they structured it right ($4mm, minimum paragraph 1 salary) he might bite. He gets a raise, can walk into UFA and the Rangers can auction him off whenever if Chytil takes the 2C.

    • Possibly an unnecessary game of chicken being played there. Don’t let him get to arbitration if it’s a matter of a few hundred thousand.

  • Perhaps the Ranger will continue to try and trade him and then see what happens at arbitration. At which point, if they feel Chytil is not ready for 2C then they can sign him to the arb award. It is only a one year contract and they can handle it. It is off the books next year along with a lot of dead cap space. This is the point the Rangers will make some hard decisions. Do they have the team to compete for the Cup, or do they need to add via trade or UFA. Time will tell. I don’t believe this year is the time to panic.

  • I think that the hook for Strome might be another year or two playing with Panarin, which can only benefit his career in the long run. His contracts down the road will be based on such production. I think you might see the Rangers sign him for a year or two prior to the arbitration with a bit of savings.

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  • I would imagine Plans B and C are already in place. Getting nothing, not even a 3rd round pick, let’s say, would be silly.

  • Cap friendly has the Rangers at $3.95 mil in Performance Bonuses. The 7.5% allowed comes to $6.11 mil with the $81.5 mil cap. Is $3.95 mil the amount of overage? That means the Rangers will pay a $3.95 mil penalty. That’s a lot of cap dollars to lose. That would mean they paid out roughly $10.06 mil in Performance based bonuses.

  • The most likely outcome is a 1 yer deal taking him to UFA status next year. It makes sense for both sides. Strome would want to get one more season playing with Panarin and the Rangers get a little more time to trade him. Let’s keep in mind he might be a hotter commodity at the deadline.

  • “While the Rangers appear to be content letting the “kids” fight for that spot, it creates injury depth risks.”

    It should be pointed out that Ryan Strome is 27 years old

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