Zherdev Gets $3.9 Million

Stick-tap to BSBer Jordan for tipping me off to this.

Andrew Gross is reporting that Nikolai Zherdev was awarded $3.9 million in his arbitration case. Not to pat myself on the back, but I had him cashing in at $3.85 million, I was damn close.

The Rangers will probably be able to field some decent trade offers for Zherdev, as it has been made clear they have no intentions of keeping him. A 60-point scorer, who is just 24, and is relatively cheap at $3.9 million (see: market value) will definitely net you at least a 3rd round pick, maybe even a B level prospect too. They are at a negotiating disadvantage though, as the league knows they don’t plan on keeping him.

The Rangers will walk from this, either by trade or just by cutting him loose.